I'm back, and better than ever.
If you want to hear about "the Destin trip" you must ask in person.

Now onto the present!!
Today we did Big Event with the organization "Brothers Under Christ", which is pretty much a Christian frat. My friend Brandon from high school is in it. Anyways, there were about 12 of us, and we got to landscape and paint the trim on a family's house. The people were fun, but the situation itself was much funnier.
First of all, the family puppy, Rocky, was in heat and like Courtney's leg.
The backyard was home to the family prairie dog, Jessie, who had an underbite.
The garden we made in the back was the former burial ground of the family bird, whose remains we dug up. Ironically, the bird's name was "Ribs". Out loud, Courtney says, "May he rest in piece" as she tosses his skull into a pile of weeds. Naturally, she left room for me to throw in the classic punchline: "You mean rest in pieces?!?!?!"

I am soooo good.......like momma always says, I shoulda been a comedienne.

Here I am at home, about to nap and get ready for an SAE pre-Chilifest date party, yay.

This coming Saturday night is the Dance Arts Spring Show, of which I am in two numbers!!! If you aren't at the Chilifest concert or Island Party, you should DEFINITELY come!! :)

Ok, gotta go...tired!!!
Loved and missed you ALL!
Especially KAtie....she took a trip to Hotlanta.
And we are going to Luda on Thursday!!!!!
CAN YOU belive Luda is coming herE? Of all places? WOW

Happy late birthday to Jeff's Laura, and countdown to my little sister's sweet sixteen!

"Happy Birthday to DEUCE!"

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