HOWDY!!! At this moment, I am officially done with school, and on SPRING BREAK 2004!

Today, some parts sucked and some were good.
What sucked is that I was up until 4 in the morning studying for my test because I didn't realize I was gonna be so long in rehearsal last night. So I finally got out and I had a ton to do!

I woke back up and studied more, went to do HOSTS, came back to school for my test in Modern, and then went straight to health and studied while he talked.

And THEN I took the evil evil test...All I want is a B.
With the test over, I scurried over to the Rec and worked out for about and hour fifteen, and then I headed out to the Greek Life office to see if I made Recruitment Counselor!

Yee haw, folks. So if you know any girls going thru rush that I know, don't tell them that I'll be a counselor. And don't remind them of what sorority I'm in! But I don't have to "diasaffiliate" till July! :)

Tomorrow I have lots of preparation errands to do before we leave for Florida! But more will come on that LATA.

"Can I get a deuce deuce?"

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