I am leaving for Destin Florida in 8 hours with my four closest friends!!! and I am totally excited.

Last night we had a "pow wow" and discussed driving and bag limits and all that icky stuff. But now it is alomost time to go, and I get to drive first, WHOOP!
I say whoop too much.
Anyways, did my laundry @ Michael's and while that was going I went to see "The Passion".

What a movie. Whoa. All I can say is...you gotta see it. You have to. Jesus is my hero. I literally cried hardcore for over half the movie, and I am NOT a cryer. It was so real, and so moving. He was a man, a real man with a mother and best friends, a man who prayed for the men who were nailing him to that cross. Please go see it.

Today I ran errands with Michael because I won't get to see him for over a week. And I know y'all are ll like "waah waah no boyfriend for a week" but if you are saying that, it's because you don't understand how wonderful the guy is, and how wonderful he makes me feel. ANYWAYS, we went all over B/CS and ended up at McAlister's for lunch. Mmmm...sweetberry chicken sandwich. MMM.

Then I went to an orientation for this dance troupe in Bryan I'm volunteering with. What's funny is that in the end of April we're putting on a dance benefit, just like in "Honey." Kinda funny honey! hee hee hee! Those little black girls can move like nobody's business. Me and the other volunteer, Missy, were trying to hang with em and all and she could but I looked like a frickin idiot. Being white does have its drawbacks when you trying to "get low." Just ask Missy. She split the seat of her jeans when she did it tonight...oops!!! :)

Went to dinner with long lost friend Richard! It was fun! Headed to Taco C and then Starbucks and listened to John Fruischante's new album. Richard, I know I didn't spell it right. Anyways, there were some good songs that I could use when I take my dance minor choreography course next year. YEE.

I want to go on dinner and lunch dates with all my aggie friends very soon...and all my other ones too.
Why doesn't anyone come to College Station to visit? BLECCH.

BTW, crush party is March 31st. If any of you out of towners wanna come, lemme know, I'll see if I can hook it up.

Also, put this on your calendars:
WHO: Cortney
WHAT: 21st Birthday Blast
WHEN: May 12th, 2004 starting after my last final exam(but of course you know my ACTUAL birthday is May the 11)
WHERE: starting at my new house and ending up on Northgate
WHY: because a 21st birthday is nothing without you guys!!!
So please come. It would mean so much to me!! And bring your friends so I can meet them. Chance are I'll be in the best mood ever!

You guys would not believe what my friend Sean dug up. Back in high school I was having fun playing with webpages and whatnot and made one about my old high school. This site is the gayest thing i've ever created, and is a true example of someone NOT updating their page. Just look at those dates!!!


I was so dorky. I mean, I AM so dorky.

"Everrbody in da club gettin' DEUCEY"

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