Are those quizzes "da bomb" or what?
Except its really hard to get a different percentage. Go ahead and try em, see if you like em, send me the results. All y'all gonna end up bein crackas, except for Jeff and prolly Amanda H.

Well howdy ho peeps and welcome to another late night. I'm up...two tests tomorrow, and the BIG ONE on Thursday. But Thursday night I will have chill time with all my favorite people, and Saturday I leave for Florida. And I get to go there because I have the best friends EVER!

Anyways, got up this morning and wasn't real motivated to do much except eat. Which is great, seeing as how I'll be wearing a bikini in t minus 3 days. Oh well...tan fat looks better than white fat, BAM!

We had a skills exam in ballet and then I went and studied for marketing for about 2 hours. I headed back to Health and instead of listening, I made a masterpiece for one of my favorite people...the Mark!
In the Battalion today there was a teenage skateboarder on the front page doing some kind of eXtreme pose. It was all too good. I ripped it out and proceeded to decorate it with "eXtreme" words and phrases, some fire, and geometric shapes. Chris suggested I add the word "wowzers" but after I gave him a quick tutorial on how not "eXtreme" that word was, he wisened up and agreed that my work was excellent the way it was.

Next mission: deliver the art to Mark.
So here comes God, sending Mark to bump into me at Wehner, while I was literally holding my picture!! I was so excited to give it to Mark, and he graciously accepted my offering.

It is a good day when you can brighten your and your friends' days with a simple picture of a skateboarding teenager.

I had class and health lab, came home, went to abs and back to do an observation, and I been studyin' since. Whew. I gots to get a break in....nope, can't be done, oh well. Bleccch. Anyone else have tests RIGHT AFTER spring break? Oh just me? Okay good. Didn't want anyone else to stress out. I

If I find anymore cool quizzes, they goin on here from now ON!

"DaNcE, too much booty in the DEUCE!"
you KNOW!

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