My pimp name is Ghetto Fabulous C. Love


I'm back, and better than ever.
If you want to hear about "the Destin trip" you must ask in person.

Now onto the present!!
Today we did Big Event with the organization "Brothers Under Christ", which is pretty much a Christian frat. My friend Brandon from high school is in it. Anyways, there were about 12 of us, and we got to landscape and paint the trim on a family's house. The people were fun, but the situation itself was much funnier.
First of all, the family puppy, Rocky, was in heat and like Courtney's leg.
The backyard was home to the family prairie dog, Jessie, who had an underbite.
The garden we made in the back was the former burial ground of the family bird, whose remains we dug up. Ironically, the bird's name was "Ribs". Out loud, Courtney says, "May he rest in piece" as she tosses his skull into a pile of weeds. Naturally, she left room for me to throw in the classic punchline: "You mean rest in pieces?!?!?!"

I am soooo good.......like momma always says, I shoulda been a comedienne.

Here I am at home, about to nap and get ready for an SAE pre-Chilifest date party, yay.

This coming Saturday night is the Dance Arts Spring Show, of which I am in two numbers!!! If you aren't at the Chilifest concert or Island Party, you should DEFINITELY come!! :)

Ok, gotta go...tired!!!
Loved and missed you ALL!
Especially KAtie....she took a trip to Hotlanta.
And we are going to Luda on Thursday!!!!!
CAN YOU belive Luda is coming herE? Of all places? WOW

Happy late birthday to Jeff's Laura, and countdown to my little sister's sweet sixteen!

"Happy Birthday to DEUCE!"



I am leaving for Destin Florida in 8 hours with my four closest friends!!! and I am totally excited.

Last night we had a "pow wow" and discussed driving and bag limits and all that icky stuff. But now it is alomost time to go, and I get to drive first, WHOOP!
I say whoop too much.
Anyways, did my laundry @ Michael's and while that was going I went to see "The Passion".

What a movie. Whoa. All I can say is...you gotta see it. You have to. Jesus is my hero. I literally cried hardcore for over half the movie, and I am NOT a cryer. It was so real, and so moving. He was a man, a real man with a mother and best friends, a man who prayed for the men who were nailing him to that cross. Please go see it.

Today I ran errands with Michael because I won't get to see him for over a week. And I know y'all are ll like "waah waah no boyfriend for a week" but if you are saying that, it's because you don't understand how wonderful the guy is, and how wonderful he makes me feel. ANYWAYS, we went all over B/CS and ended up at McAlister's for lunch. Mmmm...sweetberry chicken sandwich. MMM.

Then I went to an orientation for this dance troupe in Bryan I'm volunteering with. What's funny is that in the end of April we're putting on a dance benefit, just like in "Honey." Kinda funny honey! hee hee hee! Those little black girls can move like nobody's business. Me and the other volunteer, Missy, were trying to hang with em and all and she could but I looked like a frickin idiot. Being white does have its drawbacks when you trying to "get low." Just ask Missy. She split the seat of her jeans when she did it tonight...oops!!! :)

Went to dinner with long lost friend Richard! It was fun! Headed to Taco C and then Starbucks and listened to John Fruischante's new album. Richard, I know I didn't spell it right. Anyways, there were some good songs that I could use when I take my dance minor choreography course next year. YEE.

I want to go on dinner and lunch dates with all my aggie friends very soon...and all my other ones too.
Why doesn't anyone come to College Station to visit? BLECCH.

BTW, crush party is March 31st. If any of you out of towners wanna come, lemme know, I'll see if I can hook it up.

Also, put this on your calendars:
WHO: Cortney
WHAT: 21st Birthday Blast
WHEN: May 12th, 2004 starting after my last final exam(but of course you know my ACTUAL birthday is May the 11)
WHERE: starting at my new house and ending up on Northgate
WHY: because a 21st birthday is nothing without you guys!!!
So please come. It would mean so much to me!! And bring your friends so I can meet them. Chance are I'll be in the best mood ever!

You guys would not believe what my friend Sean dug up. Back in high school I was having fun playing with webpages and whatnot and made one about my old high school. This site is the gayest thing i've ever created, and is a true example of someone NOT updating their page. Just look at those dates!!!


I was so dorky. I mean, I AM so dorky.

"Everrbody in da club gettin' DEUCEY"


HOWDY!!! At this moment, I am officially done with school, and on SPRING BREAK 2004!

Today, some parts sucked and some were good.
What sucked is that I was up until 4 in the morning studying for my test because I didn't realize I was gonna be so long in rehearsal last night. So I finally got out and I had a ton to do!

I woke back up and studied more, went to do HOSTS, came back to school for my test in Modern, and then went straight to health and studied while he talked.

And THEN I took the evil evil test...All I want is a B.
With the test over, I scurried over to the Rec and worked out for about and hour fifteen, and then I headed out to the Greek Life office to see if I made Recruitment Counselor!

Yee haw, folks. So if you know any girls going thru rush that I know, don't tell them that I'll be a counselor. And don't remind them of what sorority I'm in! But I don't have to "diasaffiliate" till July! :)

Tomorrow I have lots of preparation errands to do before we leave for Florida! But more will come on that LATA.

"Can I get a deuce deuce?"


Are those quizzes "da bomb" or what?
Except its really hard to get a different percentage. Go ahead and try em, see if you like em, send me the results. All y'all gonna end up bein crackas, except for Jeff and prolly Amanda H.

Well howdy ho peeps and welcome to another late night. I'm up...two tests tomorrow, and the BIG ONE on Thursday. But Thursday night I will have chill time with all my favorite people, and Saturday I leave for Florida. And I get to go there because I have the best friends EVER!

Anyways, got up this morning and wasn't real motivated to do much except eat. Which is great, seeing as how I'll be wearing a bikini in t minus 3 days. Oh well...tan fat looks better than white fat, BAM!

We had a skills exam in ballet and then I went and studied for marketing for about 2 hours. I headed back to Health and instead of listening, I made a masterpiece for one of my favorite people...the Mark!
In the Battalion today there was a teenage skateboarder on the front page doing some kind of eXtreme pose. It was all too good. I ripped it out and proceeded to decorate it with "eXtreme" words and phrases, some fire, and geometric shapes. Chris suggested I add the word "wowzers" but after I gave him a quick tutorial on how not "eXtreme" that word was, he wisened up and agreed that my work was excellent the way it was.

Next mission: deliver the art to Mark.
So here comes God, sending Mark to bump into me at Wehner, while I was literally holding my picture!! I was so excited to give it to Mark, and he graciously accepted my offering.

It is a good day when you can brighten your and your friends' days with a simple picture of a skateboarding teenager.

I had class and health lab, came home, went to abs and back to do an observation, and I been studyin' since. Whew. I gots to get a break in....nope, can't be done, oh well. Bleccch. Anyone else have tests RIGHT AFTER spring break? Oh just me? Okay good. Didn't want anyone else to stress out. I

If I find anymore cool quizzes, they goin on here from now ON!

"DaNcE, too much booty in the DEUCE!"
you KNOW!


How embarrassing that I took two quizzes back to back and they ended up with perfect percentiles! GEEZ!
These can't be right....come on, me?

How BLACK are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com

How WHITE are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com
Suprise!!!! This is the longest Blog break I've ever taken! But I wanted to freak you guys out today and start fresh.

Top 3 Reasons I Haven't Written in almost Two Weeks:
1. My dad got fired from his job, meaning that money is nonexistent.
2. I was going to have to drop out of Spring Break cause of this, but my friends are now helping me get to go.
3. I was freakin' emotional.

Like I told Mark, I don't want to be one of "those people" who "emotionally writes." I have been commended for my remarkable ability to keep this content matter light and fluffy, perhaps bringing a spark of sunshine to your once gloomy day. And that's what I'm here for!!

Good news since I was last here: I am now the 2004 Stompfest Chair for my sorority!!! We got partnered up with Kappa Alpha Psi and Sigma Gamma Rho. Could I be any luckier? We are going to kick booty this year and April 14th we gon' bring down tha house, you know!!!

Last Friday, I signed a lease for my new duplex with Katie and Amanda. 1400 square feet of greatness, including Cortney's own bathroom, walk-in closet, and bedroom. Kinda nice compared to the box I share with Katie right now. WE even have a deck, and a backyard, and attic, and a washer/dryer! WHOOP! Cannot wait to move in in the start of May.
We also went out to Northgate for Courtney's 21st! I split my time between there and Shadow Canyon. Michael went over there with me to dance, and told me he was getting frustrated because he doesn't dance like I do. Like I care!!! I just like having him around. Yeah he wears boots and all, but he'll learn to dance. If I could teach Clint, I can teach anyone!
HAHA that reminds me. Michael helped Clint, who you all know as my previous boyfriend of four years, and another guy break into his condo. They seemed to get along well from what they've both told me. But how weird is that?

In 3 days I leave for Destin, Florida with my 4 best friends, and I couldn't be more excited. But first I have three tests to get thru! Wish me luck if you see me...it is needed!!!

Yesterday I sang a song for Katie about Mr. Bojangles...and she loved it. "Mr. Bojangles was a tap dancing black man..!"

I know this is turning out to be more informative than enticing, but I'm having to get back into the swing of things.

I can make a comment about the lack of fashion sense in my marketing class. You thought the girls with the butterfly stick in her hair was bad? There's this one dude who comes in, removes his motorcycle masks, and plops down in his seat. He's pretty cute, resembles Josh Hartnett a bit. But his shoes! God bless him....they were these brown sandal slide, but in the heel was an air pocket, like on a Nike shoe. They were the ugliest things I have ever seen, and I feel nothing but hope for this young man now.
How can you date a guy with taste like that in shoes? Geez.

If anyone wants to look at my copy of the "Midnight Velvet" Spring 2004 Catalogue, I have it in my room. I have never seen such glorious pantsuits and more realistis looking tribal figurines.

Okay, I'ma go do the A-town stomp and vamoose cause I got a skills test in ballet this mo' ning.
"Say hello to my little DEUCE!"


I'm back.