WOW!!! Look at me, its Sunday and I'm here again! Well, I just got home, actually.

Last night me and Katie headed out to eat dinner @ Blue Baker cause I hadn't been there since December when Michael took me for lunch. So we went, and of course I got the goodness of all goodness, a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich on wheat with a chocolate oatmeal cookie and iced tea!

Then we were sitting there and discussing how weird our "college" life is. We have no wild and crazy stories. Our parents were sillier than we've ever been. Our friends at places like UT and OU have stories where they could have almost ended up in jail!

Not that I'm saying we want to be like that. We just want the college experience. We want to do random and spontaneous things and when its over, be able to blurt "NOW I CAN SAY I'VE DONE-----" and fill in the blank!

So here we go...Katie and Cortney's quest for collegedom has arrived....and we only have a year and a half left. Some people just get started later than others. We've had our responsibilities, we've studied incessantly, and we've had many a movie night. It's time to live!

ROADTRIPS. ME and Katie are a fan, a big time fan, of the ultimate college habit: ROADTRIPS. So last night as we were pondering what the night would bring, we recieved a call from my sweetheart!-Michael. I told him we didn't know what to do so he goes "Why doncha come out to Weimer?" That's where his ranch is, and he was there for the night cause he had just done a trailride that day. Since me and Katie just got out of discussing our lack of roadtripping, we threw it all down and said SURE!!!!

So here we are, leaving Aggieland around 9:15, headed out to who knows where. A Buick with 4 G's followed us for almost two hours. It was the creepiest thing ever!!! When we finally got to Weimer we got to meet Michael in an RV park with a scary looking carboard man. We followed him to the ranch, and boy were we excited!!!

We took the tour, met the four horses, and admired the wonderfulness of open land and quiet! Then, we got to talking about the four-wheeler that was sitting outside. I had never been on one, and Katie had never driven one, so we got the chance to do both!!! Around midnight we were living it up on that four-wheeler, scaring cows, jumping hills, you name it!!! It was the greatest!!! We went back inside and played "Most Likely to" at the kitchen table and told ghost stories. Me and Katie slept in the "John Deere" room together, and fell asleep after singing the entire "Jock Jams" theme song.

This mornin we woke up, and headed home. One of the best moments was when we were about to hit 290, and what to our wandering eyes would appear, but a Whataburger slash "Taquito Heaven" in the distance near. What a wonderful end to a wonderful 14 hours.

And I love Michael! And I love his cowboy hats, and his spurs, and when he tucks his Wranglers into his boots. I may not be used to all that, but it's definitely growin' on me!!!

Sunday, SunDAY, SUNDAY!

Aggies do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who DEUCE!


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