Valentine's Day was a blast! However, I think Michael was a little too stressed! Once he relaxed a little, it was smooth sailing! He planned his little heart out!

About 9 am I woke up to Katie callin my name. Next to me on my pillow were 12 red roses...and I was thoroughly confused! She said "Put on some clothes real quick and head downstairs!" I sprung into action, and also brushed my teeth, because you never know!

I walk outside and here comes Michael, dressed all pretty and smiling! He was all like "Get in the truck and let's go!" I was scared because I didn't know where we were heading..and I was also real tired. After driving around for 20 minutes and him making me guess where we were going, we ended up at his house.

There, an SAE pledge wearing a tux and white gloves came up and opened my door. He kept calling me Madame and also opened the front door for me! BY this time, I was giggling profusely. From the front door to the kitchen table was a trail of red and dark pink rose petals. On the table were candles and more rose petals surrounding two plates, some water, and some OJ.

I pulled out my chair, sat down, and the pledge served me and Michael breakfast! We had an egg casserole, Michael's mom's recipe, and some fruit. It was delicious! I also got a present! It was a white teddy bear with a heart-shaped Coach keyring around it's neck! How perfect! After that, we talked and he took me back home so I could sleep until I needed to be ready again @ 4:45 to head to Houston.

I wore my new dress to Houston! And Katie let me borrow her cool chandelier earrings.
At 4:45, Michael picked me and his dog, Dixie, up and we left for H-town. WE dropped Dixie off at his parents' and they gave us some Valentine's fun! They were just on a cruise and they bought him some cigars for his humidor and me a necklace! How exciting!

We left from there and went to this awesome Italian place called Ciro's. We got seated right away and even got a free appetizer 'cause Michael's family knows the owner. I also got a pretty red tulip! The tulip is dead now, though. Bummer!
We were in and out of there pretty fast so we headed to our next destination.

Only problem? They moved the restaurant and we got kinda lost. Michael tried everything! Since we were in his dad's car we used the OnStar system but his dad ended up knowing more than they did! After about an hour of tour Houston, we came to the Amazon Grill, and we got the coolest dessert ever! A table sized portion of s'mores!

After that fun, Michael was intent on heading downtown to finish the night off. We couldn't get on the highway because it was closed, and when I told him that it was really to cold to be outside, we changed our plans completely. We finally relaxed and went to sit and drink some coffee at a cute little place. We got to talk and just plain enjoy being together. And that may have been the best part of the night.

WE left and went back to talk to his parents for a little while and pick up the dog. Michael was still a little stressed that the night didn't go perfectly, but he knows that me just getting to be with him was the most glorious part of all!

I love you, Michael! Happy Valentine's Day!

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