Sundays are real long. I woke up late cause I was sleepy. And right now I'm dizzy because I was showing Katie my spin from the "Toxic" routine.

Anyways, I rolled out of bed this afternoon and got a little bit done.

I left for rehearsal at 4:30 and practiced till 6:45, went to leave and teach my step class at 7:15, and then Abs n Back at 8:10, and then Michael picked me up and took me back to my car over at the Read building. I gave him his present and luckily he liked it a lot. He really likes Steve Martin so I bought him the old school classic "Roxanne".
Then I had some time to kill before my meeting so I treated him to a Cherry Limeade at Sonic.

THEN we got in a discussion about how I know nothing about my car, and it evolved into how I've never once put air in my tires, and I've had the car for over a year. So he pointed me to the nearest gas station and he got me a tire gauge and checked my tires.....they weren't even half full!!! Whoops. I almost had a freakin' blowout. So he taught me how to fill the car's tires, and the Mustang is happy once again.

Car Checklist:
Learn how to change a tire.
Keep on the ball about oil changin and inspections, things of that nature!!!

Guess who knows where to put the washer fluid, WHOOP!

So then we had a PI PHI PLAYOFFS committee meeting, and I am head of the SPIRIT committee. Anyone who wants to play, get ready!!! It's a softball homerun derby!!! And I'm head of the spirit, so you know its gon' be CRAIZY, okay?

For dinner I had a ham and turkey with mustard on white, and some peanut butter and pretzels.

And Katie is dancing to Al Green whilst rubbing up against my back. I knew she loved me!

I hope everyone has a good week. I have a test Tuesday, so I must be off to get that study thing goin.

"I got a fever, and the only prescription, is mo' DEUCE!"

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