Ohh oh oh whassup I got a post for the middle o' the day!!!

I was inspired the moment I left the house at 9 am this morning, and here I at ten till two in the West Campus Bibliotheque'.

I went to do HOSTS this morn, and on the way there I saw a girl taking a walk. She looked normal. Ponytail, walkman with headphones, sneakers and a tight shirt. Except her panatalones were pajam pants. Literally. They were white and thin and had red apple looking things all over them. Who works out in their pajamas? Is that comfortable? Your thoughts are highly appreciated...

So after seeing that I'm headed down ol Tejas Avenue into Bryan. There's a motel on my right that caught my eye last week, and I think it deserves a little shout out. On the marquee sign out front it reads "God Bless Our Troops. Microfridge in Room". I am oddly moved, yet excited at the same time by this statement.

So THEN, you thought the day couldn't get any better? RIGHT, it did. I'm practicing words that start with "WH" for Tamara's vocabulary list. She's having trouble with some of the words, but was pretty close to getting a lot of them. I do have to say, I've never heard a "wheelbarrow" be interpreted as a "wheelchair bowl".
The things kids say! I love it!

WOW. Good day so far, hoping it gets even better! Good luck to all on the big accounting test tonight!

Get out and enjoy College Station!!! With a breezy high of 75, who couldn't help but love mid-February in south central Texas! I do!

And yay for Thursday nights! WHOOP!

"At bedtime, Mama used to read me Mother DEUCE"

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