I told you guys I had the longest day ever! I got home @ 10:44, which makes me having been away from my house come out to 14 hours!!!

The test went okay, but my hip hop class and rehearsal would have been better off done on a different day. I was wore out like WHOA. It was one of those days when I didn't have anything in me by the end!

The crush party was really fun! Not only did my jeans fit, but Michael's costume was excellent!! He ironed the letters on all by himself. The front of hid red longjohns read "Love Potion" and "9" on one side, and the back read "Drink Me" with a "9" underneath it. The guys ran up his bar tab, and I told him jokingly that he needed to save some money for Saturday... :)

ME, Katie C, Court, Kristy, Katie W, and Amie all went! It was really fun and they played "Toxic" twice, so I showed ma friends tha moves.....

I am literally exhausted. Tomorrow looks to be a huge and long day again, but Friday and Saturday are going to be really special.

Seize the DEUCE!


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