I love love love love Fridays! And this one was NO exception!!!

This morning I left the house at 8 am to hit up Starbucks and carry out a surprise visit to Michael's!! Last night, I went over to the girls' apartment and made him banana nut muffins in little valentine's paper cups and I took them over there this morning, along with a grande caramel macchiato, something he likes a lot. I snuck in the back door and walked into his room, but his puppy barked and ended up scaring him. So much for a cute surprise, I almost gave him a heart attack. But he was impressed and appreciative, so my efforts weren't completely lost.

I even wrote him a poem!

Then I preceded to take a three hour long nap, and he wasn't even home! He had to go get ready and go to lunch with a long lost friend, so I slept in silence....it was wonderful!

I got up and went to workout at the Rec, went and bought Michael a little present for tomorrow, and went and bought a dress at Dillard's for tomorrow night. I came home and tried to clean my room but I fell asleep again about three times! I'm telling ya, I'm a borderline narcoleptic....

Tonight me, Katie, Amanda H, and Michael went to Antonio's on Northgate and got one of their excellent and huge slices of pizza. I went the for the variety, since they have 30 different kinds and all, and I ironically ended up with a big ol slice of pepperoni and beef. I am such a dork. But I do have a fun fact: You can write on the walls there and someone put "DEUCE '05". It must be someone who knows me.... :)

Afterwards Michael had to go leave for the SAE Pledge Retreat and fulfill his officer duties, and we went next door to the Groove because I thought my friend Kevin's band was playing tonight! Turns out it was LAST night and I'm a retard. SO, I reminded Katie of the "Ultimate College Experience" that we're supposed to be having, and she reluctantly agreed that we go bar-hopping, even though NO ONE was out on Northgate at 9:30.....

So the three of us headed to the Chicken. Mostly old people, but one guy did yell "Britney!" at me, mostly cause I was wearin my supafly coduroy hat. We left there and went to 315, but no dice cause it was empty. So we went to Mad Hatters' to enjoy the cheesy 80s music and another set of older folks. Chris, Amanda's friend met up with us and we left there to go to Shadow.

Here's where the real fun begins. It was an interesting night at Shadow:
1. Me and Amanda got the DJ to play "Toxic" so we could practice.
2. Some dude in a leather jacket decided to dance freaky, spin his jacket around his head, and hoot and holler while galloping across the floor, spanking himself on da butt.
3. Two bigger girls in small and snug halter tops seemed to enjoy being dance-molested on the floor by two drunkards in sweaters. We're talking acrobatics.
4. Creepy 30-something guy in a plaid shirt followed bunches of girls around trying to dance with them. But what was creepier is that he looked like Eugene Levy from American Pie.
5. Some random Latino dude kept staring at me and walking in circles around me, and also watched me while I danced, but never spoke a word, thank goodness.
6. Two chicks pulled me and Katie up on the stage, saying that we were "good" and let us teach everyone up there the Bunny Hop. Funny how not - so - intelligent people take forever to get that dance.
7. A guy with rubber legs liked to dance with a white scarf, and was accompanied by the worst outfit I've ever seen. The nest way to describe this chick's choice of fashion would be either "horrible" or "space cadet". She had on black pants and a black shirt, and her black hair was in two buns. She was wearing plastic arm gloves, a metal shield like a medieval knight, and a plastic/metal thong OVER her pants. Amanda called her She-Rah, I thought she looked like a psychopathic inmate. And she didn't much look like a GIRL at all.

Ugh...weirdness. It may have been the worst night EVER to hit up the dance floor at Shadow Canyon.

At least "Rubber Legs" liked my hat and some guy outside the Chicken was digging my "cool scarf".

But me and Katie were not amused at the two guys urinating on the curb, yelling to try and to get our attention...I don't THINK SO! I was not about to turn around for fear of what nastiness they may have been planning!

Me and Katie said bye to Amanda and Chris for the night and we hit up Taco C. We got a little snack and a big ol drink and talked for a little while. A guy that Katie blew off in the ninth grade came in, and some poor drunk girl almost passed out on the table next to us.

WHAT A NIGHT. May not be what most would call a CRAZY night, but it was just a pit stop on the highways and byways of the "Ultimate College Experience".

So now I am off to bed, even though I probably won't sleep cause I'm so excited about tomorrow. I can't wait to see what Michael has planned for us! I love him so much, and I'm sure whatever we do will be absolutely wonderful!

Do unto others as you would have them DEUCE unto you...

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