I have decided that the only thing I dislike more than the puddle is the cause of the puddles.

There is nothing worse, as of right now, than walking in the rain. And getting soaked on top of that. Oh, and it also being like 30 degrees. This is freaking painful.

Anyways, I did go up to West Campus Library to study for about three hours last night, so good for me and all. I've got a lot ahead of me for tonight, but it shouldn't be all that bad. Life will be great once I put on dry clothes.

I went with Michael up there and we were so good. He studied at a table, I sat in a chair, and we didn't talk! We were studious and got a lot done and it calmed me down a lot! The only time we talked was when Michael got a call, saying it was his parents, but then told me later that it was his Valentine's plans getting all set. I cannot wait to see what this guy's got going on for Saturday! I just hope its good weather!

The I talked to my mom on the phone and she hurt my feelings AGAIN, so I talked to my dad.
Like I said. I don't necessarily like the guy. But I do love him.

I had class, I studied, I talked to Tankersley, and had more class. I am home now, but still not dry, so I'll get to figuring that out. I love you all, but it is time for me to go! Before I do, let me share with you a fun tidbit from marketing.

Not-So-Good Magazine Ad of the Year, done by Amnesty Intl., a company committed to getting people to vote down the death penalty:
We see a picture of Kermit smiling, and the speech bubble above his head reads:
"Hey kids, if you're really bad, we'll make you breathe poison till you die!"

Rain, rain, go away, come again another DEUCE!

I love you Michael!

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