Long day made short by your friend, C to the FLOW>>>>>

O.KAY, so here's what my day consisted of: Class, vegetable soup and pickles, Class. then I had to do CPR on dummies for a TA. my dummy threw up, so I had to turn it on its side.

Random thought...I could make CPR dummies that are like real people. No more of this "Scenario" crap. IT will be the way I make my first million. I could go by Cortney the Dumminator!!! WOW. And then, I could own the Rangers...ah yes..total domination. I mean, Dummination.

Anyways, the rest of my day was LONG....I took a nap up at the Rec and choreographed my routine for hip hop. I subbed a step class for one of the girls and then I studied for Anatomy, cause I got a test coming up next week, and it's gonna be hard as you know! And then I taught hip hop, and then I had rehearsal for "Me Against the Music".

And now I'm home, chowin down on leftovers! Chicken, broccoli, more vegetable soup.
Only a glutton like me would gain weight in this house, cause last time I checked, people my age didn't eat this stuff. Wait till I have my own stove and oven. Cookin' Fuh-REAK!

New Favorite Dinner: Lima Beans and Meatloaf. You don't know till you try.
I am getting so old.

On a lighter note, Star Jones got engaged...now my boyfriend is all MINE!! Well, he still has a crush on Oprah, but we all know Stedman's never marrying her...so as of right now, SHE's my sole competitor for the heart of Mr. MMJ!

THREE Reasons why YOU should be jealous of ME!
1. I have an aerobics workshop Friday NIGHT 7-9 and all day Saturday 10-4 at the Rec. As if I don't live there enough.
2. As of right now, with the exception of maybe a week, I have 1-3 tests EVERY WEEK from now until the end of the school year.
3. My only two final exams are on the last day of finals week, which just happens to be the DAY AFTER my 21st birthday!

Maybe I'll just have some quality time with Beavis and Butthead on Friday when I get home.

And today "TCFC" wore a matching baby blue basketball outfit for weight lifting. Gimme a break!!
Oh, and the packet of hot fudge? It ended up in Katie's makeup bag this morning. HEY Katie, it's on now.

"With the taste of your lips I'm on a ride....You're toxic I'm slippin' under..With the taste of a poison paradise, I'm addicted to DEUCE!"

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