HOWDY! Just a quick check in before I immerse myself in anatomy and marketing!

This morning was good, I had breakfast, class, studying, class, and now I'm home.

Today is the day I have my Kinesiology Majors Resistance and Flexibility Class. It's a fun class, and I'm in there with one of my sorority sisters, Shannon. But today, I was tired of the fun and games. And then I went on serious RANT PATROL.

This guy in our class.....let's call him "Too Cool for School" or TCFC for short.
He literally WEARS me out. Talk about trying too hard...
He's got orange tips atop his black gelled mass of hair. In each ear is a blaringly huge CZ, and both ears are double pierced. He comes into the weight room with a tshirt on but takes it off immediately to show off his "bulging" biceps.
Hold on, I gotta roll my eyes real quick....o.k.
He's the type that will purposefully bump into you while carrying the biggest dumbbells ever, but I don't really recall him actually being able to lift them. He's got two blonde cronies that giggle and ogle at his every move or clever remark. I feel like the only time he ever hits up a real workout is in that class for those 30 minutes. I may be wrong. But as of right now I am definitely over this guy's efforts to be everything he's definitely not.

I'd rather be lifting my 25 pound barbell than carry a 5000 pound sack of insecurity ANYDAY!

Whew, that felt good. And here goes nothing with that thing we call studyin'. Adios, friends!

Quote of the Day: "Take the good with the bad, and hope for the best."
One of my many creeds.

"......Sippin' on gin and DEUCE!"

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