Howdy, I'm Cortney, the Proudest Member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2005!

OKay so today was long too!!!

I woke up late, but made it to HOSTS in time. Tamara was laughing at me because I was trying to use "of" in a sentence, but I kept using the phrase "bowl of cereal". She tried to inform me that I kept using it but she didn't like cereal so she still didn't get it. And I was all like "Cereal is soo good for you!" and she was all like "I hate cereal!"
First-graders DONT KNOW how much they need a bowl of vitamins in the morning.

Then I went to modern, first aid, and marketing. I was so sleepy. All my notes taken in class today have those squigglies on em in place of words. Some sentences can't even be made out.....I showed Katie!!!

And I was "that girl" in marketing class who was falling asleep so much that I dropped my pen between my legs. LUCKILY, I was super kung-fu and snatched the falling utensil with my powerhouse inner thighs before anyone detected my loose grip due to temporary narcolepsy.

I met Clint up at Sweet Eugene's to catch up for a little while. We both laughed and spoke incessantly of our new loves. Funny how we were together on and off for almost four years, but at that moment we were sitting across the table from one another, totally head over heels and professing our love for two different individuals. And it didn't feel weird, at all. We are both just so entirely happy, and it feels amazing. I think closure has definitely happened between the two of us, and we are finally true friends. A big yay for that!

We had Peggy's Spaghetti tonight and chocolate cake. Ugh....fatness...but it was so darn good.

Afterwards I went and worked on a little Valentine's surprise for Michael at the girls' apartment and then I headed home so he could pick me up for Breakway. Tonight we talked about God's will and buttering bread. A good talk, but it made me hungry again. Mmm...bread...mmm.

I am so pumped about this weekend. Michael planned out something special for the big V day, and I'm so trying to figure out what we could be doing. I don't even really care....just being with him is perfect!

Tomorrow we're gonna go eat pizza at that new place on Northgate....mmm...pizza...mmm.
I am such a glutton, eh? ARGH!

Today some guys walked on the grass behind the MSC to avoid more puddle monsters. But since I am an AGGIE, and I refuse to desecrate the Memorial Student Center, I waded my life away.
My Skechers and totally long Express jeans were NOT too thrilled.

OOH, I gotta go. Time is a wastin!
Word of the Day: Obscure

"I belive in a thing called love! Just listen to the rhythm of my DEUCE!"- The Darkness

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