Howdy and a big yay for Saturday!

AS promised, I will be updating quite frequently.

I've decided that my roommate is oh so silly when she sleeps. Last night about 2 she wakes up and asks me "Is the mixer this Friday or the next?" And I kinda looked at her and said "You're sleep talking." Katie then proceeded to huff and puff and reply "Whatever!" before she rolls back over and resumes dreamtime!

A minute ago she awakes from her nap and makes a big squeaky sound, but now she's awake, and sitting right across from me!!! Whoop, Katie is up and at em!

Today was a fun day, to say the least. I woke up around 10:30, ate some oatmeal (mmm), drank some coffee, and put away SOME of my laundry. I hate to hang up stuff though, so everything that goes in the closet is on my bed still. I have to admit that I DO sleep on the floor sometimes 'cause I don't want to put away the clothes on my bed. I just don't like to do it.. AT ALL! Tonight may be one of those nights....

This afternoon I went and auditioned for a hip hop routine to the wonderful song "Toxic". And I actually made it!!! So excited, but kinda funny that I am in two dances that are to Britney songs. Good thing I like both of em. Didn't realize how much I missed dancin all the time till now.

Tonight me and K-dog are hanging, but haven't really got the slightest idea of what to do. I like College Station and all, but sometimes the bar scene, the movies, and Blockbuster get old. Those are the only three things to do. Oh yeah, and go to someone's house. I am determined to get creative. The two of us are gonna have to be since everyone and their dog is 21 now. But watch out. When me and Katie are 21....just watch out!!!

And those of you that know me and my tolerance level...you are laughing RIGHT NOW.

Does anyone know how many days till "ELF" comes out on video?
And is anyone taping the Grammys?

Thank you for your time.

And on the eigth day, the Lord created DEUCE!


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