Hi there! It is Sunday, and I just got back from doing some promo modeling at the Superbowl.
I woke up really early this morning and left for H-town. I left my car @ Michael's and his parents took me downtown. I almost didn't want to get out of the car and leave them because the group of people I was there to meet were dressed in all black and were scarfing bagels and cream cheese. Kind of reminded me of "Sprockets", for all of you out there who know some old school SNL.

I joined the freaks and we rode the rail out to Reliant Park. My mission: Stand in front of Cadillacs, talk about the cars, smile, take pictures with people, etc. I ended up getting the most ultimate job of all. My promo model assignment was to guard an Escalade. Now, this wasn't any old Escalade. This Escalade was from the TV show "Monster Garage" and was custom built by some guy named Jesse James. Its nickname was "The Ultimate Tailgater". It was huge, black, and loaded with an unbelievable paint job. The inside had a satellite dish, a pull out bbq pit, a beer tap, and when you opened the back door out came a 44" plasma screen. Did I mention the 26" custom chromed out rims?

What amazes me is the group that was interested in this type of automobile. At one particular moment in time, I witnessed a Nascar-loving, trucker hat-wearing, skinny white mullet man exchanging thoughts with a classy black fella in gold silk Gucci pants and loafers. Are you kidding me?

Other random fun: the only celeb I saw was Nicole Ritchie, if thats how you spell it. At first I thought it was a girl that looked like her, but the hair extensions gave it away too easily.

I have never taken so many pictures with random men.

After I got done Micheal's parents came to pick me up and then took me home and fed me!! I got salad, gumbo, and quarters for the toll road. We shared hugs and I headed out, only to be stopped by two things: an empty gas tank, and the most wonderful thing about February.

*******Every February, Sonic brings back the goodness that is the "Sweetheart Shake". A chocolate covered cherry concoction that has become part of my life since I can remember!*******

The satisfaction of the aforementioned shake is only to be rivaled by the extreme amounts of wonderfulness bestowed upon me by my real-life sweetheart. Being around his family makes me love him even more. I still cannot believe I have been so lucky to find such a perfect person for ME!!! :)

I watched the exciting end of the Superbowl with Michael and his cuz, Thomas. Good times!!!
I left about 10 to come home and figure out my life for the next week. Bleh.
Not fun, school is not fun at all. :)

HaVe a GoOd WeEk!


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