I've decided I gotta do this more often! Too much good stuff happens that I miss out on writing, and it's not as great if I don't write it down soon!!! Did you get that, hopefully?

Tuesday I went to the basketball game with Amie, Katherine, Natalie, etc, in hopes of seeing the Aggie men dominate over Oklahoma State. That definitely did NOT happen, but I did get a good whiff of 50 cent sausages on a stick and a glimpse of Nikki doing her dance team thing. An experience in itself! Then we went to Silver Taps, and wow...it was so sad. BTW Nikki, a dude with the last name Gresham, C/O '02, just told me to tell you hi on my AOL. So, HI!!!

Marketing, a fun class for a fun concept. However, I DO believe it is one of the most humorous classes I've been in ever. I'm always that girl that makes stupid comments and laughs out loud because I am truly enjoying myself. And I know you ask yourself..."How can she be enjoying a class?" Here's how:
1. I sit next to Stephanie Moore, who you'd just have to know to understand. Last Tuesday she came into class smelling like some sort of liquid one would ingest on their 21st birthday. Maybe it had something to do with her going out the night before. Needless to say, she was a little worn out and was really funny. It also didn't help that some chick is front of us was wearing one of those giant bun sticks in her hair. But it wasn't in a bun, it was like in a rolly thing with the ponytail hanging free, and the stick was straight up. To top it off, literally, it had a mondo huge butterfly on the end, that was covered in rhinestones. A little classy for marketing, wouldn't you agree?
2. Thursday we had "Career Day" like were were back in elementary school. Basically, people came and talked about where they worked and made it sound really cool, even though I know better. Work is NOT cool unless you get paid to be totally awesome.
But apparently they wanted to brainwash me into thinking their company was cool by bringing in a video, where people give each other high fives over their luxury-size cubicles, and push each other's chairs into the parking lot for a little "office humor." The video even went so far as to interview a guy from Guatemala that was all like "I didn't even know what America was until I start to work here and now I am manager that make lot of money!"
Marketing....real world learning, in a classroom.

Wednesday night I officially made Amanda's routine to "Me Against the Music", so yay, I'm gonna hopefully be in my first Dance Arts show ever, doin hip hop like always!!! Whoop-de-doo! I also found out that my dad is moving in with his girlfriend this weekend. Whatever. Too bad she lives in Arkansas, and too bad he hasn't had the guts to tell me himself. Good thing my 15 year old sister told me. I said it once and I'll say it again...I'll never be like him.

Thursday I had class all day and got to meet the little girl I'll be reading to at the elementary school for the rest of the semester! I also had to go get my auto registration sticker. My parents never thought about teaching me about anything like this, and acted like it was all my fault. Michael took me out to the Brazos County Tax Office where the grumpy lady gave me a new and ridiculously expensive sticker. I have decided that county employees hate life, and hate you even more. So there goes money....all for a great cause!!! BLAHH!!

Michael took me to dinner since he's off doing a trail ride at the ranch this weekend. Then we got his mother, who happens to be an alum of my sorority, to sing me a very interesting song over the speakerphone about Pi Phi that they used to sing at Tech. Ask me about it, hahahah!! Not only did he help me get me car and my sticker taken care of, but then I got dinner and ice cream? Puh-lease, do I really deserve a guy this perfect and wonderful? I must have done something so right to have been blessed with the man of my dreams!! I know I have been doing nothing but gushing for the past couple months but I'm just warning y'all....get used to it!!

And now I remember when I used to make fun of people like that...isn't it ironic?

Today me, Amie, Katherine went to eat lunch for Lauren's 21st b-day, and then tonight we're gonna be out at Northgate, so come on out, everyone!!
Then I came home and hung out with Katie to help her pick out her outfit for tonight: A white robe with a glittery belt, a black fur cuff, a marigold scarf, and a headband made out of a cutoff stretchy pant leg.
Okay, so MAYBE we were playing "Would you be my friend if...?"

If anyone can record the Grammys for me on Sunday night it would be greatly appreciated!!! I'll be teaching my aerobics classes.

Word of the Week: "paradigm"
I like this word because I say it horribly wrong and I get mad when people say it right. I say it like this: "pair-uh-dig-em" but its really "pair-uh-dime". Why didn't they just spell it like that? Who are these Merriam and Webster dudes anyway?

I highly suggest performing a spell check on this entry. You get words like "glittery", "doo", and "Northgate".
I'm thinking about creating MY OWN spellcheckah!

And I'm a-throwin' the DEUCE!

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