Hey Hey HEY!!!

All my people on the floor, what's up!
So last night at my abs and back class, I was blessed with the presence of two characters from my previous entries!!!!
I had "Too Cool for School" and the plaid shirt guy. Two completely annoying people...I hope their abs and back are a-burning!!!

Then I went home, had a meeting, and studied. My Sundays from now on out are going to get even worse. My "Toxic" rehearsal got moved to 2:30 - 4:30, rehearsal for finale is 5-7, my aerobics classes are 7-9, and my Pi Phi Playoffs committee meeting is right after that. Geez. A whole month of that. Can I do it? We'll see...

I just got off the phone with Michael, who was overjoyed that he found his forgotten harmonica. He played a "note" for me on the phone, but I think that "note" is all he knows. It sounded like harmonica heaven.
Because don't we all have a harmonica sitting around here somewhere? I know I do. If I could just find it...

Today was fun cause I studied. And then tonight and tomorrow, it will get more fun...and the day after that. Thursday, 3:35, I'M OUT!

I apologize terribly for the blandness surrounding these past few entries..I need a little inspiration, and it's not coming from my ballet, anatomy, or health textbooks.

"I just called to say I love DEUCE!"

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