Here I GO!
Marathon day has arrived! If you've ever had a day away from your place of residence longer than the one I am currently going through, PLEASE contest me on this!

Left the house at approximately 8:33 am.
Class from 9-9:30.
Study @ MSC 9:45-11:45.
In here right now...
Class 12:40-1:30.
Study 1:45-4:45.
Anatomy test 5-7.
Hip Hop 8-9.
"Me Against the Music" rehearsal 9-11.
SAE/Phi Delt Valentine's Crush Party, 11-whenever.
Going home?.....ha, looks like I'll be out at least 16 hours.

Obviously, the end of the day is looking the best. Michael is dressing up as "Love Potion #9" and I'm wearing some jeans that finally fit again after the gluttony of Christmas Break.
I am looking forward to tonight, even though all my friends got crushed to my boyfriend's party and I didn't. Good thing anyone can go.

Kinda reminds me of the time Michael forgot my name at the last date party...
Cortney (without a U) just must not be a distinct enough name for anyone to remember. Maybe I should change it, to something like "Serenity" or "Indulgess".
No one would forget those!

The best part of the day so far has been getting cute emails from the love of my life.

Just wanted to say hi everyone!!! If you see me ask how I'm holding up, or better yet, GIMME SOME FOOD!

If I were an animal, I'd be a DEUCE!

Learning the most in the shortest amount of time...that's a procrastinator's creed!

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