Hello!! So I spent all day Saturday at the Rec: 2 hour long upper body workshop, 2 hour step class, and then 1 hour lower body workshop. At least I got paid for all this stuff.

I pretty much got home and jumped in the shower! Around 5:45, Michael's sister Morgan picked me up and we headed out to a pasture in Brookshire, Texas for the Valley Lodge Trail Ride Association dinner.

WOW. I walked into this huge tent in the middle of nowhere, and there was a live band blaring country music and I swear almost everyone had on a cowboy hat! Talk about culture shock. At least I wore a belt buckle and my pearl snap!

This is definitely NOT what I'm used to!! But the food was excellent! I met a lot of people, including the guy that hit on Katie about a month ago at the Hall. HAHAHA! He vaguely remembers meeting me back then. He said he'd been there a little too long that night.

Anyways, I learned how to walk and water the horses. The Murpheys and me sat around in some chairs later on and talked, and then we headed back into town so the boys could go to sleep and the girls could head home. We all stopped at Jack in the Box so we could go to the bathroom and get milkshakes! :)

Morgan dropped me off and I started studying. In case you didn't see the away message...
3 tests next week, dance rehearsal and two aerobics classes tonight, followed by a Pi Phi PLayoffs committee meeting.
My days go by fast, and I sit back and wonder....was it a good day? Sometimes I can't even recall, cause it's all a blur.

All I know is that the people in my life make my extremely happy. I have the best friends in the world, 18 days till Spring Break in FLORIDA, a loving yet dysfunctional family, the fattest and most cuddly cat ever, and a boyfriend who makes me feel beautiful and appreciated. There's so many things in life to love. I'd just like to slow down and enjoy it s'more!!!

But until then, I shall speed thru Sunday!!!
YAY for going to Dallas to see mama and sisters on Thursday!

She only wants me for my pimp DEUCE!!! (Jeff, you are DA MAN!! Thanks Romeo..Rodman..Butthead..Jaq..Hercules..)

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