First of all, a little tip for those of you that haven't seen the light. The light being, http://www.homestarrunner.com/
This has got to be the most awesome website in the whole world, and I am so lucky to get to experience it everyday.

And a big HOWDY!!! to everyone on this lovely, cold, and wet Monday.

I stayed up late doing work, and I plan on all-nightering for the next two days. I have my first test of the year in ANATOMY on Wednesday, crud crud crud.
Good news is that I have finalized plans for Spring Break!!!

The Fab Five: me, Katie, Court, Amanda, and Kristy are driving out to Destin and staying on the beach for five days and four nights! I haven't ever been, and I am WAY STOKED. I hear that the water is actually see through and that there's white sand too! Wow...I cannot wait. Crossin my fingers that a tan will become part of the deal!

Today was productive, so far. Class, workout, class, studying, took a quiz. You know the drill.

Too bad I had to run over a curb in front of everyone in the parking lot this morning, but you know I was all cool and pretended like nothin happened. "Who me? I didn't run over that curb...."

If I didn't have a lemon-yellow vehicle I might not be so prententious.

I need to take a shower so that's all you get today. I have a meeting with the sorority females tonight and then I study, study, and STUDDDDYYY! Glad I'm not the only one. Seems like a lotta folks got studyin' to do...point in case: Michael. He is too. And I'm glad. Why? Because he's wonderful!!!

Hopefully I'll get a lot done......but I'm also busying myself writing the Spring Break Code of Greatness. The Fab Five doesn't know about it, but it's a-comin!

Burninating the cottages...burninating the peasants...and the Trogdor comes in the NIGHT!

Saying of the Day: "Memories can't be made if everyone knows you're making them."

Rhyzzle o' da Dizzle:
"I said D-E-S, T-I and N,
Looks like Spring Break is coming here again!
Going to the beach, I'll need a suit to swim,
And loads of motivation to return here again!"

Just kiddin', I got mad love fo' tha Aggieland and the entire Brazos Valley.
Except for the tax office employees.

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your DEUCE in tha Hood.

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