Figured I'd pre-post for the day since I'm still up studying and I won't have time. I hope something funny happens today that I can type about tomorrow....wow, I just confused myself saying that.

My first test is at 9:35, which is roughly 7 hours from now....plenty of time to study. I think it's absurd that I have written tests for ballet classes, but I do, and I never do good on them at all. GRR~!

After that the plan is to study/eat and then I got the back to back class thing going again, 2 in a row. After that I'm gonna run home, jump in the shower, and get ready for rehearsal and Dance Arts 2nd audition. HOPE it goes well..and then maybe some food.

I am in one of those moods lately where I'm really hungry. Now this would not be a problem if I was blessed with metabolism a` la Kate Moss at my birth, but as you can all see, I WAS NOT. So once again, I must be chubby while the tests do their best to suffocate me in waves of ballet terminology, bones and tissues, and correct CPR technique.

Frustration of the Evening: Thinking back on glorious childhood and remembering was it was like to be a spelling bee champion. Wait...that's right...I was the alternate spelling bee champion, meaning that I was ONE person off from being crowned Matzke Elementary's spelling bee QUEEN. I tell you what, I haven't misspelled that deciding word once since that buzzer rang in my ears about 10 years ago.
Kind of ironic that a fourth grader would misspell that word?

Okay, now I'm just trying to procratinate. I am off in the early of morning, as it is 2:59 am, to look at x rays of bones.

"OOOPS I DEUCED it again..."

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