And then there was one...

A lonely Friday night for c.Flow here. I just got back from the Rec about an hour ago because we had a BOSU Ball workshop tonight from 7-9:30. Let me tell you what a BOSU Ball is.

I'm taking you back to the late 80s and early 90s. Remember that toy that looked like the planet Saturn, it was a bouncy kickball with a plastic ring around it that you could stand on, and you were supposed to be able to jump up and down on it, but it was extremely impossible? Okay, that's what it looks like. But you do a lot of toning and cardio exercises on it. Its ok I guess, not a huge fan since I twisted my ankle on it today. BLECHH.

Long day of school yesterday, got home to get ready and found the packet of hot fudge in my jewelry box this time. So I stuck it in Katie's underwear drawer, hehe. She was surprised this morning. Now we are having a hot fudge war!

So anyways, me and the hottest guy ever, Michael, went to eat at On the Border. We went to chill at his house and wait for Katie to get out of her horrid accounting test. We were gonna go out, but once Katie got over to Michael's house we kinda decided to chill and Amanda came over too. So we had a party at the townhouse, and watched The Three Amigos! It was a really fun night! There's more to it, but nothing that I can post...

And this afternoon me and Katie saw a Chevy Malibu being towed from somewhere. It was white and had tv screens in the headrests and scary silver rims. The chairs were leaned back all the way. Some really cool person was prolly ticked off today when they came out and saw that their low-ridin' 4 door family sedan sittin' on chrome had been pulled off and up out that motha'.

Not much else went on today. Did I mention that my dad and his girlfriend eloped in Reno last week? I found out last night. He now lives with her in her trailer in Arkansas.
Just imagine....I know most of y'alls dads are like the guy mine used to be. My dad used to be so perfect..so wonderfully normal. I don't know if it's a mid-life crisis on what. But here's what I do know. When you have a wife and 3 daughters, you can't just leave your spouse and think that will be it. You affect everyone's lives. And I mean everyone's. There is more than one person suffering here.

I just encourage you guys to think before you act. Sometimes that little thing you may think is insignificant can change someone's entire world, and maybe even their perspective on it here on out.
And when you get married-it's forever.

Cortneyism of the Day: "Vices turn to habits, and habits make the person. What kind of vice are you?"

Saved by the DEUCE.

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