Quick study break!

AWAY Message of the Day, courtesy of Brian @ UT:
Jesse: Do you like your shake, Slater?
AC: I like it when you shake, momma... and I can't wait for the next earthquake.

And I'm taking this quiz cause everyone has it on their profile:
And here's the results!
61% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score!

Dunno if that's good, OR GREAT!

Shout out to Harvell, now...

"MMMBop ba duba dop ba DEUCE!"


Figured I'd pre-post for the day since I'm still up studying and I won't have time. I hope something funny happens today that I can type about tomorrow....wow, I just confused myself saying that.

My first test is at 9:35, which is roughly 7 hours from now....plenty of time to study. I think it's absurd that I have written tests for ballet classes, but I do, and I never do good on them at all. GRR~!

After that the plan is to study/eat and then I got the back to back class thing going again, 2 in a row. After that I'm gonna run home, jump in the shower, and get ready for rehearsal and Dance Arts 2nd audition. HOPE it goes well..and then maybe some food.

I am in one of those moods lately where I'm really hungry. Now this would not be a problem if I was blessed with metabolism a` la Kate Moss at my birth, but as you can all see, I WAS NOT. So once again, I must be chubby while the tests do their best to suffocate me in waves of ballet terminology, bones and tissues, and correct CPR technique.

Frustration of the Evening: Thinking back on glorious childhood and remembering was it was like to be a spelling bee champion. Wait...that's right...I was the alternate spelling bee champion, meaning that I was ONE person off from being crowned Matzke Elementary's spelling bee QUEEN. I tell you what, I haven't misspelled that deciding word once since that buzzer rang in my ears about 10 years ago.
Kind of ironic that a fourth grader would misspell that word?

Okay, now I'm just trying to procratinate. I am off in the early of morning, as it is 2:59 am, to look at x rays of bones.

"OOOPS I DEUCED it again..."


Hey Hey HEY!!!

All my people on the floor, what's up!
So last night at my abs and back class, I was blessed with the presence of two characters from my previous entries!!!!
I had "Too Cool for School" and the plaid shirt guy. Two completely annoying people...I hope their abs and back are a-burning!!!

Then I went home, had a meeting, and studied. My Sundays from now on out are going to get even worse. My "Toxic" rehearsal got moved to 2:30 - 4:30, rehearsal for finale is 5-7, my aerobics classes are 7-9, and my Pi Phi Playoffs committee meeting is right after that. Geez. A whole month of that. Can I do it? We'll see...

I just got off the phone with Michael, who was overjoyed that he found his forgotten harmonica. He played a "note" for me on the phone, but I think that "note" is all he knows. It sounded like harmonica heaven.
Because don't we all have a harmonica sitting around here somewhere? I know I do. If I could just find it...

Today was fun cause I studied. And then tonight and tomorrow, it will get more fun...and the day after that. Thursday, 3:35, I'M OUT!

I apologize terribly for the blandness surrounding these past few entries..I need a little inspiration, and it's not coming from my ballet, anatomy, or health textbooks.

"I just called to say I love DEUCE!"


Hello!! So I spent all day Saturday at the Rec: 2 hour long upper body workshop, 2 hour step class, and then 1 hour lower body workshop. At least I got paid for all this stuff.

I pretty much got home and jumped in the shower! Around 5:45, Michael's sister Morgan picked me up and we headed out to a pasture in Brookshire, Texas for the Valley Lodge Trail Ride Association dinner.

WOW. I walked into this huge tent in the middle of nowhere, and there was a live band blaring country music and I swear almost everyone had on a cowboy hat! Talk about culture shock. At least I wore a belt buckle and my pearl snap!

This is definitely NOT what I'm used to!! But the food was excellent! I met a lot of people, including the guy that hit on Katie about a month ago at the Hall. HAHAHA! He vaguely remembers meeting me back then. He said he'd been there a little too long that night.

Anyways, I learned how to walk and water the horses. The Murpheys and me sat around in some chairs later on and talked, and then we headed back into town so the boys could go to sleep and the girls could head home. We all stopped at Jack in the Box so we could go to the bathroom and get milkshakes! :)

Morgan dropped me off and I started studying. In case you didn't see the away message...
3 tests next week, dance rehearsal and two aerobics classes tonight, followed by a Pi Phi PLayoffs committee meeting.
My days go by fast, and I sit back and wonder....was it a good day? Sometimes I can't even recall, cause it's all a blur.

All I know is that the people in my life make my extremely happy. I have the best friends in the world, 18 days till Spring Break in FLORIDA, a loving yet dysfunctional family, the fattest and most cuddly cat ever, and a boyfriend who makes me feel beautiful and appreciated. There's so many things in life to love. I'd just like to slow down and enjoy it s'more!!!

But until then, I shall speed thru Sunday!!!
YAY for going to Dallas to see mama and sisters on Thursday!

She only wants me for my pimp DEUCE!!! (Jeff, you are DA MAN!! Thanks Romeo..Rodman..Butthead..Jaq..Hercules..)


And then there was one...

A lonely Friday night for c.Flow here. I just got back from the Rec about an hour ago because we had a BOSU Ball workshop tonight from 7-9:30. Let me tell you what a BOSU Ball is.

I'm taking you back to the late 80s and early 90s. Remember that toy that looked like the planet Saturn, it was a bouncy kickball with a plastic ring around it that you could stand on, and you were supposed to be able to jump up and down on it, but it was extremely impossible? Okay, that's what it looks like. But you do a lot of toning and cardio exercises on it. Its ok I guess, not a huge fan since I twisted my ankle on it today. BLECHH.

Long day of school yesterday, got home to get ready and found the packet of hot fudge in my jewelry box this time. So I stuck it in Katie's underwear drawer, hehe. She was surprised this morning. Now we are having a hot fudge war!

So anyways, me and the hottest guy ever, Michael, went to eat at On the Border. We went to chill at his house and wait for Katie to get out of her horrid accounting test. We were gonna go out, but once Katie got over to Michael's house we kinda decided to chill and Amanda came over too. So we had a party at the townhouse, and watched The Three Amigos! It was a really fun night! There's more to it, but nothing that I can post...

And this afternoon me and Katie saw a Chevy Malibu being towed from somewhere. It was white and had tv screens in the headrests and scary silver rims. The chairs were leaned back all the way. Some really cool person was prolly ticked off today when they came out and saw that their low-ridin' 4 door family sedan sittin' on chrome had been pulled off and up out that motha'.

Not much else went on today. Did I mention that my dad and his girlfriend eloped in Reno last week? I found out last night. He now lives with her in her trailer in Arkansas.
Just imagine....I know most of y'alls dads are like the guy mine used to be. My dad used to be so perfect..so wonderfully normal. I don't know if it's a mid-life crisis on what. But here's what I do know. When you have a wife and 3 daughters, you can't just leave your spouse and think that will be it. You affect everyone's lives. And I mean everyone's. There is more than one person suffering here.

I just encourage you guys to think before you act. Sometimes that little thing you may think is insignificant can change someone's entire world, and maybe even their perspective on it here on out.
And when you get married-it's forever.

Cortneyism of the Day: "Vices turn to habits, and habits make the person. What kind of vice are you?"

Saved by the DEUCE.


Ohh oh oh whassup I got a post for the middle o' the day!!!

I was inspired the moment I left the house at 9 am this morning, and here I at ten till two in the West Campus Bibliotheque'.

I went to do HOSTS this morn, and on the way there I saw a girl taking a walk. She looked normal. Ponytail, walkman with headphones, sneakers and a tight shirt. Except her panatalones were pajam pants. Literally. They were white and thin and had red apple looking things all over them. Who works out in their pajamas? Is that comfortable? Your thoughts are highly appreciated...

So after seeing that I'm headed down ol Tejas Avenue into Bryan. There's a motel on my right that caught my eye last week, and I think it deserves a little shout out. On the marquee sign out front it reads "God Bless Our Troops. Microfridge in Room". I am oddly moved, yet excited at the same time by this statement.

So THEN, you thought the day couldn't get any better? RIGHT, it did. I'm practicing words that start with "WH" for Tamara's vocabulary list. She's having trouble with some of the words, but was pretty close to getting a lot of them. I do have to say, I've never heard a "wheelbarrow" be interpreted as a "wheelchair bowl".
The things kids say! I love it!

WOW. Good day so far, hoping it gets even better! Good luck to all on the big accounting test tonight!

Get out and enjoy College Station!!! With a breezy high of 75, who couldn't help but love mid-February in south central Texas! I do!

And yay for Thursday nights! WHOOP!

"At bedtime, Mama used to read me Mother DEUCE"

Long day made short by your friend, C to the FLOW>>>>>

O.KAY, so here's what my day consisted of: Class, vegetable soup and pickles, Class. then I had to do CPR on dummies for a TA. my dummy threw up, so I had to turn it on its side.

Random thought...I could make CPR dummies that are like real people. No more of this "Scenario" crap. IT will be the way I make my first million. I could go by Cortney the Dumminator!!! WOW. And then, I could own the Rangers...ah yes..total domination. I mean, Dummination.

Anyways, the rest of my day was LONG....I took a nap up at the Rec and choreographed my routine for hip hop. I subbed a step class for one of the girls and then I studied for Anatomy, cause I got a test coming up next week, and it's gonna be hard as you know! And then I taught hip hop, and then I had rehearsal for "Me Against the Music".

And now I'm home, chowin down on leftovers! Chicken, broccoli, more vegetable soup.
Only a glutton like me would gain weight in this house, cause last time I checked, people my age didn't eat this stuff. Wait till I have my own stove and oven. Cookin' Fuh-REAK!

New Favorite Dinner: Lima Beans and Meatloaf. You don't know till you try.
I am getting so old.

On a lighter note, Star Jones got engaged...now my boyfriend is all MINE!! Well, he still has a crush on Oprah, but we all know Stedman's never marrying her...so as of right now, SHE's my sole competitor for the heart of Mr. MMJ!

THREE Reasons why YOU should be jealous of ME!
1. I have an aerobics workshop Friday NIGHT 7-9 and all day Saturday 10-4 at the Rec. As if I don't live there enough.
2. As of right now, with the exception of maybe a week, I have 1-3 tests EVERY WEEK from now until the end of the school year.
3. My only two final exams are on the last day of finals week, which just happens to be the DAY AFTER my 21st birthday!

Maybe I'll just have some quality time with Beavis and Butthead on Friday when I get home.

And today "TCFC" wore a matching baby blue basketball outfit for weight lifting. Gimme a break!!
Oh, and the packet of hot fudge? It ended up in Katie's makeup bag this morning. HEY Katie, it's on now.

"With the taste of your lips I'm on a ride....You're toxic I'm slippin' under..With the taste of a poison paradise, I'm addicted to DEUCE!"


BLECH. Being sick is not fun at all.

So I studied all day yesterday, and when I say all day, I mean ALL DAY!
Our sorority meeting lasted one and a half hours and I thought I was going to shoot myself in the foot.
After meeting I studied, went to IHOP with Brett, and came back and studied till the sun arose. Mind you, I DID take little naps here and there. For the most part....I was so tired.

I went to ballet this morning, went and studied at Hullabaloo, went to class, and studied some more right before my marketing exam. Sheesh.

Test went ok...I headed to the Rec to workout because it's either that or force myself to throw up. The latter just doesn't happen too easily, and plus it's gross.
After I came home, put on pajamas, and got in bed. I proceeded to sleep for the next four hours!!! I guess all nighters will do that to you.

And now it's time for....
Greatest Roommate Ever Story of the Day!

So last night I thought it would be funny to give Katie a leftover packet of Hershey's hot fudge from dinner. I thought it was so funny of me to do that, and when she found it sitting on her desk, I could hardly contain myself. Katie didn't think it was so funny!
So I got up this morning and was picking out a t-shirt out of my drawer. When I opened the drawer, there sat the little packet of fudge with a note attached! "Surprise!" It read!
Me and Katie are so clever.

Okay, time for me to go get sicker.

Queen Mary and the Spruce DEUCE.


HOWDY! Just a quick check in before I immerse myself in anatomy and marketing!

This morning was good, I had breakfast, class, studying, class, and now I'm home.

Today is the day I have my Kinesiology Majors Resistance and Flexibility Class. It's a fun class, and I'm in there with one of my sorority sisters, Shannon. But today, I was tired of the fun and games. And then I went on serious RANT PATROL.

This guy in our class.....let's call him "Too Cool for School" or TCFC for short.
He literally WEARS me out. Talk about trying too hard...
He's got orange tips atop his black gelled mass of hair. In each ear is a blaringly huge CZ, and both ears are double pierced. He comes into the weight room with a tshirt on but takes it off immediately to show off his "bulging" biceps.
Hold on, I gotta roll my eyes real quick....o.k.
He's the type that will purposefully bump into you while carrying the biggest dumbbells ever, but I don't really recall him actually being able to lift them. He's got two blonde cronies that giggle and ogle at his every move or clever remark. I feel like the only time he ever hits up a real workout is in that class for those 30 minutes. I may be wrong. But as of right now I am definitely over this guy's efforts to be everything he's definitely not.

I'd rather be lifting my 25 pound barbell than carry a 5000 pound sack of insecurity ANYDAY!

Whew, that felt good. And here goes nothing with that thing we call studyin'. Adios, friends!

Quote of the Day: "Take the good with the bad, and hope for the best."
One of my many creeds.

"......Sippin' on gin and DEUCE!"

Sundays are real long. I woke up late cause I was sleepy. And right now I'm dizzy because I was showing Katie my spin from the "Toxic" routine.

Anyways, I rolled out of bed this afternoon and got a little bit done.

I left for rehearsal at 4:30 and practiced till 6:45, went to leave and teach my step class at 7:15, and then Abs n Back at 8:10, and then Michael picked me up and took me back to my car over at the Read building. I gave him his present and luckily he liked it a lot. He really likes Steve Martin so I bought him the old school classic "Roxanne".
Then I had some time to kill before my meeting so I treated him to a Cherry Limeade at Sonic.

THEN we got in a discussion about how I know nothing about my car, and it evolved into how I've never once put air in my tires, and I've had the car for over a year. So he pointed me to the nearest gas station and he got me a tire gauge and checked my tires.....they weren't even half full!!! Whoops. I almost had a freakin' blowout. So he taught me how to fill the car's tires, and the Mustang is happy once again.

Car Checklist:
Learn how to change a tire.
Keep on the ball about oil changin and inspections, things of that nature!!!

Guess who knows where to put the washer fluid, WHOOP!

So then we had a PI PHI PLAYOFFS committee meeting, and I am head of the SPIRIT committee. Anyone who wants to play, get ready!!! It's a softball homerun derby!!! And I'm head of the spirit, so you know its gon' be CRAIZY, okay?

For dinner I had a ham and turkey with mustard on white, and some peanut butter and pretzels.

And Katie is dancing to Al Green whilst rubbing up against my back. I knew she loved me!

I hope everyone has a good week. I have a test Tuesday, so I must be off to get that study thing goin.

"I got a fever, and the only prescription, is mo' DEUCE!"


Valentine's Day was a blast! However, I think Michael was a little too stressed! Once he relaxed a little, it was smooth sailing! He planned his little heart out!

About 9 am I woke up to Katie callin my name. Next to me on my pillow were 12 red roses...and I was thoroughly confused! She said "Put on some clothes real quick and head downstairs!" I sprung into action, and also brushed my teeth, because you never know!

I walk outside and here comes Michael, dressed all pretty and smiling! He was all like "Get in the truck and let's go!" I was scared because I didn't know where we were heading..and I was also real tired. After driving around for 20 minutes and him making me guess where we were going, we ended up at his house.

There, an SAE pledge wearing a tux and white gloves came up and opened my door. He kept calling me Madame and also opened the front door for me! BY this time, I was giggling profusely. From the front door to the kitchen table was a trail of red and dark pink rose petals. On the table were candles and more rose petals surrounding two plates, some water, and some OJ.

I pulled out my chair, sat down, and the pledge served me and Michael breakfast! We had an egg casserole, Michael's mom's recipe, and some fruit. It was delicious! I also got a present! It was a white teddy bear with a heart-shaped Coach keyring around it's neck! How perfect! After that, we talked and he took me back home so I could sleep until I needed to be ready again @ 4:45 to head to Houston.

I wore my new dress to Houston! And Katie let me borrow her cool chandelier earrings.
At 4:45, Michael picked me and his dog, Dixie, up and we left for H-town. WE dropped Dixie off at his parents' and they gave us some Valentine's fun! They were just on a cruise and they bought him some cigars for his humidor and me a necklace! How exciting!

We left from there and went to this awesome Italian place called Ciro's. We got seated right away and even got a free appetizer 'cause Michael's family knows the owner. I also got a pretty red tulip! The tulip is dead now, though. Bummer!
We were in and out of there pretty fast so we headed to our next destination.

Only problem? They moved the restaurant and we got kinda lost. Michael tried everything! Since we were in his dad's car we used the OnStar system but his dad ended up knowing more than they did! After about an hour of tour Houston, we came to the Amazon Grill, and we got the coolest dessert ever! A table sized portion of s'mores!

After that fun, Michael was intent on heading downtown to finish the night off. We couldn't get on the highway because it was closed, and when I told him that it was really to cold to be outside, we changed our plans completely. We finally relaxed and went to sit and drink some coffee at a cute little place. We got to talk and just plain enjoy being together. And that may have been the best part of the night.

WE left and went back to talk to his parents for a little while and pick up the dog. Michael was still a little stressed that the night didn't go perfectly, but he knows that me just getting to be with him was the most glorious part of all!

I love you, Michael! Happy Valentine's Day!


I love love love love Fridays! And this one was NO exception!!!

This morning I left the house at 8 am to hit up Starbucks and carry out a surprise visit to Michael's!! Last night, I went over to the girls' apartment and made him banana nut muffins in little valentine's paper cups and I took them over there this morning, along with a grande caramel macchiato, something he likes a lot. I snuck in the back door and walked into his room, but his puppy barked and ended up scaring him. So much for a cute surprise, I almost gave him a heart attack. But he was impressed and appreciative, so my efforts weren't completely lost.

I even wrote him a poem!

Then I preceded to take a three hour long nap, and he wasn't even home! He had to go get ready and go to lunch with a long lost friend, so I slept in silence....it was wonderful!

I got up and went to workout at the Rec, went and bought Michael a little present for tomorrow, and went and bought a dress at Dillard's for tomorrow night. I came home and tried to clean my room but I fell asleep again about three times! I'm telling ya, I'm a borderline narcoleptic....

Tonight me, Katie, Amanda H, and Michael went to Antonio's on Northgate and got one of their excellent and huge slices of pizza. I went the for the variety, since they have 30 different kinds and all, and I ironically ended up with a big ol slice of pepperoni and beef. I am such a dork. But I do have a fun fact: You can write on the walls there and someone put "DEUCE '05". It must be someone who knows me.... :)

Afterwards Michael had to go leave for the SAE Pledge Retreat and fulfill his officer duties, and we went next door to the Groove because I thought my friend Kevin's band was playing tonight! Turns out it was LAST night and I'm a retard. SO, I reminded Katie of the "Ultimate College Experience" that we're supposed to be having, and she reluctantly agreed that we go bar-hopping, even though NO ONE was out on Northgate at 9:30.....

So the three of us headed to the Chicken. Mostly old people, but one guy did yell "Britney!" at me, mostly cause I was wearin my supafly coduroy hat. We left there and went to 315, but no dice cause it was empty. So we went to Mad Hatters' to enjoy the cheesy 80s music and another set of older folks. Chris, Amanda's friend met up with us and we left there to go to Shadow.

Here's where the real fun begins. It was an interesting night at Shadow:
1. Me and Amanda got the DJ to play "Toxic" so we could practice.
2. Some dude in a leather jacket decided to dance freaky, spin his jacket around his head, and hoot and holler while galloping across the floor, spanking himself on da butt.
3. Two bigger girls in small and snug halter tops seemed to enjoy being dance-molested on the floor by two drunkards in sweaters. We're talking acrobatics.
4. Creepy 30-something guy in a plaid shirt followed bunches of girls around trying to dance with them. But what was creepier is that he looked like Eugene Levy from American Pie.
5. Some random Latino dude kept staring at me and walking in circles around me, and also watched me while I danced, but never spoke a word, thank goodness.
6. Two chicks pulled me and Katie up on the stage, saying that we were "good" and let us teach everyone up there the Bunny Hop. Funny how not - so - intelligent people take forever to get that dance.
7. A guy with rubber legs liked to dance with a white scarf, and was accompanied by the worst outfit I've ever seen. The nest way to describe this chick's choice of fashion would be either "horrible" or "space cadet". She had on black pants and a black shirt, and her black hair was in two buns. She was wearing plastic arm gloves, a metal shield like a medieval knight, and a plastic/metal thong OVER her pants. Amanda called her She-Rah, I thought she looked like a psychopathic inmate. And she didn't much look like a GIRL at all.

Ugh...weirdness. It may have been the worst night EVER to hit up the dance floor at Shadow Canyon.

At least "Rubber Legs" liked my hat and some guy outside the Chicken was digging my "cool scarf".

But me and Katie were not amused at the two guys urinating on the curb, yelling to try and to get our attention...I don't THINK SO! I was not about to turn around for fear of what nastiness they may have been planning!

Me and Katie said bye to Amanda and Chris for the night and we hit up Taco C. We got a little snack and a big ol drink and talked for a little while. A guy that Katie blew off in the ninth grade came in, and some poor drunk girl almost passed out on the table next to us.

WHAT A NIGHT. May not be what most would call a CRAZY night, but it was just a pit stop on the highways and byways of the "Ultimate College Experience".

So now I am off to bed, even though I probably won't sleep cause I'm so excited about tomorrow. I can't wait to see what Michael has planned for us! I love him so much, and I'm sure whatever we do will be absolutely wonderful!

Do unto others as you would have them DEUCE unto you...


Howdy, I'm Cortney, the Proudest Member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2005!

OKay so today was long too!!!

I woke up late, but made it to HOSTS in time. Tamara was laughing at me because I was trying to use "of" in a sentence, but I kept using the phrase "bowl of cereal". She tried to inform me that I kept using it but she didn't like cereal so she still didn't get it. And I was all like "Cereal is soo good for you!" and she was all like "I hate cereal!"
First-graders DONT KNOW how much they need a bowl of vitamins in the morning.

Then I went to modern, first aid, and marketing. I was so sleepy. All my notes taken in class today have those squigglies on em in place of words. Some sentences can't even be made out.....I showed Katie!!!

And I was "that girl" in marketing class who was falling asleep so much that I dropped my pen between my legs. LUCKILY, I was super kung-fu and snatched the falling utensil with my powerhouse inner thighs before anyone detected my loose grip due to temporary narcolepsy.

I met Clint up at Sweet Eugene's to catch up for a little while. We both laughed and spoke incessantly of our new loves. Funny how we were together on and off for almost four years, but at that moment we were sitting across the table from one another, totally head over heels and professing our love for two different individuals. And it didn't feel weird, at all. We are both just so entirely happy, and it feels amazing. I think closure has definitely happened between the two of us, and we are finally true friends. A big yay for that!

We had Peggy's Spaghetti tonight and chocolate cake. Ugh....fatness...but it was so darn good.

Afterwards I went and worked on a little Valentine's surprise for Michael at the girls' apartment and then I headed home so he could pick me up for Breakway. Tonight we talked about God's will and buttering bread. A good talk, but it made me hungry again. Mmm...bread...mmm.

I am so pumped about this weekend. Michael planned out something special for the big V day, and I'm so trying to figure out what we could be doing. I don't even really care....just being with him is perfect!

Tomorrow we're gonna go eat pizza at that new place on Northgate....mmm...pizza...mmm.
I am such a glutton, eh? ARGH!

Today some guys walked on the grass behind the MSC to avoid more puddle monsters. But since I am an AGGIE, and I refuse to desecrate the Memorial Student Center, I waded my life away.
My Skechers and totally long Express jeans were NOT too thrilled.

OOH, I gotta go. Time is a wastin!
Word of the Day: Obscure

"I belive in a thing called love! Just listen to the rhythm of my DEUCE!"- The Darkness


I told you guys I had the longest day ever! I got home @ 10:44, which makes me having been away from my house come out to 14 hours!!!

The test went okay, but my hip hop class and rehearsal would have been better off done on a different day. I was wore out like WHOA. It was one of those days when I didn't have anything in me by the end!

The crush party was really fun! Not only did my jeans fit, but Michael's costume was excellent!! He ironed the letters on all by himself. The front of hid red longjohns read "Love Potion" and "9" on one side, and the back read "Drink Me" with a "9" underneath it. The guys ran up his bar tab, and I told him jokingly that he needed to save some money for Saturday... :)

ME, Katie C, Court, Kristy, Katie W, and Amie all went! It was really fun and they played "Toxic" twice, so I showed ma friends tha moves.....

I am literally exhausted. Tomorrow looks to be a huge and long day again, but Friday and Saturday are going to be really special.

Seize the DEUCE!



Here I GO!
Marathon day has arrived! If you've ever had a day away from your place of residence longer than the one I am currently going through, PLEASE contest me on this!

Left the house at approximately 8:33 am.
Class from 9-9:30.
Study @ MSC 9:45-11:45.
In here right now...
Class 12:40-1:30.
Study 1:45-4:45.
Anatomy test 5-7.
Hip Hop 8-9.
"Me Against the Music" rehearsal 9-11.
SAE/Phi Delt Valentine's Crush Party, 11-whenever.
Going home?.....ha, looks like I'll be out at least 16 hours.

Obviously, the end of the day is looking the best. Michael is dressing up as "Love Potion #9" and I'm wearing some jeans that finally fit again after the gluttony of Christmas Break.
I am looking forward to tonight, even though all my friends got crushed to my boyfriend's party and I didn't. Good thing anyone can go.

Kinda reminds me of the time Michael forgot my name at the last date party...
Cortney (without a U) just must not be a distinct enough name for anyone to remember. Maybe I should change it, to something like "Serenity" or "Indulgess".
No one would forget those!

The best part of the day so far has been getting cute emails from the love of my life.

Just wanted to say hi everyone!!! If you see me ask how I'm holding up, or better yet, GIMME SOME FOOD!

If I were an animal, I'd be a DEUCE!

Learning the most in the shortest amount of time...that's a procrastinator's creed!


I have decided that the only thing I dislike more than the puddle is the cause of the puddles.

There is nothing worse, as of right now, than walking in the rain. And getting soaked on top of that. Oh, and it also being like 30 degrees. This is freaking painful.

Anyways, I did go up to West Campus Library to study for about three hours last night, so good for me and all. I've got a lot ahead of me for tonight, but it shouldn't be all that bad. Life will be great once I put on dry clothes.

I went with Michael up there and we were so good. He studied at a table, I sat in a chair, and we didn't talk! We were studious and got a lot done and it calmed me down a lot! The only time we talked was when Michael got a call, saying it was his parents, but then told me later that it was his Valentine's plans getting all set. I cannot wait to see what this guy's got going on for Saturday! I just hope its good weather!

The I talked to my mom on the phone and she hurt my feelings AGAIN, so I talked to my dad.
Like I said. I don't necessarily like the guy. But I do love him.

I had class, I studied, I talked to Tankersley, and had more class. I am home now, but still not dry, so I'll get to figuring that out. I love you all, but it is time for me to go! Before I do, let me share with you a fun tidbit from marketing.

Not-So-Good Magazine Ad of the Year, done by Amnesty Intl., a company committed to getting people to vote down the death penalty:
We see a picture of Kermit smiling, and the speech bubble above his head reads:
"Hey kids, if you're really bad, we'll make you breathe poison till you die!"

Rain, rain, go away, come again another DEUCE!

I love you Michael!


First of all, a little tip for those of you that haven't seen the light. The light being, http://www.homestarrunner.com/
This has got to be the most awesome website in the whole world, and I am so lucky to get to experience it everyday.

And a big HOWDY!!! to everyone on this lovely, cold, and wet Monday.

I stayed up late doing work, and I plan on all-nightering for the next two days. I have my first test of the year in ANATOMY on Wednesday, crud crud crud.
Good news is that I have finalized plans for Spring Break!!!

The Fab Five: me, Katie, Court, Amanda, and Kristy are driving out to Destin and staying on the beach for five days and four nights! I haven't ever been, and I am WAY STOKED. I hear that the water is actually see through and that there's white sand too! Wow...I cannot wait. Crossin my fingers that a tan will become part of the deal!

Today was productive, so far. Class, workout, class, studying, took a quiz. You know the drill.

Too bad I had to run over a curb in front of everyone in the parking lot this morning, but you know I was all cool and pretended like nothin happened. "Who me? I didn't run over that curb...."

If I didn't have a lemon-yellow vehicle I might not be so prententious.

I need to take a shower so that's all you get today. I have a meeting with the sorority females tonight and then I study, study, and STUDDDDYYY! Glad I'm not the only one. Seems like a lotta folks got studyin' to do...point in case: Michael. He is too. And I'm glad. Why? Because he's wonderful!!!

Hopefully I'll get a lot done......but I'm also busying myself writing the Spring Break Code of Greatness. The Fab Five doesn't know about it, but it's a-comin!

Burninating the cottages...burninating the peasants...and the Trogdor comes in the NIGHT!

Saying of the Day: "Memories can't be made if everyone knows you're making them."

Rhyzzle o' da Dizzle:
"I said D-E-S, T-I and N,
Looks like Spring Break is coming here again!
Going to the beach, I'll need a suit to swim,
And loads of motivation to return here again!"

Just kiddin', I got mad love fo' tha Aggieland and the entire Brazos Valley.
Except for the tax office employees.

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your DEUCE in tha Hood.


WOW!!! Look at me, its Sunday and I'm here again! Well, I just got home, actually.

Last night me and Katie headed out to eat dinner @ Blue Baker cause I hadn't been there since December when Michael took me for lunch. So we went, and of course I got the goodness of all goodness, a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich on wheat with a chocolate oatmeal cookie and iced tea!

Then we were sitting there and discussing how weird our "college" life is. We have no wild and crazy stories. Our parents were sillier than we've ever been. Our friends at places like UT and OU have stories where they could have almost ended up in jail!

Not that I'm saying we want to be like that. We just want the college experience. We want to do random and spontaneous things and when its over, be able to blurt "NOW I CAN SAY I'VE DONE-----" and fill in the blank!

So here we go...Katie and Cortney's quest for collegedom has arrived....and we only have a year and a half left. Some people just get started later than others. We've had our responsibilities, we've studied incessantly, and we've had many a movie night. It's time to live!

ROADTRIPS. ME and Katie are a fan, a big time fan, of the ultimate college habit: ROADTRIPS. So last night as we were pondering what the night would bring, we recieved a call from my sweetheart!-Michael. I told him we didn't know what to do so he goes "Why doncha come out to Weimer?" That's where his ranch is, and he was there for the night cause he had just done a trailride that day. Since me and Katie just got out of discussing our lack of roadtripping, we threw it all down and said SURE!!!!

So here we are, leaving Aggieland around 9:15, headed out to who knows where. A Buick with 4 G's followed us for almost two hours. It was the creepiest thing ever!!! When we finally got to Weimer we got to meet Michael in an RV park with a scary looking carboard man. We followed him to the ranch, and boy were we excited!!!

We took the tour, met the four horses, and admired the wonderfulness of open land and quiet! Then, we got to talking about the four-wheeler that was sitting outside. I had never been on one, and Katie had never driven one, so we got the chance to do both!!! Around midnight we were living it up on that four-wheeler, scaring cows, jumping hills, you name it!!! It was the greatest!!! We went back inside and played "Most Likely to" at the kitchen table and told ghost stories. Me and Katie slept in the "John Deere" room together, and fell asleep after singing the entire "Jock Jams" theme song.

This mornin we woke up, and headed home. One of the best moments was when we were about to hit 290, and what to our wandering eyes would appear, but a Whataburger slash "Taquito Heaven" in the distance near. What a wonderful end to a wonderful 14 hours.

And I love Michael! And I love his cowboy hats, and his spurs, and when he tucks his Wranglers into his boots. I may not be used to all that, but it's definitely growin' on me!!!

Sunday, SunDAY, SUNDAY!

Aggies do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who DEUCE!



Howdy and a big yay for Saturday!

AS promised, I will be updating quite frequently.

I've decided that my roommate is oh so silly when she sleeps. Last night about 2 she wakes up and asks me "Is the mixer this Friday or the next?" And I kinda looked at her and said "You're sleep talking." Katie then proceeded to huff and puff and reply "Whatever!" before she rolls back over and resumes dreamtime!

A minute ago she awakes from her nap and makes a big squeaky sound, but now she's awake, and sitting right across from me!!! Whoop, Katie is up and at em!

Today was a fun day, to say the least. I woke up around 10:30, ate some oatmeal (mmm), drank some coffee, and put away SOME of my laundry. I hate to hang up stuff though, so everything that goes in the closet is on my bed still. I have to admit that I DO sleep on the floor sometimes 'cause I don't want to put away the clothes on my bed. I just don't like to do it.. AT ALL! Tonight may be one of those nights....

This afternoon I went and auditioned for a hip hop routine to the wonderful song "Toxic". And I actually made it!!! So excited, but kinda funny that I am in two dances that are to Britney songs. Good thing I like both of em. Didn't realize how much I missed dancin all the time till now.

Tonight me and K-dog are hanging, but haven't really got the slightest idea of what to do. I like College Station and all, but sometimes the bar scene, the movies, and Blockbuster get old. Those are the only three things to do. Oh yeah, and go to someone's house. I am determined to get creative. The two of us are gonna have to be since everyone and their dog is 21 now. But watch out. When me and Katie are 21....just watch out!!!

And those of you that know me and my tolerance level...you are laughing RIGHT NOW.

Does anyone know how many days till "ELF" comes out on video?
And is anyone taping the Grammys?

Thank you for your time.

And on the eigth day, the Lord created DEUCE!




I've decided I gotta do this more often! Too much good stuff happens that I miss out on writing, and it's not as great if I don't write it down soon!!! Did you get that, hopefully?

Tuesday I went to the basketball game with Amie, Katherine, Natalie, etc, in hopes of seeing the Aggie men dominate over Oklahoma State. That definitely did NOT happen, but I did get a good whiff of 50 cent sausages on a stick and a glimpse of Nikki doing her dance team thing. An experience in itself! Then we went to Silver Taps, and wow...it was so sad. BTW Nikki, a dude with the last name Gresham, C/O '02, just told me to tell you hi on my AOL. So, HI!!!

Marketing, a fun class for a fun concept. However, I DO believe it is one of the most humorous classes I've been in ever. I'm always that girl that makes stupid comments and laughs out loud because I am truly enjoying myself. And I know you ask yourself..."How can she be enjoying a class?" Here's how:
1. I sit next to Stephanie Moore, who you'd just have to know to understand. Last Tuesday she came into class smelling like some sort of liquid one would ingest on their 21st birthday. Maybe it had something to do with her going out the night before. Needless to say, she was a little worn out and was really funny. It also didn't help that some chick is front of us was wearing one of those giant bun sticks in her hair. But it wasn't in a bun, it was like in a rolly thing with the ponytail hanging free, and the stick was straight up. To top it off, literally, it had a mondo huge butterfly on the end, that was covered in rhinestones. A little classy for marketing, wouldn't you agree?
2. Thursday we had "Career Day" like were were back in elementary school. Basically, people came and talked about where they worked and made it sound really cool, even though I know better. Work is NOT cool unless you get paid to be totally awesome.
But apparently they wanted to brainwash me into thinking their company was cool by bringing in a video, where people give each other high fives over their luxury-size cubicles, and push each other's chairs into the parking lot for a little "office humor." The video even went so far as to interview a guy from Guatemala that was all like "I didn't even know what America was until I start to work here and now I am manager that make lot of money!"
Marketing....real world learning, in a classroom.

Wednesday night I officially made Amanda's routine to "Me Against the Music", so yay, I'm gonna hopefully be in my first Dance Arts show ever, doin hip hop like always!!! Whoop-de-doo! I also found out that my dad is moving in with his girlfriend this weekend. Whatever. Too bad she lives in Arkansas, and too bad he hasn't had the guts to tell me himself. Good thing my 15 year old sister told me. I said it once and I'll say it again...I'll never be like him.

Thursday I had class all day and got to meet the little girl I'll be reading to at the elementary school for the rest of the semester! I also had to go get my auto registration sticker. My parents never thought about teaching me about anything like this, and acted like it was all my fault. Michael took me out to the Brazos County Tax Office where the grumpy lady gave me a new and ridiculously expensive sticker. I have decided that county employees hate life, and hate you even more. So there goes money....all for a great cause!!! BLAHH!!

Michael took me to dinner since he's off doing a trail ride at the ranch this weekend. Then we got his mother, who happens to be an alum of my sorority, to sing me a very interesting song over the speakerphone about Pi Phi that they used to sing at Tech. Ask me about it, hahahah!! Not only did he help me get me car and my sticker taken care of, but then I got dinner and ice cream? Puh-lease, do I really deserve a guy this perfect and wonderful? I must have done something so right to have been blessed with the man of my dreams!! I know I have been doing nothing but gushing for the past couple months but I'm just warning y'all....get used to it!!

And now I remember when I used to make fun of people like that...isn't it ironic?

Today me, Amie, Katherine went to eat lunch for Lauren's 21st b-day, and then tonight we're gonna be out at Northgate, so come on out, everyone!!
Then I came home and hung out with Katie to help her pick out her outfit for tonight: A white robe with a glittery belt, a black fur cuff, a marigold scarf, and a headband made out of a cutoff stretchy pant leg.
Okay, so MAYBE we were playing "Would you be my friend if...?"

If anyone can record the Grammys for me on Sunday night it would be greatly appreciated!!! I'll be teaching my aerobics classes.

Word of the Week: "paradigm"
I like this word because I say it horribly wrong and I get mad when people say it right. I say it like this: "pair-uh-dig-em" but its really "pair-uh-dime". Why didn't they just spell it like that? Who are these Merriam and Webster dudes anyway?

I highly suggest performing a spell check on this entry. You get words like "glittery", "doo", and "Northgate".
I'm thinking about creating MY OWN spellcheckah!

And I'm a-throwin' the DEUCE!


Hi there! It is Sunday, and I just got back from doing some promo modeling at the Superbowl.
I woke up really early this morning and left for H-town. I left my car @ Michael's and his parents took me downtown. I almost didn't want to get out of the car and leave them because the group of people I was there to meet were dressed in all black and were scarfing bagels and cream cheese. Kind of reminded me of "Sprockets", for all of you out there who know some old school SNL.

I joined the freaks and we rode the rail out to Reliant Park. My mission: Stand in front of Cadillacs, talk about the cars, smile, take pictures with people, etc. I ended up getting the most ultimate job of all. My promo model assignment was to guard an Escalade. Now, this wasn't any old Escalade. This Escalade was from the TV show "Monster Garage" and was custom built by some guy named Jesse James. Its nickname was "The Ultimate Tailgater". It was huge, black, and loaded with an unbelievable paint job. The inside had a satellite dish, a pull out bbq pit, a beer tap, and when you opened the back door out came a 44" plasma screen. Did I mention the 26" custom chromed out rims?

What amazes me is the group that was interested in this type of automobile. At one particular moment in time, I witnessed a Nascar-loving, trucker hat-wearing, skinny white mullet man exchanging thoughts with a classy black fella in gold silk Gucci pants and loafers. Are you kidding me?

Other random fun: the only celeb I saw was Nicole Ritchie, if thats how you spell it. At first I thought it was a girl that looked like her, but the hair extensions gave it away too easily.

I have never taken so many pictures with random men.

After I got done Micheal's parents came to pick me up and then took me home and fed me!! I got salad, gumbo, and quarters for the toll road. We shared hugs and I headed out, only to be stopped by two things: an empty gas tank, and the most wonderful thing about February.

*******Every February, Sonic brings back the goodness that is the "Sweetheart Shake". A chocolate covered cherry concoction that has become part of my life since I can remember!*******

The satisfaction of the aforementioned shake is only to be rivaled by the extreme amounts of wonderfulness bestowed upon me by my real-life sweetheart. Being around his family makes me love him even more. I still cannot believe I have been so lucky to find such a perfect person for ME!!! :)

I watched the exciting end of the Superbowl with Michael and his cuz, Thomas. Good times!!!
I left about 10 to come home and figure out my life for the next week. Bleh.
Not fun, school is not fun at all. :)

HaVe a GoOd WeEk!