YEE HAW!!!! I am 2 days away from being done with this tech writing class. We're about to start our oral research presentations now. Let's see if I can B.S. my way to a C or higher in this class! My paper is not so lovely. And its about goofy stuff that I don't think you can "technically" write a research paper on.
But that's for me prof to decide!

I'm going to eat lunch with Katie and Mark today! And Tuesday I went with Amie a lot of other peeps I haven't seen in about a year. I feel old because I've been "lunching" like an old woman lately, and I end up sitting there talking for hours, and become a squatter. But how fun is it to just talk?

I swear I'm like 50 lately. I sleep all the time, I enjoy cooking, I talk about the good ol days, and I scold Britney Spears....who am I?
But as people will tell you...I am also incredibly happy! :)

Those awesome flowers Mike gave me are now "drying" in the garage. I heard if you hang them upside down they dry pretty and stuff. So naturally I looked for a ribbon or something, and ended up having to dugt tape the roses to the handle of a hammer and suspend them from the baby refrigerator in the garage. If those aren't gonna be the best dried flowers ever! BAM!

Well, I gotta go for the time being and finish preparing my presentation that I'll be giving in about dos hours.


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