So here's the sitch: I had no internet-enabled personal computer at home. So I a-say to a-myself: "I cannot wait to be back in College Station, where the information superhighway is abundant, and travels at light speed!"
Oh wow, was I wrong or what?
Some nut in the sorority house still hasn't figured out that they have a virus, so we're all getting to suffer.

It wouldn't be so annoying except for the fact that one of my classes is ONLINE>>>>>>>>>>> Irony? Well, YES!

So here I am up at the West Campus computer lab for my first time ever. I'm actually in a classroom in the computer lab and am currently discussing with Mark how funny it would be if there was actually a class going on right now and I was sitting in the middle of it. How would I duck out without looking like a total doofie!

So here we are, new day of school. New faces, new places, but best of all, syllabi till the papers in the school printers run dry!
And short speeches made by "the new prof" while you get to size them up. But what really gets my excitement going is writing down dates in my planner.
I have two classes today and about five million tomorrow cause I have to get forced into some before I can get passed off to the final phase of my program. No wonder people never graduate from this institution.

I would like to own a copy of "Most eXtreme Primate" on DVD if anyone sees it in their local video wonderland. From what I have seen the synopsis is a snowboarding chimpanzee. And with a storyline like that....well what more could a moviegoer ask for?

So aside from only having gone to one class, I haven't done much. Got up and went to an aerobics class, breakfast, shower, ballet, lunch, and now I'm here, embracing the Texas A&M University internet network.

I took Michael to Kroger yesterday, and found something funny. He's "That Guy" who always befriends the cashier and gets her to talk to him the whole time. Funny, they didn't even card him. Wonder why...that's pretty slick. I know he's 21 and all but I wanna get carded till I'm 30!

I also saw Clint yesterday @ the MSC! Talk about a long time!! He looks great everyone! :)

Last night over a bowl of red beans and rice I said a final farewell to something I am going to never see again: reality shows. When I go home to G-town, it's TV america. When I get back into college mode and live without the cable, its back to no time for tv. I guess that's good and all, but hopefully mom will keep me updated with the latest Average Joe or American Idol.

Tonight the Peg-ster is cooking us breakfast for dinner at the PP house. Nothing makes me happier than a little morning goodness totally out of place in the evening. (Like I never go to IHOP for dinner, yeah right!)

Cortneyism of the Day: In response to a certain someone's sweet but silly statement: "If women did nothing, nothing would get done."

I better be off and do what I really came here to do. WORK, as they say!
I love you and all hope to see you soon!


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