I dedicate this post to Brooke Blevins, 1983-2003. Please pray for her family.


It feels great outside! The high is 50, the sun is shining, and the blue sky hasn't a speck of clouds! WHOOP!

Kinda funny how my last entry describes what horrid weather I was facing. Now if it would only stay this way for at least a month, I would be so happy.

Yesterday I got up and went to Grace with Ben, and saw a lot of Pi Phis. We went to the old and the college service, and they were good. I went home and did some reading, took a nap, and ate some leftovers ALL WHILE watching approximately 16 episodes of Beavis and Butthead. "Multitasking..."

Then Michael came and picked me up to go to dinner with his family at Christopher's. The restaurant was awesome, but I'd have to say the company was even better! I got to meet his mother, father, and sister, Morgan. I wasn't shy like I normally am, and I felt so comfortable with them!

"Yessss" Clenched fist!

We rented "seabiscuit" and it was alright. I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a nap halfway through it, and didn't understand why the jockey, played by a redheaded Tobey Maguire, messed up his leg and couldn't ride again until the race at the end. Good history lesson though.

I'm up at the SCC right now waiting on a meeting for my Anatomy course to start. I'm taking it online, but its still campus based, so its not like I won't have tests up here and stuff. I just bought my books from a nice guy named Jeff and he said that the class was pretty hard. Here goes nothing.

I will try to enjoy my last day of freedom since we start a new semester tomorrow. Have a GLORIOUS day everyone!


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