I'm at Michael's right now, DUH.
I just got back in College Station this afternoon. More to come later, but I will leave you with this:

Confusion of the Day: Me and Mike were havin a convo about rap artists, and he starts talking about how he liked Macy Gray. I objected heavily, saying that she sounded like crap. After much deliberation, we figured out that he was referring to Missy Elliot, not Macy Gray. Way to go, Mike.

Funny comment of the Day: Michael has decided he really likes that "milkshake" song. So we were talking about it and he asked me what purpose of the milkshake was. Being a hip hop guru, I explained that its like black people mojo. And then he goes "OH! I thought they were really talking about a milkshake!!"

Oh how I adore this guy!!!


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