HOWDY!! I am back after a long break. But don't be jealous. I got to spend a whole week in Arkansas! (hint of sarcasm)

I'm in class of course, and we're having free time right now, but its more like
net time for me since the computer at home totally crashed, and I don't mean "went to sleep". So, I will not be online in 5-10 business days as promised!

Now on to re-hash the events of my "Happy Holidays"!
I spent an unplanned and unwanted weekend at my dad's girlfriend's home. The only fun part was learning how to ride a horse. Well..learning how to go, stop, and turn left or right!
Then we headed out to where my REAL family lives and I saw cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandfolks galore! I spent New Year's Eve watching my Arkansas Razorbacks BTHO Mizzou, and then we topped off the evening with some Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice and firecrackers in the front yard.
And yes "nerd" is my new middle name. But who said spending time with family isn't cool!

Maybe I got through the week so fast because Michael came to stay with us this weekend!! He drove up from H-town, and we had a blast. We went to dinner and a party with Katie on Friday night and then lunch with her, Kristy and Shane on Saturday. I got to show him Stonebriar Mall and we watched movies and did the chill thing. He met a lot of my friends, and they all really like him! My mom and sisters do too...they set up a whole surprise b-day party for him, with cake and the special banners, napkins, and musical candle!
One word?...wow...I haven't liked a guy like this in a long time...and I never thought I'd meet someone who has what I've been looking for...cross your fingers kiddos, pray I don't mess up! :)
Did I mention that I got a surprise bouquet of roses on Christmas Eve as well?
TOTAL brownie points for Mike!

So I have this 10 page research paper due Thursday, and I was planning on using one previously written this semester. Alas, it is missing, and I can only guess that it was on a floppy or deleted, ergo I am royally screwed.

So I should get back to doing that!!! This is the week of lunches with friends, and hopefully fixing my hair. I decided to be weird and dye it red, and now I don't like it, and you know the story, blah blah blah.

I'd rather be blonde anyway. That way I have an excuse for my consistent lack of common sense.

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people, Amanda and Michael, yesterday!! The big 21!!!! I had to leave A a message, but I definitely talked to an aforementioned young man whose head was "spinning" at 12:15 last night. HA!

Watch out for May 11th!!!

Rhyzzle o' da Dizzle:
"Ate so much I had to buy new jeans,
Didn't help to fill up on cake and ice cream,
Ready to leave D-town before I grow twice as large,
And make a new bedroom in the front AND back yard!"

DEUCE!!! be back soon!

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