HELLO!!! What a lovely hot and sticky Saturday! I cannot believe it's snowing in Lubbock, and here in Aggieland I began sweating while I walked about 50 feet back to the car.

Oh how I miss Dallas, with its random spurts of 50 degree winds and nighttime temperatures below freezing.
Alas, I will settle on College Station because we all know "there's no place like home..."

Right now, Katie is sitting on her bed eating a scrumptious sandwich from Blue Baker, and we are watching "Newsies", a classic Disney musical. It's pretty good, I like the exaggerated "New Yawk" accents.
But my favorite accent would the Georgia plantation accent, as heard in "Gone With the Wind." :)

This mornin I met Ben Naylor for breakfast and we caught up over some coffee. I was scolded for my choice in eggs. I prefer Sunny Side-up and he says they look like yellow snot. "I hate running, so why would I want my eggs to do it?" Clever, Ben, but too bad you haven't experienced the golden greatness.
We also took a journey to find an oscillating fan and to get the watch fixed. It was a fun morning!

Here's to a great day!!!

Wish of the Day: For my legs to grow, or my jeans to fit the same and be shorter in length, or to become tall and thin to fit the jeans. 'Tis but a wish.

Cortneyism of the Day, and also my current away message: "A Lifetime movie without Ann Jillian is like a "Get your Degree from Home!" commercial without Sally Struthers."

P.S. I am sorry to discontinue my "Cortney's Perfect Man" listings, but if you want an example, I'll introduce you to Michael!!! AWW, I know, I DID just say that, but this guy literally amazes me all the time.

"I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?" - the former Mrs. Jason Alexander

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