Hello amigos, amigas. Greeting from my new home, the West Campus Library. Since my internet is STILL shot, I am forced to chill up here till the cows come home. Now, if the internet at Texas A&M messes up, well I am in BIG trouble!

So first I have to tell a funny story about my best friend, my roommate, the one and only, KATIE! Or, Shawty K, K-Dawg, whatever I feel like callin her at the moment.

So here's Katie, leaving Wehner on Tuesday morning....lallala. First, she runs into Clint, my previous boyfriend of four or so years. Cool. THEN, she sees Michael, my current sweetie. THEN, she passes Bo Wilson, whom I had a little crush on when he was a yell leader. (Come on, you girls all know you did that too!) And THEN, she passes a guy that I had a crush on not too long ago.

IS SHE LUCKY or what?

Last night I hit up the Rec again for a little cardio and abs, and then headed out to Breakway with Michael. He hurt his appendix but he still worshipped it up with me. This guy is A-mazing. :) :) :)

So HOLLA at the second, and might I add, successful day of school. Woke up, went to Dance History, and went on trying to get forced into THREE classes in a row that I need before I can be admitted to the second phase of my major. Good news? I got two out of three. Bad news? My advisor decided we dont need all three after all, just one. Geez. So I am still looking at May 06 indefinitely. SUCK!

I will never get outta here folks, ever!!!!

Anyways, then I headed home to go over some stuff for my hip hop class. Then we had dinner downstairs, and I left for the Rec, my second home. My hip hop class was hug tonight! And the people were awesome! They actually seemed like they were enjoying themselves, and it was so comforting. I love teaching to eager learners!!! But I shall never do it for a profession, k?

OOOH I wish I had more to say but it's only been a day!!! I miss seeing everyone still. I feel like school's been a whirlwind.

Anyone is free to come hang up at the WCL computer lab with me anytime, since I still have no informations superhighway at the abode!

WORST NAME EVER, as heard on V103.1, College Station's ONLY hip hop station: Jeromeo

Talks to themself loudly while plopping down next to one of the only people (me) in the computer lab.


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