And after many requests, I am back. Here's the deal: if you miss the Blogs, come over to the Pi Phi house and tell the girls that are jacking with our network. I'm sure they will share your sentiments.

So I haven't waited this long to Blog in a while! It's been a whole freakin' week! So you know what that means: If this one was gonna be any longer, you might as well call it a textbook.

Instead of giving a brief synopsis of everyday, I will share with you my favorite moments.

Best Moment, last Thursday: Me, Michael, and Katie were all chatting it up at the Hall when a cowboy that Michael "Sort of" knows walks up. He's nice except for the fact that he's practically drooling over Katie. Here's what all he says:
"Hey, your friend Katie is HOT!" (Keep in mind he's standing across from her)
"Can you cook? My roommate's like Martha Stewart!"
As as he leaves, he leans in to give Katie a hug, that looks more like he's trying to kiss her!
Oh, and then one of Francois' corps buddies, who is a little tipsy, but is a very good dancer, talks to Katie for a long while. Then he uses a really sweet pickup line, which I was lucky enough to overhear: "Hey Katie, I dunno how to dance, will you teach me?"
Whatever, what a bunch of flirts! GO SHAWTY K, its yo birthday!

Best Moment, last Friday: Michael drove me to work a dance competition in Houston, which is wear I heard the story about the Supercats. You'll see it below.

Best Moment, last Saturday: I came home from working the dance competition and was Xtremeley Xhausted. I was supposed to stand for 13 hours at under minimum wage, but I took too many breaks and got in trouble. And yes, I felt like I was in kindergarten again when I was "scolded" for my behavior. But Michael suprised me by bringing me lunch up at the school. So sweet, that man!

Best Moment, last Sunday: Taught my step/abs and back class, and had a long meeting. Was at the Rec from dusk till dawn. Nah, from about 6:45 to 10:30. :)

Best Moment, Monday: Class, books, meeting, no fun, remained at WCL on the computer forever!!! I miss my internet!

Best Moment, Tuesday: First day of intermediate ballet and my legs are le tired! Went to the first day of health as well, and my grad student teacher is da bomb. He's a nice looking black fella from Arkansas, and he thinks school is cool, but the class is too long, so he's gonna let us out early. Worked out, and as I was on the elliptical, who walked up but Michael! I was so proud of him for working out! I asked him how he found me and he said Katie told him he could probably find me there. What are roommates for if they don't know you backwards and forwards? Later that night, I went out to the Sig Ep house to meet some of the rushees. Cool dudes. Looks like a solid pledge class. Me and Michael got coffee and talked later on...

Best Moment, Wednesday: Class, books, lost my keys in my car for about 10 minutes and looked like a butthead walking around the parking lot of Rother's (or Traditions, whatever its called) while the keys hid under my seat. Did a lot of stuff and went to teach hip hop, followed it with rehearsal for a piece my friend Amanda is choreographing to "Me Against the Music", and then went to the movies with Amie. We saw "Along Came Polly" and I still think Ben Stiller is HOT!

Best Moment, Thursday: What a great day! I started out with three classes in a row, rode home with Katie after the last one, and paid the phone bill, all by four o clock! I then preceded to get ready for the SAE Date Party, which was basically a sit down italian dinner at their house. I got to meet and greet with alot of Michael's brothers and the rushees. We went to Carney's afterwards, and our table made friends with a jamaican looking man playing pool. The smoke got icky so we left to meet Katie, Amanda, and Francois at the Tap. I went and changed and we all had a laugh about how me and Michael don't exactly match sometimes. I was wearing my black fedora, jeans, a little black top, and a fur-trimmed floor length jacket. Michael was wearing his loafers (no socks, of course), his khakis, and a pink button down Polo. Hehehe!!! We really don't dress alike, but when you're in love does that really matter? :)
THEN, we went to leave and a Firebird was double parked behind Katie. We waited 45 mins for the tow truck and he said he couldn't legally tow the car, but he could move it in enough time for Katie to back out. Urgh!

And now, Today!! I went to pickup Richard and we scarfed down some Fazoli's. And I'm here, at the Read Computer Lab now. I'll be at the Rec after this, and Shadow tonight!

Tomorrow!!! It is Bid Day, whoop!
SUNDAY!! I am doing some promo work for Cadillac out @ the Superbowl. No, I don't get to go to the game, but I do get a free shirt and a nice check.

I apologize. I'll keep this thing updated!!! And funnier too, I swear.
Before I go, I have some credits to hand out:

Most Extreme College Mascot of 2004: So when Southwest changed over to Texas State, they apparently wanted a big change. Seems their old mascot was too mundane. Enter, the future of TSU Athletics: the SUPERCATS!! With it freakish profile and purple hair, it is sure to strike fear into the hearts of many a rival. Because we all fear for our lives in San Marcos. Especially now that the Supercats are "on the prowl". You think that's what they'll say?
Footnote: First one to wear a Supercats sweatshirt is a rotten egg!

Worst Car Decor: Huge A&M stickers that cover up the entire back window, somehow trying to make up for the lack of a good paint job, or just a cool car in general.

Newest Adversary: "The Puddle" He sits behind the MSC, waiting for you to try and get on Wehner Express. When it rains, he is big, and impossible to traverse. When the sky is clear, you think he is gone, but alas, he is still there, forcing you to soak you Adidas with leftover rain goo. But can you go on the grass to avoid him? Of course not, this is Texas A&M, people!

Coolest Website Ever: I've never been to it, but how can you go wrong with a webspace titled www.Xtremeconditioning.com?

Rhyzzle o' da Dizzle:
"From salt to Polaroids,
A wiggle just won't do,
You gotta shake it up,
Like rap billionaires do,
From Outkast to Ying Yang,
And back around to me,
Shake it in to 2004,
And outta 2003!"

And I be throwin the DEUCE!

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