I am Number ONE


I am back from the long week of three tests, but it turned out to be ok. Nothing went drastically horrible or totally great, but I know what I need to do to try and hit a decent GPR this semester. School and all the things I'm involved are really starting to put me in a bind.

Just a small disclaimer...I about to hit it hard with the next two weekends full of stuff, and my second and very hard lab practical....I'm getting tired thinking about it. Which means Thanksgiving break is exactly what I need...I can't wait!
There's a lot of things I can't wait for....like starting my internship!!! I can't believe that I leave in August to go start "working" where I might actually get lucky enough to start my career! YEAH!

Now, onto COOL things. I am NUMBER ONE! No, that's not me being shallow, it's the truth! I started doing that Yahoo Fantasy Basketball game, because if I want to work in the field, I got to play in the field, ya know! Anyways, my team "BUTTA DUMPLIN" is first in my league as of this moment! I am going to chalk it up to the fact that I have Kevin Garnett, and that I got rid of my injured center, Divac. The best guy I could get to replace him was Alonzo Mourning, so we'll see how this goes.

The AGGIES face OU this weekend. I saw their big truck outside when I was heading up here for rehearsal (I'm at the Read Bldg right now) Somebody asked me if I saw Adrian Peterson, but no, sorry, I just saw bag-carrier guys. What a job....."yes, I'm a 'bag carrier' for Sooner football"

My sorority has initiation all weekend, so I'm going to be sleepy like whoa, and then heading out for the game....hopefully it will be football weather this time! (COLD)
I like it outside right now, its about 70s....but I wish it were colder. I am wearing my "Greek fleece" in protest.

One of my rehearsals was canceled for the rest of the semester, so it looks like I will actually have one night during the week off! And what ELSE....oh yeah!!!

DANCE ARTS SOCIETY FALL SHOW, SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14TH 3:00 PM - get you tickets Monday thru Friday at the Box Office! They are only three dollars for students, and its going to be really good this semester-there's hip hop, lyrical, jazz, modern, ballet, and more. And plus, I'm in the very FIRST routine, so come watch me, and then watch it with me! There is nothing better than having a little help from your friends...... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I apologize for the incessant ramblings of today's entry, but I am going to blame it on a still-jumbled post-test connection of thought. That's where you've had a lot of tests in a row, and when you are done you don't want to think. But then you try to, and it doesn't exactly work the way it once did.

That's ok, I'm just about back to normal....DEUCE!


Gourds ONLY

I think my Halloween was made ten times scary by the show that the Aggies put on for us over at ol' Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco. A&M - ranked 16th, beaten by the Baylor Bears. I was hoping it was all a bad, bad dream, but alas, it is still for real. Let's gig em Ags, come back out of this mess, and hang on for the Sooners next weekend!

EEsh, we are all still trying to forget that in Aggieland! Here's some things to look forward to THIS WEEK:
(In order of increasing coolness)

"Two Test Tuesday"!
"Test - Quiz Thursday"!
Sorority Initiation!
The presidential elections!
NBA season openers!
My sister Emily's 15th birthday!


Anyways, Saturday I studied all day, watched a couple scary movies, and had a show out at Tombstone. It was for a large church organization, and I was the only Saloon Girl besides Kate out there. And I have never gotten hit on by more dudes in my life. You'd think religious guys would give it a break, but I guess they liked the way I held a rifle. That night everyone was depressed from Saturday's football fiasco, so I got some more studying done, yay.

Sunday, back into the swing of things. Church, lunch, Songfest, and lots of time with my boy, who was just accepted into grad school here at ol A&M. I am super excited for him....but also a little sad now that I for sure know all we have left together is the spring. That's where hope and positive thoughts come into play!
Blah blah blah, we watched the Sci Fi creepy marathon and ate sandwiches and carrots and some Halloween candy.
The pumpkins I carved both rotted and turned blue before it was even TIME for trick or treaters, if we had even had any at all! Kinda sad about that as well!

THAT'S IT. Next year I am buying straight GOURDS, probably the cool ones from Central Market, I don't even know.

Funny Story of the Day: just found a note in my box at the sorority house, an invite to the SAE Halloween Crush party. I had a good laugh. It's not everyday you get crushed by your ex's fraternity. HAHA good one, guys!!!

Well, that's all I got....say a little prayer for me between 9:30 and 12:20 if you think about it, I would be totally appreciative.



Kristy is my Homegirl


So Wednesday night was the 1st Annual Ten-O-Six Pumpkin Carving/ Lunar Eclipse Party thanks to Amanda's creative ideas. We watched the BoSox finish off the World Series, whoop, and had snacks. Kristy and Court brought over Cups of Dirt - pudding with gummiworms - and about 15 peeps total carved jacks out on our deck.

I've never carved a pumpkin before and I do believe it was one of the best times I've ever had doing anything that involved goopy sticky stuff and me having to pull it out of a hole.

I made two jacks: both from stencils off the Homestar Runner website. If you do not know about these cartoons, you are missin out on some freaking hilarious stuff. If you do, you would be happy to know that I made myself a Homestar pumpkin, and a TROGDOR pumpkin to go with it!

I am very proud of my battle wounds from the carving knives!

Wow, Kristy's birthday on Northgate last night was a BLAST. We started out with shots at the Dry Bean, as normal. I bought her an "Oatmeal Cookie", mostly because it has two of my favorites in it, wink! Then we headed over to Mad Hatters' and got some real drinks, I just got some Diet Coke & SoCo....it's so good, all of you are in denial! After that we hit up Logan's for the rest of the night, and topped it off with dinner at Taco C. Who knew the wait time would be 30 minutes at 2:30 in the morning?

You know it's a good night when you have heart to heart conversations with some of your very best friends, who have probably been drinking more than normal....honesty ensues!

This morning I didn't do a lot because I was definitely tired, feeling those last couple of drinks. I had rehearsal from 1-3 and then an aerobics workshop till 8....fun Friday, eh?
Then I met Nicole for dinner at Fazoli's, mmmm. We had a lot to talk about, unfortunately because things back in Garland were sad this week for one of our old drill team buddies.

On a lighter note, I am chilling for the rest of the weekend. Dancing in a show tomorrow and takin it easy because I have THREE TESTS next week.

Welcome to the town of Your Week Is Going To Suck
Population - Cortney!



Tales of Incrimination

Talk about digging yourself a hole, sticking your foot in your mouth, or any other catch phrase referring to saying something dumb in front of the wrong people. At least it wasn't me who said it!

First of all, let me take you back to the Fall of 2003, when I was dating an unnamed Corps boy. cough* grant speakes* cough
We stopped dating about a week after Halloween because I saw him twice with his now girlfriend Christy. You get the deal now. Caught red-handed, yadda yadda, yadda.

ANYWAYS. My roommate Amanda, and her boyfriend Francois ( the guy who set me and Grant up) were going to lunch, and happened to run into Grant and Christy. Grant completely forgets who he's talking to and says to A&F : "Isn't it great? Mine and Christy's one year anniversary is on October 29th!"

Funny. Pretty sure he was running around with me on Northgate last year, me dressed as Britney, and him as a cop.

My my my.....sir, I do believe you have been the first victim of....

Fun stuff, I had a mighty good laugh.

Anyways, I had three rehearsals last night, and I didn't leave them until 12:30. We showed the hip hop dance to Ms. Snell-Witt and I picked up a new nickname....."Britney"

I am riDIRKulously tired today and don't feel so hot, but I can make it...we're having a pumpkin carving party at our duplex tonight. Boy am I ready for that! One more rehearsal to go.....

So I heard you guys are obssessed with thefacebook.com now, thanks to me.
Here's a new one!
Supercool search engine, and it's still building up. The CEO is really young, so it's totally stuff we look for, and a lot more releavant than those other search engines.

And there's my two cents.....maybe even three. Catch ye on the flipside!~

Motown Philly back again...doing our little East-Coast DEUCE!


Spiderwebs R Us

One of the coolest things about having a roommate that is an education major is that your seasonal decor blows everyone else's out of the water.

We're talking this place has got freakin' spiderwebs on the outside. Are you kidding me? That is so tight. I didn't even get to experience cotton spiderwebs as a child. Man, this is the life.

Bright Spot of the Day: I randomly decided to weigh myself in the locker room at Read today...turns out I have lost three pounds SINCE summer.....which totals out to about 9 total since May. That is somewhat fun for me!

Anyways, takin a little break before I nap and hit the books again.
I love tests more than stubbing my toe while getting a papercut and knocking my funnybone into a bookshelf that makes a dictionary fall on my head, bounce off, and hit me in the foot with the previously stubbed toe.
That's love.

IHOP Song of the Night: "take...these broken wings!!"

Infinite Wisdom, a new series by c.Flow
Today's tidbits comes from the nationally famous R&B trio TLC.
1. A scrub is a guy who think's he fly and is also known as a "busta".
2. A scrub is a guy who can't get "no" love from me.
3.He is identified as hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, trying to "holla".

1 to the 2 to the 3 to the DEUCE


One word: OBSESSED with thefacebook.com

I am totally obsessed with this new website, thefacebook.com

It is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen...you can connect with people from not only your school, but schools all over. Ingenius! and so fun and addictive.....

I wish Mark hadn't shown it to me with this test coming up tomorrow, but I am trying to stave it off till tomorrow night!

Try it out, it flippin' rocks.


I am sooooo in love..........

With a new softdrink!!!!

I was in the MSC today, getting a Vanilla Coke at the machine, when I was tempted by the fruit of another.
And that other's name was Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.
I've had some good sodas...and I've had some great sodas. This one ranks up there in my world of delicious drinks containing artificial sweetener.
At least I'm heading for cancer on the aspartame train of goodness.

Got up super early this morning so I could get ready slow. I have not slept past about 9 in I don't know how long. This morning was 8:30....and it doesn't look like I'll be sleeping much anytime soon. One test and quiz this week, and three tests next week. BUH.

Went to church with the Markster, and then we went to get buffalo burgers at Wings n More. SO GOOD! Then I let him take a look at my team for Yahoo Fantasy NBA, because I am definitely in a public league! My team name is BUTTA DUMPLIN and I have the number one player in the NBA, Kevin Garnett. I also got some more sweet picks, but we'll see how the season turns out for me and my real favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks!

Anyways, I taught the hip hop dance for our Songfest routine today. It looks cute, and its easy, so hopefully it goes over well since hardly anyone came to practice. UGH....not so great.

Then I went over to the MSC to hit an efficiency high, studying for two hours straight!

And then I was bad. I went and got a really yummy meal, that was ridiculously unhealthy, but freakin' awesome. Blue Baker Four Cheese and Tomato Pizza with an oatmeal raisin cookie and an iced tea. I am not going to think about the calories that are ravaging my body and and plunging into my already dense fat stores.

I am going to think about how satisfied I feel that I got to eat it while watching a new TV show, Desperate Housewives, with my two pals Amie and Katie at their place! What a fun study break, indeed. Now I am hooked, and cannot wait for next Sunday!

So here I am, back where I belong, at the place I will continue my quest for Anatomical Excellence....the West Campus Bibliotheque.

It's good to be back and blogging again.

My name is c.Flow, and I approved this message.

Me and Kristy with our Aggie Rings! Posted by Hello




Coming off of a great day and I am back. Sorry the blog has been out of commission for a little while, I've been a slightly busy!!! I'm not even gonna try and get these past two months of my life updated, I'm just gonna start with this WONDERFUL Saturday and look INTO the future!

zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero, one....


The morning began with what could be called another Hurricane Aggie. Thunderstorms at 9 am, so I got to sport the sorority pullover, whoop! Too bad I only have about a year to wear it, because I'd probably look goofy walking into a job wearing my cool letters on a rainjacket. Do people do that?

Anyways, Katie got invited to speak at Dr. Gates' pre game breakfast buffet this morning. I was lucky enough to be her date slash totally awesome support system. Does it get better than free biscuits, eggs, and coffee with my best friend? To my amazement, YES!

First we walk up to get our nametags, which were both spelled right! This was a treat in itself, 'cause everyone leaves the A out of Katie's last name, and put a U in my first name. A vowel for a vowel, wha wah whaaa.

The woman informs us that will be sitting at Dr. Gates' very own table. Wow!
Who else will be sitting there BESIDES the president of Texas A&M? Oh, just...
Governor Bill Owens of Colorado
Governor Rick Perry of TEXAS
THE one and only Lowry Mays
Rudy Rudiger, the former Notre Dame football player
and the big finish.....
Former President George Bush and Former First Lady Barbara Bush!!!!!

Intimidation for Katie was at an all time high.
All I was worried about was making sure I had enough time to meet the folks, get Katie pumped up, and down my delicious plate of TAMU brunch buffet goodness. And a couple cups of coffee.

After I had a cow, and called my dad and mom, and calmed down and prepared to meet some of the coolest people ever. We didn't even have to go thru the buffet line either...they asked me what I wanted, and they went and got it...I felt so spoiled. But then I reminded myself that I was getting pampered on my amazing roommate's behalf.

Meeting these esteemed peeps was quite interesting. Gates took a second from chowing down to stand and shake my hand. His wife was real nice, too.

Governor Owens was supercool. He's Texan, too, and a Republican at that. He saw that Katie had her speech and he snatched it from her to look over it."Katie", says Owens, "speeches are simple. All you have to do is read it. That State of the State speech is like 60 pages, but all you have to do is read it."Hmm....State of the State versus buffet....one seems a little harder :)

Governor Perry shook our hands... and said,
"Are you girls swimmers? You look like a couple of swimmers. You've got those svelte looking swimmer bodies."Katie and I weren't sure what he was talking about, or if it was a joke.
So we nervously laughed and nodded.....and I think we're both still trying to figure that one out.

At least he gave Katie a high five when she went up to talk! Totally sweetThen, the couple of the hour arrived. No, I did not get to shake hands with THE George Bush, but Barbara DEFINITELY did come over to introduce herself to me and Katie!!! It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. What an excellent woman! It only makes sense that she is a member of own very own chapter!!!

Gates called Katie up to speak....she did such a good job. We laughed we sighed, we oooh and we ahhhhed. Katie is going places, not a doubt in mine or anyone else's minds at this point. She was cheered on by some of the most influential people of the USA and made her impact this morning! YAY for the Shawty K!!!

Barbara Bush in particular enjoyed Katie's speech. Governor Owens had to explain what a "teasip" was, and when Katie mentioned our sorority, she gave Georgie a little nudge and a smile.

What a feeling, to be in that room with those people at that very moment!!! Can't get a feeling like that very often!!! EESH.Can life get any more exciting?

Here in Aggieland, anything can happen. Enter, the TAMU football team, in an all out battle to the end versus Colorado today. 3 seconds left on the clock, 4th quarter, us 23, them 26. We kick it, and TIE the game.OVERTIME! WE get the ball, and after one failed touchdown attempt, and some false hopes, we only managed to score three more points.....Colorado gets the ball, and on their third down they pass, fumble, and all chaos breaks loose!!!

We haven't beat Colorado at Kyle Field the past two times...and we are still tied with OU for FIRST place in the BIG 12!!!I can't even believe it...we are going to a bowl game!! Who knows what else may happen this season?

Maybe it's because me and Katie bought out very own Texas A&M bracelets. Hmm....now that we are "living Aggie" maybe we have contributed to the strength of the athletic program. Or maybe we have just gleefully fallen into another trend that makes us feel like part of the gigantic "Aggie Family". I'll take both.

I got home tonight and my little sister called and told me mom bought her a car today. It sounds so cute, and she sounds so happy. Now that my mom has a great job, we may be able to breathe for a bit....and that is one of the best feelings in the world. I can't stand seeing my own family not being able to get back on their feet, and not being able to do a thing about it.

I hope you all take the time to consider how lucky you are for what God has blessed you with. Family, friends, talents, sunshine...the list never ends. What a wonderful world.

Okay, back to watching Amateur Night at the Apollo. I hate to say it, but I love it when a white guy comes out and gets honked off the stage......hmmm guilty pleasure.

"I neeeed candy. And when you need something, it's a responsibility." - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

I don't need permission, make my own decisions, that's my preroga- DEUCE!


What is up with my hair! Posted by Hello


coolcat Posted by Hello

Thinkin of you's workin' up my appetite...


I am back in Aggieland for quite a while. That there is a picture of my naked cat, Patches. His collar was removed in a fortunate bathtub encounter, so yes, he is clean, but still very naked looking. He has made himself a bed on top of my white flamingo robe....my clean white robe...more like fur covered robe now. But do I care?
No way, that cat is too cute.

Anyways! Had an exciting few days. I finished Physics...HOLLA and I am now getting ready for life as I will know it for the next two weeks...sorority recruitment!

Katie rode home with me on Tuesday after we went to lunch with Mark and Ryan's youger brother Alex, who will be a freshman here in the fall! We stopped in Dallas to do a little shopping, her for some totally cute jewelery, and me for Mark's birthday present. I got him this totally tight tee and the Anchorman soundtrack!

I also found that I had left my debit card at the gas station we stopped at in Hearne, which is about 20 miles outside College Station. I kept the freaking down to a minimum and simply called to cancel my card. I should be getting a new one soon....but I am just so dependable on that card that it is going to be extremely rough without it for these next couple of weeks!

I got home and ate dinner with the fam. After that I headed to bed!

The next day we went up to Richland to get my shockingly expensive books for my online class. We also went to get me some new clothes for school and fun, and then we finally came home. Mom cooked dinner again, and I made the rice puddin! MMM!

On Thursday I went to get my hair done! (My birthday present!) It is so DARK! I had no idea she was going to make it brown with hints of blonde. So I guess I am not technically a blonde at the moment. But we'll see what happens when I wash it. I like the cut too. My mom was real suprised and kinda didnt like it, but I had to reassure her that it is just hair, and it can be chaged if it is absolutely too horrible for her to handle!

Mark came home from C/S and came over to get me, cause my mom thought that my tire may have been slashed. Good news is that it is ok, just had gotten a little flat...it is the tire that I curbcheck with all the time! Anyways, we went over to Katie's house and had the best time ever! We watched old school Nickelodeon game shows like Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. 'Legends' as they call it is definitely my favorite one yet.

We got back today, and I did the Rec and errands thing, like normal. It doesn't even seem like a Friday nite! And plus, nobody's hardly in town!

Oh well....many, many things to be done!
I get to go to Jennifer and JP's wedding in Houston tomorrow! It is going to be a WAY FUN wedding, and I can't wait!

I love you all and I am so excited about the remainder of the summer!

"a - b - c .... easy as one - two - DEUCE!"
Reminder: Wednesday, the 18th...NORTHGATE...Mark is FINALLY turning 21!


Britney will never be Mrs. Federline

How do I know this?
I was listening to Toxic today....by the lyrics it is apparent that she is on drugs.

"There's no escape/ I can't wait/ I need a hit/ Baby gimme it
You're dangerous/ I'm lovin it
Too high/ Can't come down
Losin my head/ Spinnin round and round...."

Take a little advice from most fabulous Hollywood stars and go to rehab...and ditch the white trash dancer while you're at it.

But obviously she can keep the *bling* because she bought it herself.

Okay, now I get to go back to studying for my Physics Cumulative Final.
That's right, all caps.
17 chapters aint no thing....but could possibly be the end of my sanity.

Tomorrow I am heading home for a 4 day vacation after my final! See you guys on Friday when I get back!


*9 days till the HOTtest guy ever turns 21!*


Cosby schweater, cosby schweater!

Hello there all of my glorious friends!

I am hanging out in my new game room at home in G-town.
This room, formerly known as Sarah's room, and before that known as Cortney's room, is the room in the back of the house with the only thing I asked for when we built this house: a balcony! Part of me hopes the house gets sold soon because I know we need the money, but the other part of me hopes we don't sell the house so soon because we have lots of sweet things in here now, like the tv, the playstation, the video camera, and the computer.

If anyone ever comes to spend the night we are definitely partying in up in my news TAAS gameroom. I will still be sleeping on the couch tonight though because it's my favorite.

Anyways, I had a productive Thursday. I studied, ate, did a class at the Rec, and then headed out to Zapatos to hear a band called Good Intentions. I know two of the guys in the group, and they made some pretty tight sounds!!! There were so many people there I actually knew, mainly people from either Sealy Texas or Hotard Hall, which was very exciting. I talked alot, drank alot of Diet Coke, and got to sit with Katie, Mark, and Richie of course.
I even got a taquito afterwards! ;-)

Today I got up, showered, went to physics where we reviewed all class....good for me since that is EXACTLY what I need to prepare for this heinous final coming up on Tuesday! Then I came back home, packed, got gas for the 'Stang, ate lunch, and headed back up to the Rec to decide my schedule for the fall semester.

Don't get too excited though. I only got two classes so far. We'll see what else comes up.

I also taught classes and got ready to go home! I was lucky enough to earn a passenger - Mister Brett! I thought he was going to sleep the whole way since he had a hangover but he actually ended up staying awake with me and helped me get home. There was a tremendous detour we had to take off of 45, which added on at least an hour to my drive time.

We left Aggieland at around 4:15 and I did not see my house until 8:30. Granted I did have to drop Brett off in Allen, but that really only put 40 minutes on---20 mins there and back. Why can't all parts of hwy 75 be like the stretch between the Turnpike and Allen?

Anyways, I get to work a promo at the mall in Arlington tomorrow. I am assisting a model search for Ecko Unlimited, a clothing company similar to FUBU. I get paid over 100 bucks for only six hours. Not too shabby. the worst part I think will be the drive out there and the drive back to pick up Brett and go home to College Station. But boy will it be good to be home again.

My sisters are so cool. I literally love hanging out with them, both of them being in high school and all. Right now Emily(the ninth grader) is playing "The Need for Speed" on our old school playstation and will scream at anyone who tries to get in the way of the TV. Sarah (the junior) is videotaping Emily with our camcorder and is frustrating the crap out of her.
Sarah just got her driver's license but has no car, and my mom is definitely not too excited about letting Sarah out and about in her car. I told Sarah when I come back next week she can drive me around! :)

Okay got to be up early so I am checkin' out.
Or maybe I will go back to watching my relateds make movies of each other playing playstation. I don't know where they get all this weirdness from!

you and me baby ain nothin but mammals so lets DEUCE


Guess who's back...back again...Cortney's back...tell a friend!


You'd think that since I didn't have any tests this week that I'd be blogging like crazy. But without any kamikaze studying, how would I get any material for my crazy stories!
Therefore, I have not had a lot to write about, and for that I am sorry. I am not sorry about having no tests this week.

This I HAVE done.
Taught my classes at the Rec.
I quit finance, my average turned out to be an 87.25. And 88.5 was an A. So I got a B. BLEH!
In physics, as long as I make a 74 on the final I will get a B.

I did another show out at Tombstone last night, complete with hayrides! Aside from brainwashing the crazy 8 year olds with the Aggie War Hymn, I danced with them and learned their nicknames, and who had a crush on who, etc. You know, all the important business.

I watched High Fidelity, finally. I am a fan of Jack Black and had heard that this movie was a good representation of the man, the legend.

I went to church with Katie and Mark and wasn't so scared of the hymns this time because I had Katie the Pitch Master as my hymnal partner. but I still sang VERY quiet.

Today I went to lunch with my very good friend Clint. I am so excited because he is about to start a whole new life with a wonderful person that fits him perfectly. People always ask me if its weird to see him like that, but it really can't be easier. We're two years apart in age and he started wanting completely different things out of life than I did, which is totally understandable. Clint put it best when he said "When you turned 21 I realized, WOW...I did that two years ago!" It was a great time, and it was good to talk with someone that was pretty close to my dad before he left. Sometimes a person needs to talk about hurtful events in little in spurts to ease some of the pain...and it helped to hear him say that I had a good reason to be upset in the first place, and to still be sorta upset now. And of course we talked about him and Holly, and me and the guy I am so excited to be dating now...it was not hard to gush about that!
(I promised him I wouldn't be ghey and talk about him on my Blog, but like everyone doesn't know who it is!)

Anyways, I better jet, because the fun of physics lab and telemarketing awaits!
This is C.Flow, deucing off.

MMMBop...not funny
Soy and Worsteshire...very funny
And I don't know how to spell....would you like to come to a "party in my pants"?


Confessions of a Twenty-One Year Old Phynansics Zombie Biatch

That's me.
Physics and Finance own my whole freakin life.
I eat and sleep, but all the while thinking about two classes that usurp all the fun out of what could be a very great summer.
I miss my friends, my cat, my bed, my workout schedule, my TV, my non school related activities, my thought of anything not having to do with Phynansics....so let's just sum it up to life in general.
Intellectually speaking, I am miserable, but emotionally speaking I am in a very good mood, I'm just a little wistful...
I try so hard and study so much, and my grades don't even reflect it.  What to do? Cross my fingers that someday someone will believe me!?

Ok, much left to do....spending some quality time with my replacement problem, while 4 pots of IHOP coffee goodness and an ungodly amount of Sweet n Low circulates thru mah veins!

If you catch me studying at all next week, feel free to invite me to do anything but...I really need a break.
Even though I do need to study next week, because of finals, but these three weeks have been too dang hardcore for the c.Flow

And when I ramble like this...it's prolly due to my deliriousness.  I'm really dizzy and jittery, so I'm gonna DEUCE out..


The system is down


I just got done with a finance exam.  I am worn out.

I fell asleep in the library studying today.  My friends in class said "That is how you know that you've studied too much, Cortney...the chairs get comfortable!"

Okay, so I have three jobs now.

Telemarketing is fun...I sold four football tickets on Wednesday night and made a five dollar bonus! That's like an extra hour of work, or 4 taquitos, as Mark put it.

Aerobics classes are fun, and almost done for the summer! I'll get like 2 weeks off for Sorority Recruitment and then I go back in the fall, first week of school.

I am officially a dancer out at Tombstone, Texas.  I kick and I split and I wear a saloon girl costume...because I am what they call a "Shady Lady".....I get to wear fishnets and a poufy pink dress with cleavage galore.
Friday night is my first show...it is for the Japanese Students' Association...WOW

I applied to substitute teach 3 days a week in Bryan ISD...and I will be co-teaching Kindermusik soon too. 

It is very weird to do this much and know that your own mother doesn't have a job.  She even says that.

And if my dad EVER yells at me again for not taking responsibility...I don't think I'll be able to talk to him very much.

One of these days I hope I make it to my dream job....a concert tour backup dancer for some really cool artist like Brit, Justin or Christina.  Then I can laugh about once having to wear a smelly dress while cancan kicking on a stage for foreign students while mosquitoes drink my blood. mmmm HOT

Yay, its Thursdday, time for hip hop

And yes, it can mean cash flow.
It does in my case, with my 567 jobs.
Did I mention I might do a promo in Dallas next weekend.
Good thing I love to pay my bills.


I love lamp.

Howdy, don't have a lot of time but enough to say HI!
Another finance test this week, and I get to dance in my first show @ Tombstone on Friday.
If anyone knows where I can get fishnet pantyhose, that'd be great.
Okay, talk to yous guys lata, adios.
"But I don't know, I don't know if I'll have enough DEUCE!"


...and roll up a fatty of fellowship and fun!

Hello there!
Fun night at Northgate last night.
But first we headed over to Kelly D's house to join the whole crew. She didn't turn 21 till midnight, so we hung out till about 11:45 and then went out to the N>G>>>>>>
Out there me and Katie ran into Brett, Brian, Craig, and Cody, all except one being from Wills Point.  They were just drinking a lot of beer, so we talked for a bit with them before the rest of our entourage showed up. 
We went to the Bean, but they didn't let Kelly in at midnight, some rule or something, so we went to the CROWDED Mad Hatters.  Me and Katie convinced Emily to go to the Library and have martinis with us, and boy were those good!  Me and Katie both had White Chocolate ones.  Soon we left and headed over to Logan's.
We got a text that there were people there.  Some of which Cortney did not care for seeing.  But, I was feeling better at this point due to the martinis so I went ahead and went in.  Francois convinced me to buy another drink, so I did, and I became much happier.  We danced, we sang, we jumped out from the table and grabbed people walking in the aisle....good times!
Then a 7 on 7 flag football coach from Austin began talking to me about the tournament this weekend, because I worked at it last year (Speed Stick girl) and he was pretty nice.  Offended that I told him he must be 40, but he bought me a shot of Jager anyway.
I think it is bad that I enjoy that stuff a LOT.
Anyways, came back home and watched Half-Baked with Katie, and ate a couple pizza rolls.  We both fell asleep in the den and then promptly made it back to our rooms. 
Again, signs of another good night. Hee...
Right now I'm getting ready to go to church with Mark, and then go to work at both jobs today.  If I still have a telemarketing job...
Sweet Home Ala-DEUCE!
P.S.  Amanda H....its on this week...only one test, HOLLAH!


You mean I have frickin sharks with frickin lazer beams attached to their frickin heads?!

HI there folks!
Having a wonderful Saturday, aside from the fact that I don't really know if I have a telemarketing job anymore.  The schedule was wrong I think cause I went up there to work today and there was no one there. I wonder what happened. I worry alot, but it can't be my fault if the schedule was wrong, right?
Anyways, I am SO glad I am done with my tests. Even though my next one is Thursday evening, it is in Finance, which is the class I like, and it is only one class, not both again. eXcellent.
It also helps having Katie and Mark both be finance majors.  I can ask them some random question and they know exactly what I'm asking, and they always give me the right answer!
Yesterday after my test I took a nap at the Rec before my aerobics classes!  Then I taught step and went home to help clean for our very first dinner party!
Amanda's bf, Francois, brought over a grill and cooked BBQ ribs!  He also made some good chicken for me.  You know how I like poultry!  Mark brought over that Blue Bell Wedding Cake ice cream that my mom has been telling me to get! It is so good.  It has pineapple, coconut, nilla wafers, and cream cheese icing in it.  Some may say EWWW but it is definitely a great summer treat...YEAH!
We also had potato salad, baked beans, bread, and corn.  YUM!  It was me, Amanda, Katie, Francois, Mark, Francois' roommates John and Andrew, two more guys from his Corps outfit, Nikki, and Kelli M. and her roommate Emily!  And Patches of course!
I love dinner parties! How fun it is to have visitors.
After the dinner was over, everyone went home.  I was not feeling Northgate last night, so me, Mark, and Katie watched the end of the Will Ferrell DVD and Goldmember (Austin Powers Trois).  Ohhh what a good movie!  Considering how many times a week I used to watch it last year its been so long since I've seen it!
Katie went to bed and Mark and I watched, among other things, McGuyver, Saved by the Bell, and that stupid movie where Devon Sawa's hand goes around killing people.  Very retarded.
And at 6 am, I went to bed, fully clothed.  Whoops.
Signs of a good night.   :)
Thought of the day:  How fun it is to be so happy at any given moment, no matter the circumstance.  Just knowing that somebody out there is thinking about you, and, with any luck, feels the same way about you as you do about them...what more do you need?
Currently watching:  TBS premiere of "Rat Race"
Okay, time to go get ready for another night at Northgate, another 21st birthday, and another fun time! Would you say I have a plethora of amigos? I think so!
"I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts, ah thank you!" - AP
Queen Mary and the Spruce DEUCE!
-c.Flow, asifudidntknow-


MMM Bop!

Today I was watching "I Love the 90s" on VH1 and aside from realizing how old I am, I was honored that focused on HANSON as their big cool band of 1997.
Take that, haters!
MMM Bop, ba duba dop ba du bop, duba dop ba du bop, duba dop ba du, oh yeah!
Now I must go get ready, I have to clean and shower because we are having a dinner party tonight! Whoop!


Get your sassyfras outta my holiday cabbage!


I've been studying throughout the night, while taking a few "catnaps", haha

Finance class (quiz included) at noon.
Studying more for finance - 2- 4:30....
Finance TEST 5-7
Hip Hop 8-9
Physics Review 9-11
Studying for physics throughout the night...
waaah waaah waaah.

Have a fun day for me, kids!

quote of the week:
"I do what I can. And then I do it some more..!.." - MarkyMark



Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

Reminder : Elf on DVD November 15th.

Hi there! Takin a quick break before heading over to my physics lab. If my brain has not turned to mush by Friday, it will be a miracle.

Finance....tomorrow night.
Physics....Friday morning.

Did you know that thoughts of impending doom are signs of a heart attack victim?

I guess the funniest thing about today is that the guy across from me in this here computer lab is looking at WWW.BEEF.ORG
I guess he has found the answer to the eternal question....
"Where's the Beef?"

Oh and then I got a message on my phone from Katie, and the only words I could hear were "annoying" and "stupid"...needless to say I was kinda worried, but luckily her phone was just cutting out. When I called her back she said she was talking about the cat and his endless whining for food. PHEW!

Alllright, back to livin la vida loca!


Like a shirt that says t-t-t-talk to the hand


Just got out of the shower, back from a long and sweaty trip to the Rec.
I got a grand total of 2.5 hours of sleep. But thats OKAY because some might say that I take after the Energizer Bunny.

Anyways, I had physics lab, dinner, finance homework lab, and then my two classes last night. It was a quick 6 hours. Then Marky Mark and I went to IHOP and stayed there studying till 3:30 AM! Time flies when you're lovin on them BoOkS!!

IHOP plays the best music, although I do not enjoy the random loudmouthed people that turn up there. But that's what you have to expect with any 24 hour restaurant.
Luckily, they played Wilson Phillips' "Hold On", so that quickly washed away any aversion I had towards the rival tables.

Must be going....got to get ready for another fun-filled day of school, work, and studying! Y'll have a good one.




Man, today has been frustrating!

I missed the first bus back over to West Campus because 8 people got on it while I was trying to fight my way in. All but one were guys, and I had been waiting the second longest. They let the skinny girl on, and left me standing in the exhaust, one lonely chick with a backpack. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE!

Then, when I finally caught the next bus, we were stalled because the CIRCUS is in town and they decided it would be cool to walk their animals across a big intersection. The animals pooed all over the road. I had to laugh, even though I was almost late to class!

And tomorrow's a day to look forward to. Mostly because today will be icky and busy, but tomorrow I'll have more time....

This weekend was GREAT! The gang hit up Northgate two nights in a row, one for Ashley A's b day and the next for Katie's b day. Pictures ensued, along with the fun. Katie even woke up before me on Sunday morning, if you believe that! She was so cute this weekend! Gotta love Shawty K.
Courtney and Kristy even came in town, and Amanda H kicked it with us!! Wonderful! I haven't had that much fun in a long time.
I also saw Anchorman last night with Katie and Mark, and I can't wait to see it again!!!

I also gathered the courage to say something that I've been holding in for a really LONG time. Yeah, I wish it would have happened sooner, but now is a much better time than never!

It feels good to finally get what you've always wanted, and then realize that's its even better than you hoped!!!

And even though I have two EXTREMELY hard tests this week, I am smiling like a goober!!!
But I can't help it....I am sooo happy...:)

I ate a big red candle.


Information Superhighway doesn't run here

Sorry guys, my internet is crap. I will post when I get to school!

I did write an entry on Friday, but it didn't post! I have so much to say about this weekend, but I'll wait till I get somewhere where I can actually RELY on the connection. If anyone has any advice about how to configure wireless internet...lemme know!

I did come up with two Cortneyisms while I was waiting for the bus in the rain on Friday afternoon....

*If we want wonderful things to happen, why are we afraid to take risks?*

*It's funny how we constantly try to impress even though all we want is someone who notices us for our dorkiness.*

All I'll say now is that I had one of the coolest weekends ever...and now everything feels completely right!



You boys like MEXICO!!!

Hi there!

I just wrote an opinionated letter to the campus newspaper on my frustration with campus food prices. All this ruckus over an apple. But it felt good to write the letter, because I am now freed of my frustration monster.

Somebody tells me why it smells like burritos in the computer lab, eh? When you're trying to eat less, it doesn't help having the smell of grossly greasy but delish tex mex wafting past your nose...which is connected to an empty belly.

I haven't eaten a burrito since....wow..do I even eat burritos?

Anyways, got up this morning at SEVEN and went to workout! I was there till nine, did my hour 'o cardio and my lower body weights and I felt so great. Tuesday and Thursday mornings will be so fun.
When I got home I even had time to shower, eat breakfast, and watch The Price is Right!

Dream of a lifetime: the Showcase Showdown.

And then I went to finance! We have our first quiz tomorrow so I am going to study all day, go to the homework help session, and be ready BEFORE my hip hop class tonite. I really want to prove I can do this.

Hehe...I just saw a funny screensaver picture on the computer next to me. Maybe it has to do with a fraternity. HOT!

I got to see Mark again in here today, and he did the "Rubber Pen" trick. That is one of those things that I don't care who you are, where you come from, a rubber pen trick is always totally sweet.

Okay, time to crank out some of these homework problemos!
Happy Late B-day to Ben! :)


At work tonight I was the winner and got a FOUR dollar bonus. Sounds like chump change to you guys, but to me, it smells like a million. It's the pride thing. I do believe that implementing a system to reward employees based on their performance is quite an effective way to foster healthy competition in the workplace.

So why didn't anyone tell me that there is no such thing as a jackalope? Tonight at work the guys led me into believing that the cuddly fictional character I used to see on America's Funniest People was real. A bunny with horns...and a pouch. You see, its a member of the marsupial family, not the rabbit family, and it thrives in East Texas. The largest one in recorded history stands 6 feet tall and its stuff remains can be found at a museum in the Piney Woods region of our great state. Finally when they started talking about snipe hunting did I see that it was all a cruel joke...but a good one indeed! They had me going for like close to 20 minutes!

Anyways, I came home and finally ate something. Then I went to finish my STQ's at Sweet Eugene's and was joined by the great Mark! We got kicked out AGAIN and so I played "Closing Time" in my car on the way home to lift my spirits. I tried to stop by Harvell's, but no one was there, gurl! :)

I called Amanda H. on the way home instead..such good thoughts were provided.
I'm here...and I'm great...and I will be noticed...someday!!!

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of DEUCE!


I'll play your game you rogue


I'm at the West Campus library, the totally cool place to be!

Funny story of the day: I get on the computer, and start talking to Mark on my AOL, who happens to be sitting right behind me. As Mark would say, PERCEPTIVE.

The totally hard crossword in the Batt today features two of my favorite things as clues: Alex Trebek, and the word Rogue. I circled them joyfully, reminding myself of the good times I've had with that CELEBRITY JEOPARDY.

I'm merely beginning another 12 hour day, but I've made it 4.5 hours with no problem. Especially since I only slept 5 hours. But all I have left is lab and work, so no bad stuff. Oh, and studying...I've got truckloads of homework problems to do for my own benefit. Ironic that it benefits me in the long run, but it is torture right now.

Finance (FUNance) wasn't bad today, I actually sort of enjoyed it, until I was informed that this is still the "easy" stuff we're learning. You know, it's really okay for it to not get any harder.
I'll take that B if you want to go ahead and give it to moe right now....

And I added titles to my blogs. I'm going to try and quote movies, tv shows, and songs that I like-a-lot.
Today's was inspired by SNL, of course. Expect a lot of those.

Okay, got to peace out and read my 34 emails. :(
Remember, you get lots of Vitamin C by drinkin yo orange DEUCE.



Good news of the day: I made a B in Management 309! YEAHHHH!
Bad news of the day: Finance 309 prof suggests not taking another heavy homework class at the same time as this one. Physics...yes, that's the other class I'm in. These next five weeks will be you know what, with the battle of the ph-sounding classes.
Fisics and Phynance. Interchangeable. Lovely.

Today I went to class, worked out, bought books, that old story. It was my fourth "first day of school" since May the 18th.

Mark took me and Katie to dinner for her b-day! She is 21, and it is so cool. We went to the Cotton Patch and both ordered "Wabbit Platters". How much does it suck to say that? To hide my embarassment, I simply made a joke out of it.....you'll notice, I do this a lot.

My hip hop class tonight was crazy FULL and yes, crazy cool for all my TLC lovers out there! I even had a guy, who professed his desire to become the un-lanky, totally awesome guy who wows the crowd at our college town dance venues. That there are few dance outlets here, but I think he can do it, considering the fact that he is trying...he's not bad at all...and who does he have to compete with?

Besides me...but I'm a girl.

After class I came home and watched Finding Nemo with Mark and Katie. It was so cute and I hadn't seen it in forever, so life was much enjoyed tonight.

The calm before the storm.

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a guy who looked good, I would call him, I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 2004 DEUCE!


I have a belly button

Happy Cinco de Julio!

My day was exciting. A whole lotta driving back from Garland is what it consisted of. We took the "alternate route" to skip having to take 45 thru Corsicana, even though we didn't have to. I did get to see a big dam, which was fun because I don't recall ever seeing a dam outside my car window. It's been a long time since I was a passenger on the old ride back to the Station, and I made the most of it. I slept, read my Da Vinci, and gawked at all the trees and cows.

When I got home I scarfed down dinner and got ready to go teach my class at the Rec. Good thing I showed up, since I had a grand total of TWO students. That's okay. Who I am to discourage fitness dreams? I taught that step class with all I had.

Afterwards, I made myself into a float for the discount retail parade and hit up Target, Wally World, and Kroger, in that order. A minimal amount of money spent for a maximum amount of satisfaction.

And now, I am getting ready to do a whole lot of nothing, since I have one class at noon, and one class at 8 pm. Guess I could catch up on Physics, since I do have a test next Friday....SIKE!

I ain't here to cause no trouble, I'm just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle!


Like wearin' platinum but my favorite color pink

Happy Fourth of July! I'm glad everyone is having a good time. I'm assuming you are. Today I celebrated my independence by chasing Katie's dog a couple blocks down her street, and enjoying the most bitter java shake I've ever had in my life. Ahh, the sweet smell of liberation.

Anyways, Katie's 21st Birthday party was a dramatic BLAST!
We (meaning Katie's family, me, Ryan, Schills, and Raba) started out eating a wonderful dinner at Bob's Steak and Chop House. Katie got the most ultimate b-day present ever, but I can't say anything about it yet cause she wants to show everyone! We had drinks, dinner, and a totally awesome dessert that I gagged the whole table by finishing off! mmm..peanut butter brownie and ice cream...mmm
If only I were allergic to chocolate, ice cream, sugar, and papaya.

After that we went back to Katie's, changed, and headed out to lower Greenville. Katie's sister, Kim was our driver, and we started out at the hiskey Bar. Thanks to Katie's dad, we took a celebratory shot and chilled for a little while. I didn't but any drinks there because I had a plan in mind.

About 30 minutes later we left and went to Zubar, because their music was hoppin'. We had a little Justin and Britney goin, and I proceeded to make friends with a couple of dudes at the bar. Sure enough, the entire story about how it was my sorority sister's birthday worked, and pretty soon, she was downin two shots...fo free. I also managed to get two for myself, from the same dudes. They were pretty nice though, and suggested a couple of other places we could go.

We left and went to The Beagle, where we weren't charged any cover, which was excellent in itself. The score now is Free Shots for Katie by way of Cortney: TWO, Money Spent by Cortney: 0. The Beagle did not let us down. I got two more free shots for Katie, one for myself, and I even got a guy to give her his hat. All this, and nobody bothered me. I just passed off the tools to our group while I worked around, dancing, and looking for shot prospects. Ryan was so inspired by my skillz that she joined me for a time and we convinced two guys that we were 21 yr old twins, and it was our birthday. Too bad that in exchange for the Patron, Ryan had to dance with Tool #1. We even met a guy named Sebastian. He told me my voice was too high, I told him he was the crab from the Little Mermaid, and he too took a liking to Ryan. Fine by me...this bar had plenty of tools to go around, and I was too busy keepin' it real.

We soon left, due to the fact that three of our friends were getting extremely wasted. We were on our way to Ryan's and near her house, we spotted a Lincoln Navigator..ON FIRE!!! Kim jumps out of the Tahoe and races to the front door, while Ryan dials the cops. We stood by and watched the frame melt away, leaving a perfect back end and a hickory smoked front.
Bad news: Nav is totaled..Good news: Dallas Fire Department is HOT.

From there, we made it home. Managed to find everyone's bags, shoes, monies, IDs, and get it all back to them in one piece. However, Katie's keys turned up missing, and she realized she had dropped them in the Beagle. We called all last night, all this morning. Aside from the dog chasing this afternoon, things seemed to wind down a bit. And now it's the Fourth!

See y'all back in College Station tomorrow, as I prepare to start the second half of physics, and the beginning of one of the scariest classes ever: FINANCE 309...
RIP Management.

Power and the money, money and the power, minute after minute, hour after DEUCE!


They love that crap in Malaysia

Sorry guys, mah Blog template is at it again! Notice how my sidebar jumped downwards. What the heck does that mean? I don't know.
Be back when I can figure it out!
Garland....here I come!
Home sweet Home!
Happy Independence Day!


This is your brain on mangement...see the progression? Posted by Hello
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Study 3.... Posted by Hello
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Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

Today....tired and dragging.
I did wake up at 7:33 and still made it to management on time, last class of the year! I have my final tomorrow and it might not end up so well.

I've got laundry, dishes, studying and packing all to do, while working both jobs today.

Everyone else is this busy, right?
Nobody gets to sleep in or do anything remotely lazy during the day.
Nobody gets to actually come home after class and study or veg...right?
Good. I was hoping I wasn't the only person fitting class, two jobs, a workout, a couple meals, studying, and showering all into one day. Everyday.

Every single day.

But, being home for the four day weekend is less than twenty four hours away, and I couldn't be happier.
Until 8:30 am tomorrow....let's just say I'm not possessing the sunniest of dispositions.

Dial 1-900-Mix A Lot
And kick them nasty thoughts
c.Flow got



I am beginning to miss the rain, because it's been sunny for maybe an hour! HA

I am starving, I wish I didn't work till 9.

But good news! I am two pounds lighter as of today, making that SEVEN pounds lost since May 18th, whoop!



Lightning's not the ONLY thing striking today.
As we walk out to our cars after work, irony hits two college students after they brag about parking without a school pass and never getting a ticket for it.
Once again, we see two helpless victims of the half security guard/half postal worker dressed mad mob on mopeds: TAMU Transportation Sevices.

Glad it wasnt me.

So yesterday after my physics test I decided to take it chill, and finally do what everyone else does during the summer : NOT STUDY.

But first I had a job interview. I'm auditioning to be a dancer out at Tombstone Texas, a little Old West dinner show park down the highway from here. The dancers all dress like saloon girls, and they do the can-can and stuff. It's pretty exciting. I felt important because I had to dress really nice and socialize with the owners, and I also got to watch the entire show from the sound booth.
It was okay until I found myself getting stuck in conversations with the some of the shadier actors...oh and don't forget who the show was for. It was for the National Rural Postal Workers' Convention, so I found myself having to entertain random high school age guys with my dazzling wit.

Dazzle this, dorks.

Me and my most eXtreme friend Mark headed out to the 'ol Cinemark to catch the late night showing of "Dodgeball". It was definitely a funny movie, if you are a fan of Zoolander. It actually reminded me a lot of that. I'm sad because I can't think of any really good quotes off the top of my head to start saying incessantly, annoying the heck out of everyone around me who hasn't seen the movie, just so I can say to them "Oh, you just gotta see the movie!"

Here's a funny additive to that little snack of speak...
Finding out that the guy you're dating is two-timing you = A few tears
Movie ticket = $6.75
Super Pretzel = $3.50
Realizing that the two timer is the one who gets to sell you that Super Pretzel, all jazzed up in his movie theater apron = PRICELESS

Then we went and got sustenance...late night taquitos at Whataburger! Everything was Totally Awesome and Sweet till a rowdy drunk guy and his crew barreled in. Mark and I eventually backed down when the dude's crass-ness became apalling, and we deuced out.

Then I came home...did absolutely nothing, and went to bed...what a great night!

A little bit of this and a little bit of DEUCE!


Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...friendly
Your eyes...burn into my heart
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...one of a kind
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


I'm re-doing my blog again, but now you can post comments. It's pretty sweet. Just click where it says comments, down where it posts the time!
HI! No news today, other than that I have a nasty ol physics test tomorrow. So, the rest of the day is devoted to work and studying..I'm just glad that Friday night was good...okay AWESOME!

Once the test is over tomorrow, my thoughts turn back to the management test on Friday.
But that's at 8 am and then I get to head back to Garland till MONDAY!
And we definitely know that is going to be very, very wonderful. :):):):)

I have decided that summer school at TAMU is not fun, and is not easy, and does not leave me enough time to dilly-dally.
And I'm sooo good at dilly-dally-ing.

I ask WHEN!
When do I...
get time to watch tv?
take random road trips to visit my friends?
watch movies?
play videogames?
chase the cat?
read books that aren't boring?
go to a different bar every night of the week?
have random dance parties in my room?
go out of town to have dinner?
go home?
talk to my friend till 4 am finally go to bed?
go to the pool and cancerize my skin for 5 hours?
go over to someone's house and do absolutely nothing or everything for an entire day?

Summer school is NOT accomodating to my thoughts of what summer should be.

Clorox DEUCE


Have I got a story for yous guys. As part of the " Ultimate College Experience " tm
I take it upon myself to actually go out and do things that I would normally be too scared to.

So last night, Katie Wawak invited me to go out with her...to Halo!

Join me as I venture into the mysterious and somewhat unknown underworld of B/CS, where no straight Aggie has dared to venture...the gay community!!! Dun dun dun!

I have chronicled my journey, and have come back with the startling truth!
There are, in fact, gays among us.
And they party like freakin' rock stars.

First I went with Katie over to Chris's apartment. Katie dated Chris our sophomore year before he became gay. Needless to say, I hardly recognized him in his baby tee and mascara. Then I met a slew of other folks, including Chris's roommate Michael. But he wasn't Michael last night, he was Sharde', and was dressed to kill in a sassy black wig, high heels, and a skintight red dress.

So I'm sitting there, discussing men and fashion, among other things, with my new friends. Around 10:15, we head up to Halo, the gay club in downtown Bryan. I found my new favorite drink, thanks to Chris, and ironically it is called 'Sex with a Bartender'. Katie missed my 21st birthday to make up for that....so we started with a shot of Patron. The fun went uphill, my being sober went quite the opposite!

The DJ played mostly techno, but when he bust out with Britney techno, me and Noah tore it up. We did Toxic AND Me Against the Music, but then the rest of the music sucked. I met a lot of dudes and I went to the first bathroom ever with a see thru frosted glass door. One toilet, people just walk in and out as they please. I guess it didn't really matter, considering the crowd, but the alcohol sure helped me shrug it off.

My favorite gay guy was wearing a black muscle shirt with a leather dog collar and a rainbow chain. My most awkward moment was realizing that guys were actually kissing...that was a little hard to handle, so I closed my eyes, like in a scary movie.

We left Halo at 1 AM and headed out to Northgate. We ended up at Shadow, where there was a suprisingly large number of people taking the dance floor. I stumbled out there in my best, flaunting it with my black high heeled pumps, and manage to keep my balance fairly well. Katie bought me two MORE drinks, and the rest was a blur.

I came home to sleep in my own bed, and went and got my 'Stang this mornin.
Wow...what a wild ride!

And in the words of Amanda Harvell..." These are the Gays of our Lives... "




I cannot believe Britney Spears is engaged.
It's the classic boy meets girl story.
Boy meets girl. Girl picks boy to be backup dancer. Boy does more than dance for the girl. Girl develops fast crush on boy. Boy dumps black girlfriend, a former star of "Moesha" fame, leaving behind their 2 year old daughter and an 8 month old bun in the oven. Girl falls in 'love'. Boy proposes after two month long whirlwind relationship. Girl cancels nationwide concert tour due to "knee" problems.

Funny Story of the Day:
Amanda's boyfriend's roommate thinks I am in utter and complete love with him.
Here's the funny part: ONE NIGHT, we talked, and I expressed no interest in anything beyond friendship with this boy. I need not go into the many reasons why I am not emotionally attracted to this boy, because that's rude.
I DO think it's funny that he says this after blatantly pursuing ME ever since, and then getting back together with his girlfriend.
If I would have known then what I know NOW!

Got news for all you single women!
Showing no interest in a boy and being nice to him is all you have to do to get his attention! And if you don't like him, well, you're up a creek because he thinks you're obsessed.

Part of me wants to laugh at the absurd accusations, and the other part of me is hurt that someone has that much pride to say things like that about me. He doesn't know me, and never took the chance to. I suppose he got what he wanted though...now he looks good and I look like a freak.

Again...I say this again...why don't the guys that I am really interested in give ME a chance?

Maybe it's because I'm not black. I'd be so hot if I was black. I got the big booty and the thunder thighs. I can dance and I like to get my nails done. see? HOT.
So jealous of Beyonce'.

It looks like I'm going to Halo tonight. Halo is a gay club in Bryan. I think the good thing is that I can dance to my heart's content and not worry about anyone taking advantage of me, WHOOP!

I'm going with my friend Katie, the one that went to highschool with me! I am so glad to have her in my management class. She makes the time pass so much easier. And her and Erin come to my aerobics classes too!

There is NOTHING like support from your friends. It makes you feel like your existence on Earth is worth something. All your achievements, all your hard work, all your hopes and dreams..somebody actually cares that you make it through.

Ok, enough for now. I apologize for these recent bouts of human-ness, but one cannot be completely void of intricate thought all the time. I just don't like to acknowledge the thought as much as others.

"Six, five, four, three...DEUCE!"


I think I confuse myself sometimes. I tell myself what I want, I tell myself what I don't want. I tell myself to not look back and not to settle...
I tell myself that I am different now and that I want different things out of life.

But I am also human. I want love, laughter, affection, friendship, and fulfillment, among other things.

In the end, don't we all want that goodnight phone call? That person to go out and party so hard you don't even remember, or that person who is just fine with pizza, ice cream, and a good movie at the same time? Don't we all want someone to care about us as much as we care about them, and be able to seem themselves without anyone else but us? Don't we all want that one person that we know we can count on when the world goes awry? Don't we want that person who can endlessely laugh over memories with us, and always be a part of making new ones?

Or am I just really tired...
Or maybe what I am saying is that it is really hard not to attach emotion to certain people, places, and situations.
And when I say that I have no emotion towards a particular subject, I am probably lying to protect my feelings.
'Cause I know the answer on the other end will NOT be what I want to hear.

Is it possible that we buy time on things we know we will not ultimately want, because we are waiting for something that's already there, and has been there for a long time, to finally come around?

So many things left unsaid....who knows? Maybe me having no guts to say how I really feel will pay off in the long run.

My soapbox is now available for someone else...Goodnight!


DEUCE Posted by Hello
HI there!!

Not much went on today.
Talking to Katie about the DC, sounds like she's having fun!! She went to a taping of CNN Crossfire today, so if you watch that show, look out for my Katie!

Was at the Rec, weirded out by what I saw. A guy running on the elliptical in khaki cargo shorts...how do you do that?

Reasons Why Guy Friends Rock!
(as opposed to boyfriends or love interests)
1. You never have to worry how you look around them!
2. They think you're funny even when you do stupid stuff.
3. You don't have to impress them.
4. They aren't repulsed by your bad habits.
5. They like to talk, really talk!
6. You feel perfectly normal being goofy one second and serious the next.
7. They are excellent resources for advice.
8. You can ask them weird questions and they know the answer, or will deduce it for you.
9. They are usually excited to hear good news, and will be bummed with you over the bad.
10. You don't feel pressured into acting or talking like someone you're not.

And if you DO decide to date them, the transition's pretty natural...and the breakup isn't too bad, in MOST cases. Not all, of course.

This was all brought on by the comment my mother said "I HAD TO PUT ON MY BLOG"....and I almost always listen to my momma.

A certain ex-boyfriend called me last Friday wanting to talk (probably cause he was drunk) but reassured me that the breakup was a good thing. His reasoning?
"I knew I could never marry you when you told me you didn't want to be a housewife!!"

Last time I checked, most chicks in college are looking for a little more than a MRS.
I suggest you go lookin' somewhere else if that's all you want in a woman....or get a time machine, with the date set on '1950'.And that's MY TWO CENTS.

And with that, I'm-a throwin tha DEUCE.



Today is Monday, whup dee doo. I just realized that I have been web logging - "blogging" as the techies call it for short - for over a whole year now! Purty cool!

Oh, and I downloaded a new thingie that lets me post pictures. So get ready. This year is gonna be even cooler than the last.

I went to Kroger last night and found Jeff in SLAM magazine. If you do not recall what I am talking about, please refer to June 20th. Anyways, his pic was small, but there! I laughed because it took me 10 minutes to find it, and I knew WHERE it was and WHAT it looked like. It makes me wonder...how did he find it? The
basketball gods are kind, Jeff.

QUOTE of THE DAY:From The Anna Nicole Show last night:
Anna: "Is Miami the same as Florida...is California the same as LA?"

YES! haha

And today I am premiering my WTF? of the DAY!
Actually, I have two today.
Numbah One:
I am no "fashionista" but I know a style blunder whenI see one. Never, ever, ever wear platform sandals with brown suede lace up ties that go halfway up your calf, and then pair them with a ratty denim skirt and a rumpled blue baby tee. I shudder to think.
Numbah Two:
Is it possible to wear a backpack on both shoulders, steer your bike with one hand, have a girl draped over the other arm, and still look ultimately cool in your backwards cap and Oakleys?
The survey says....NO.

I am not, I repeat, am not a mean and critical person. I simply notice flaws in everyday life that keep people from looking totally awesome and sweet (TAAS).

Having an eventful day! Management test tomorrow, and the wonderful news that my second physics test was moved to Monday, two days earlier than planned. There goes my fun weekend. BLECCHH.

NEW PET PEEVE: Women who have MANLY voices.
Can't think of any? Well gaw-lly I have!
1) Leelee Sobieski
2) Monica Potter
3) The lady in the red shirt on that Claritin - D commericial. She's definitely the worst.

What the DEUCE? (WTD)
Anna TheGoal. Posted by Hello

"everytime i try to fly i fall without my wings, i feel so small, i guess i need you baby...HA!" Posted by Hello



Great news...My best friend Jeff had a dream.
A dream to be in SLAM magazine. Today, he did not only make it into SLAM, he also made it in Sports Illustrated.
ESPN made an ad that features a picture of Magic Johnson, using smaller pictures to create one big image.
Magic's knee brace is, in fact, a picture of Jeff.
LESSON OF THE DAY: No goal is EVER unattainable.

And with that, I will recapture my exciting Saturday!

I did literally nothing, and a little bit of studying during the day because I had no work! Me, Amanda, and Mark also had fun on the Barbie website, and the fruits of our labors are now proudly displayed on the side of the fridge. It is so fun to have a day off from ANYTHING. A little later I took a shower, and then me and Amanda H. went to go get dinner at La Bodega. It was very good, considering that I haven't been there in a really long time.

Then we went to her friend's apt over at Campus Lodge, and they were gonna go play pool so we were like "deuce!"

We headed out to Northgate and dubbbed ourselves the "Northghosts". We must have walked back and forth for half the time we were out there. We finally settled on Logan's, took a table, and admired the boys waltzing by.

Of course, Amanda is taken so she was trying to get me to be brave and approach guys, be a little flirty, etc. I'm a chicken, mainly because I lack a lot of self confidence in the attractiveness department.
I walked up to the bar to get us drinks and the bartender asked what I wanted .
Me: "What do you recommend?"
Bartender: "How about sex with a bartender?"
Me: "Great but I'd rather have a drink first!"
So I come back to the table, laughing because I think I've been propositioned.
My friends Katie and Erin show up, informing me that 'sex with a bartender' is a shot, not a proposition, and I just sounded like a total doofus.

So for my next trick, I did the "You look really familiar" routine to another cute guy. Turns out he was familiar. He's in my major and I see him a lot. He was slightly cold, so we deuced it outta there.

Amanda ran into a lot of people she knew, I met a lot of people I didn't know. Ran into a guy I met last summer that is a total tool. He kept calling me last June so I finally put his name in as "Don't Answer" so that way I wouldn't even have to remember who he was.

I saw my very first street performer! He was dancing out behind the chicken, and he was a very good Michael Jackson impersonator! He had long wavy black hair, black jazz shoes, white bobby sox, black pants, and a shiny blue jacket! WOW.

I also ran into Lauren D. again, and Erica, a good friend of Brett's. She was so sweet, esp since I'm one of Brett's exes, and she's one of his best friends. I guess fresh/soph year was long enough away, and me and Brett are still pretty good friends.

Went to two new places: The Corner and Gatsby's. Corner was so so, Gatsby's was a little small. Overall still feeling Logan's and Mad Hatters. Did anyone know that Salty closed? weirdness.

Came home and made cookies with Raba till 3 in the morning! There are so many sugar cookies! And they tasted so good. But now I am a little frosting-sick.
I went to sleep watching a documentary on the murder of Gianni Versace, and woke up to watching Maxim's Hot 100 with Raba. Britney was only #36! Jessica Simpson was #1, and Christina was #3. I think Brit and X-Tina should be switched.

Right now I am sadly watching Arizona beat up on Arkansas at the College World Series.

Test on TUESDAY! Then, I'm relaxing the rest of the week, and working everyday.
NEW HABIT: Saying "WHOOP" while flasing the 'westside' signal. It totally works.

Wow, this is exceedingly long, and maybe not too interesting for you guys, so I'll cut it!


Sorry about venting guys, sorry about hurting y'alls feelings.
I am just ticked off right now.

My mom has been gone for a week and that's who I usually vent to, and she hasn't been able to talk to me. I'm taking my anger out on everything and everyone else because today has sucked.
I only got 2 hours of sleep, I did horrible on my physics tests, and then I had to work.
I got home, and had no one to talk to, blah blah blah.

All I wanted is to have some fun tonight and some company to try and get my mind off things. Stuff didn't go as planned, and I got upset like a little kid.

I needed someone...and everyone was busy.

And when my feelings are hurt, I get weird and don't usually say anything at all.

I'm sorry to you guys, especially my friends.
They all have good reasons for changing plans on me tonite, and I was just too blinded by wanting to get my mind off things that I just didn't see it.

Lesson of the Day: It's good to keep yourself in mind, but becoming self-centered is not the way to do it.

Here's to a long, long summer.



"Save the drama for your mama."

Had an interesting turn of events today. Worried about my mom all day until I finally get in touch with her around 1 am. "Mother, where have you been?" "Oops, did I forget to tell you, Cortney? I went to Shreveport today!"
Glad somebody is rakin in the big bucks and having the TOHL while I settle for a physics test tomorrow, an all nighter tonight, and the last 4 hours at IHOP.
I should be partying, NOT my mom...even though she needs it.

Usually there's an interesting mix of people at IHOP. Tonight was no exception. This one dude practiced saying foreign words, while he would repeatedly leave the restaurant to go get things from his house. He would also go to other people's booths when they got up to go to the bathroom and look at what they were studying. He refused to wear shoes until they tried to kick him out. So he left all of his stuff on a table and went home to get some. This was the weirdest IHOPper I've ever encountered. Most would agree.

At work today (I'm a telemarketer for the Athletic Scholarship Foundation) we talked to a man who donates 2 mill annually to TX A&M.
Other were in awe, asking what he did for a living, etc. I had one simple question, the only question I believed needed to be answered:
Does this two-million dollar man have any offspring of the male persuasion, single, and over 20?
My question went unanswered, and my fantasies of fame and fortune soon turned back to the automatic dialer, and the endless drone of ringing, followed by the robotic, unisex answering box voice "Please record a message...."

Many have beat down my new image and role model undertakings. Yes, I realize Anna Nicole is NOT the coolest, but it's good to have goals. Right? right!

Why do I have a bed?
I'm not going to be sleeping in it tonight.

Happy Birthday, Clint!
Big 23!...Don't worry..mid twenties is still 2 years off, and 30 is only five after that!

And that's all I got, because now I am REALLY putting off my studies.
I decided that I really don't like physics, and should have take it at an easier institution. However, when I get through it...the challenge will have felt good..hopefully.

by Cortney

Remember...don't be afraid to take risks every now and then. What's the worse that could happen? I think the worst part is not taking a risk at all, and never knowing what could have been. It sucks to regret, but it sucks more living your life on the thoughts of what it might have could have been if you had more guts.

A reason to start over new....and the reason is DEUCE.



GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY:Since May 18, I have lost five pounds! Whoop!
I am reducing my portions, doing cardio for one hour six days a weeks, and lifting 4 days a week.
If anyone has any tips on how I can speed up my weight loss, please let me know...right now I'm looking into getting some Trim Spa. (when i have the cash!)

Sorry for the lack of funny news, but its been a while since there's been a presence of funny news.
However, I have come to the rescue of all you loyal fans with my
brought to you by Physics 201 Professor Allen.

If it isn't bad enough that the planet URANUS is already pronounced "your-anus", my physics prof pronounces it "urine-us".
Thus continuing my belief that the word "URANUS" is the absolute worst word in the English language.
Either way you slice it, you are basically saying something that has to do with bodily function, and no one likes to hear that.

Join me, C.Flow in the campaign to end the use of the word "Uranus" from now on.

Nest to me in the SCC this guy almost fell out his chair backward. I had to giggle to myself just a bit because he knows I saw him, and five minutes later he is trying to still look smooth. Why doesn't he just giggle, and get it over with? That's what I always do. No need for smoothness when you almost cracked your head on the floor.

Help me, I am surrounded by freshmen and their parents...although my memories of new student conference were fun!

NEW GOAL:To look like a cross between the new Anna Nicole and Britney.
I will be Bricole, and I will be fabulous.

Okay, gotta be going. I got stuff to print, and a physics lab to attend to.

Watch out, my outfit's ri-DEUCE-ulous!
Thanks Amanda!




Just got back from Abilene, went to Kristy's sister's wedding this Saturday!
Me, Courtney, Amanda, and Francois left @ 6:30 am yesterday and drove first to Abilene to check into our hotel. My wonderful date for this weeekend was Courtney, and I think she was one of the coolest dates ever!

I have only attended one wedding in my life so the whole experience was overwhelming, starting with the drive out there!
The wedding was at a ranch in Albany, which is only 45 minutes outside of Abilene. However, the ranch is bigger than I ever imagined. It took us like an hour and a half to get to the house! It was so longgg.....
Me and Amanda were recruited to do the hair and makeup in exchange for hotel rooms! With a big yes we agreed to do it, and thankfully Court helped me out a lot. We did six peoples' hair and makeup, and it turned out beautifully.
The wedding was outside facing the sun, and it was definitely very hot, but a really fun ceremony! Jennifer and John looked so excited to be getting married.
It had the potential to make a single girl like me a little sad, but then I thought about it. I have plenty of time to meet someone and fall in love! I'm only 21. Hello! :)
The reception was also outside but the weather was perfect!
sparklers to see off the happy couple

And then it began storming at 9ish so we had to hightail it outta there, back to Abilene!
Me and Court stayed up, talked on the phone, and watched movies.
Hotels are fun!

We got up this morning to enjoy the free continental breakfast and headed out!
Made it back to CS about 3 and now I'm relaxin till I go to work!

Only one test this week, so life is cool.
Looking forward to a fun summer!!


It's gonna burn for me to say this
But it's comin from my heart
It's been a long time coming
But we done been fell apart
Really wanna work this out
But I don't think you're gonna change
I do but you don't
Think it's best we go our separate ways
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship
When I'm hurting baby, I ain't happy baby
Plus theres so many other things I gotta deal with
I think that you should let it burn

When your feeling ain't the same and your body don't want to
But you know gotta let it go cuz the party ain't jumpin' like it used to
Even though this might bruise you
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

Deep down you know it's best for yourself but you
Hate the thought of her being with someone else
But you know that it's over
We know that it's through
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn



I just realized that the last two blogs began with a HOWDY so I refuse to do that on the first line of this one. I'll do it on the second.


Funny Facts of the Day:
1) J.Lo is once again married to Marc Antony. Yeah he is about as un-handsome as they come, but maybe that was the prob with Ben. He was too cute, and too smart for her.
2) O.J. is starting his own version of Punk'd where he will, and I quote, "Juice" people. I am not about to make a joke out of this one, cause I know Conan O'Brien will beat me to it with one far, far better.
You've been JUICED!

So I haven't written since Wednesday but life is flowin' and goin.
Me, Mark, and Katie went to practice our swings at the driving range on Thursday. I am trying to get in "shape" for my golf class in the fall. I was flustered at first but then started having a wonderful time. What could be better than being with two of your best buds, hitting balls as hard as possible, for as long as you want?
And the best part was...I eventually learned how to quit tearing up the grass with my swing, and started hitting the ball...a little. Coach Mark is king. King of Swing.

Thursday night we hit up Northgate and Katie bought me a Long Island IT for buying her balls at the range earlier. It was fun. We saw a lot of friends and we sat around at Mad Hatters with Raba, Francois, Nikki, and lots of other peeps who came to join. We left around 12:45 cause people were tired.

I barely made it to my eight o clock. I was sleepier than I ever been in my whole life! Regardless, I did make it to both classes, and even to my aerobics classes! I came home and my mom had bad news. She got laid off from MCI/Worldcom and now has no job. Life really keeps putting things in perspective for me.

It starts to remind me why I began writing these blogs in the first place. If you take a look back, or you know me, you'd see that this year, starting last summer, has been the most up and down I've ever been in my entire life. The unexpected has become reality and now I live day to day, wondering if anything good will happen, and hoping that even more bad stuff doesn't. None of us should live in fear of the future, but hope that the goodness it brings will wash away the hurt.

And so I end on a fun and kicked-back weekend. Last night I cooked dinner for me and the Murph, and then we went to see Harry Potter 3, an excellent movie, by the way! Tonight I watched Club Dredd, also another good one, smae guys that did Super Troopers. Tomorrow starts the week all over again! WHOOP!

I still do not know where life will take me, and most of me doesn't want to think about it yet...I'm young, and I have potential. Tons of it!