So yeah! I’ve been gone a long time and have a perfectly wonderful reason why! My abode in G-town has no Internet! But it will in 5-10 business days because I ordered my mom dial up. I know it works awful, but hey, we all know how no Internet sucks!

Anyways! I got done with finals last Friday and chilled! Friday night we went to a Christmas party for Squadron 3 and then I went to meet Richard for dinner and Ben-no for coffee. Last minute goodbyes!
Saturday I slept in a relaxed, hehe, and then went over to Ben R’s fo’ dinna. He made us some mighty fine burgers and even let us munch on pretzels and old tortilla chips! I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Michael and then came home to pack till I fell asleep.

Sunday I headed back home ‘cause I had to get ready to start school on Monday! I still haven’t unpacked, but I will…laundry’s coming along slowly too.

So let me tell y’all about this coo tech writing class I’m takin’ up at the community college. My prof gets off topic about every two seconds, which is why I think he insists on keeping us all 12 days for all four hours. After asking about 6 of us if we smoked weed, he pulled out his badge! That’s right, he’s a Dallas County cop!
Then, we picked partners and filled out interview sheets. The last question read, “Have you ever hidden in a spider hole?”
He then proceeded to draw a diagram of stick Saddam in his hole for all the class to see!

He also wore a fun t-shirt to school yesterday, that proudly reads “Texas A&M Tri Delt” across the front and back. Apparently all he teaches during wintermester are Aggies, so he likes us! There’s 10 people total in my class, and 6 of us are Ags, but I’m the only girl one, and a non-senior at that.

Talk about busy work galore! We spend the first two hours of class “outlining” the chapters in our textbook. To keep myself entertained I’ve been surfing the ‘net since I don’t have it at home. I even found a ghetto version of instant messenger that doesn’t require downloading any software.

Today I succeeded in getting the “Cop Prof” off topic. I kept looking at the burned out light above me while he talked about grammar. He asked me about it, and then went off into this story about how when one light goes out….they all go out…and then comes the scary man with the torch and the knife!

Who is this guy?!

Today I went to put in my availability at Express Men, because its not called Structure anymore…yay for money to pay sorority dues!
I also made my appearance at the middle school choir concert. I have been to that show since I was 12 years old because my two younger sibs and me were all in the same choir. It was…well, almost as good as the days that me, Jeff, Ben, Justin, Tyler, etc. ran the place.

Someone dear to my heart got engaged tonight, and I can’t wait for everyone to find out!!!

Trivia Reminder of the Day:
Cortney’s Four Favorite Words of 2003 are: Plethora; Buttercup; Picatta; and reDIRKulous.
Use ‘em in a sentence near you.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 15: Always smells good

Wears a short-sleeved sweater resembling a Mexican blanket with tapered stonewash jeans and loafers without socks.
And then flashes ME the “look”
(Maybe the chick sippin on the Hate-o-rade in my t.w. class)

This is hella long, so I’m gon say “CUT”
Let’s twist the shizzy up and get all freaky deaky!

I’ll be back, preferably in less than 5-10 business days!

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