So commences the greatest Firedance experience yet in my three years of attendance! The 12 of us had a blast, especially me, Katie, Mark, and Ben! We had dinner at this yummy little Italian place, but unfortunately the waitress was extremely slow and we were late to get on the buses. I fell pretty bad about that!
So, we regained our composure and got it all together. The hotel was set up for the bar and food, but the dancing was in a big heated tent outside. The music was so-so….heard lots of OutKast and Luda, but then country and slow dance numbers.
We decided to bring back the old school, AKA junior high and do the arms’ length slow dancing for a little while.
A lot of people thought I was gon’ to bust out my dress. I could tell by the nasty looks I was getting. But I’ll let y’all in on a little secret. The kiddos were TAPED to my body with medical tape. They weren’t goin anywhere! Sorry for making you girls feel uncomfortable….but I was having a great time, HOLLA!

I do believe one of the most painful feelings ever is removing layers of tape from those parts of your body….OUCHee!

When the DJ plays stuff I’m not feelin I tend to stand in place and go off into a daze. My eyes glaze over and I get this look of dissatisfaction. But then the hip hop comes back on…and the world is right once again. Not that I don’t like the country, but two stepping is, well, two stepping.

Docsta Flow’s Useless Fact of the Day: Wanna wear a fitted formal dress? Try not being born with ribs, that tends to be the problem. And if you have a “Super-Rib” like my friend Mark, you should not wear dresses at all.


Numero Uno: Blares Wilson Phillips tunes loud enough to wake up a whole house of 48 girls on a Saturday?

Numero Dos: I went and took a Schwinn bicycle coaching camp up at the Rec this morning because all of us aerobics instructors got paid for it. I had a late night on account of le Firedance, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. My throat was scratchy, and I was coughing a little bit to clear it up. The Schwinn teacher lady decided to learn all of our names and dubbed me as “Cortney, The Sick Girl” for the next FOUR HOURS. Sometimes she wouldn’t even add the Cortney in there, and would just say “Oh yeah Sick Girl, come over here” and things of that nature. Did I give HER permission to refer to me in this manner? No. Did I respond to her? No. Did I want to get the heck outta there to get away from said crazy bike teacher because she thought I was an invalid? Ah, yes.
And again I say…

And Cortney’s votes are in!
The Three Most Annoying People Ever:
1. Leelee Sobieski, who has “cancer of the knee” in the movie Here on Earth
2. Mandy Moore, just listen to her talk in interviews and on tv…ARGH!
3. Melissa Joan Hart, whose living is based on HER production company that makes a show SHE stars in, the lovely little gem known as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 2: Wears clothing with a modest fit.

“The road goes on forever, and the party never ends…”-Shout out to NFHS Class of 2001, haha!

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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