Oh soo bored so very very bored.

I'm taking a break from class - we've been outlining every chapter in the book for the past two and a half hours. I got ahead at home so I could play on the Internet during class. We just took a test over grammar, yay.
I actually don't think I did so hot, but a C in the class won't kill me. All it will do is destroy my 3.8 gpa here at good ol RCC.

Since we are talking vocabulary as well as grammar, I thought I'd use one of my new words: "EPIPHANY"
I had an "EPIPHANY" this morning when I realized that most red-light runners, especially the big blue Ford I saw today, have really jacked up vehicles with dents and dings galore. I wonder why? der.

Oh well, life here is life. I don't like coming home without my College Station support group because it's back to the depressing life of my mother complaining about my dad, my dad always being "busy' with something 24/7, and the both of them trying to get me to take a side. I wish they were just divorced already.
And my poor sisters. Since I've been home my mom tries to find ways to get me to take them out of the house or off her hands.

I'm saying this right here right now:
I am NEVER getting divorced.
I am NEVER going to let my worry of money issues affect the way I treat my children.
Hold me to that.

Sorry about not being on the "up and up" but I think it's cause I've been here alone for a few days. Ready for the G-Town peeps to get back!

Yay for fun phone calls from Mike and Sean. Good stuff!

I love you all!!!!!

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