Is it Chanukah yet? Apparently it is at one of the sorority houses, maybe they’re all Jewish.

Speaking of Chanukah, that may be one of my most unfavorite words. How do you spell it? Chanukah or Hanukkah? I used to think they were different words because they’re spelled different but apparently they’re said the same. This is the same problem I have with two other words. Is it theater, or theatre? Is it color, or colour, or coleur? Why can’t we all just spell everything normal?

Because then my name would be spelled with a “U” and I’d no longer have the cool spelling of “C-O-R-T-N-E-Y!!!”
Like Emeril I say BAM!

OOH-WEE, day of fun times!
I had a class and I got my grades, so far I’m making A’s in 7 hours worth of classes, out of 15, so I should do okay this semester!
I came home to work on my paper that I recently finished and Mark and Katie decided to surprise the heck out of me for Christmas!!!
I was talking to Mark on the AOL, and he told me he had a secret. Katie came home and goes “Look under the Christmas Tree downstairs!” So I skipped down to our big ol Pi Phi tree in the dining room to find two big boxes, wrapped in Batman (that was Mark’s) and Finding Nemo paper (Katie’s).
I have the patience of a five year old so I opened them right away. Can I just say that these two kids know me better than anyone? They bought me this hip hop Barbie doll that I did promotions for this summer. Her name is P.Bo, and wow, it’s a ghetto doll! I also got the cool graffiti jean jacket set and Mark got me the “STREET ROD”. It’s a hot pink Barbie car that looks straight out the Fast and the Furious, and even has a navigation system!!

It was one of those moments where you are so happy and excited that you just squeak over and over!

Tonight I handed down my officer position to Laura, and let me say, I trained her well. She recited a lovely little poem. My biggest goal for RME was to make an impact on something, somewhere in our chapter. I think I changed that officer position forever, and I couldn’t feel prouder.

However, people think that since I am no longer RME that I will not continue to be the “Parodaire Extraordinaire.” This is a rumor. I’ve only just begun. I’ve even gotten approached to appear at parties and what not. Give me the topic, I got ya covered. And I don’t charge. How do you put a price on creative domination? You don’t, folks.

You may donate to the “Cortney Wants a Pair of Manolo Blahniks” Fund, if you feel the urge, the urge to splurge.

WHO DOES THAT? Part Quattro’
Opens a packet of pink stuff, AKA Sweet N Low, uses half, and puts it back into the bowl.
When you go over to get your own packet, you pick it up, only to find sugar substitute flowing out.
Come on, now…

Rhyzzle o’ the Dizzle is BACK!:
This Christmas when I head back home,
There is but one thing I need,
I already have the family,
And a great big cat, indeed.
My momma, she could buy me gifts,
But what I’d rather have instead,
Is a plethora of cranberry sauce, turkey, and stuffing,
To make the ultimate Thanksgiving-On-Bread.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 12: Clean-shaven!

Cortneyism of the Day: 100 percent talent is 90 percent passion.

Random Paradox of the Day: How come the boys that you have a crush on only see you as a “friend” and the boys that you see as “friends” have a crush on you? Do the stars ever align and things actually work out?

“So tell your friend Veronica, its time to celebrate Hanukkah…”

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