I am getting ready for the hottest social event of the year, AKA “Firedance!”
My sorority wears all red dresses, and we get to bring boys in suits. Boys look so good in suits, and girls look awesome when they’re dressed up. And there’s Christmas in the air because tonight College Station decided that “hey…its winter” and so the low is duh duh duh….. THIRTY TWO! Dang!

Anyways, yesterday WAS a great day. I slept in, got up, went up to the Rec.
This time the weight room was different…..on Fridays I’m normally up there at the same time every week.
I see the same people, and they’re like my friends that I’ve never met. But this time I went later!

There’s the blonde girl who always look likes she shacked somewhere and has a ring of black smudged liner around her eyes.
There’s the foreign dude who always stays on the cardio machine for longer than the allotted 30 minutes but always manages to get away with it.
There’s the girl who wears a sports bra with board shorts and hiking boots who is pretty hardcore but still has a happy belly that she doesn’t mind showing off.
And there’s the guy who is oh so hot and he obviously knows it.

If only I could put a name to the face of my friends in the weight room! Oh how I missed them on Friday.

I went and ran errands for tonight, and then headed over to the girls’ apartment for the ever popular “girls night”. This is mine and Katie’s second home, since this sorority house has claimed a year and a half of our lives. All I can say is….come May, we are OUTTA this house….forever! Well, until meeting times and stuff.

We had Mexican night this time!!! Chicken fajitas, rice, beans, you name it! We even had a “Christmas on the Border” CD and Courtney wore a sombrero! After we ate we played Dominoes and spoke of girlie things, you know. Then me and K went to Northgate to watch her roommate from Europe dunk the ol’ Aggie Ring. 35 seconds and that pitcher of beer was down her throat….am I gonna be able to do that in September? Uhh, I shudder to think. My liver might go on strike.

Went to see “Honey” last night too. We even brought a mug of Christmas cheer with us in Katie’s Burberry bag. All I can say is that it tasted like Irish crème and it tingled. Once it hits your lips, it is so good!

The movie was kinda cute, but I have an aversion towards actresses who admittedly have never danced a day in their life and get cast for a role where they not only dance, but they’re like the best dancer slash choreographer in New York City. (Cough…Jessica Alba)

What about me? I could try the acting thing….right?

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 50: Drives a manly vehicle he loves, that suits him well!

More fun to be had tonight at Firedance, and stories to tell!!!!

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