HOWDY! It’s Tuesday morning and I’m postin 2 journals @ the moment.

Yesterday in tech writing he called the roll and we got to answer with out favorite fruit. Once again he told me “Cortney, I am really surprised that you are doing as well as you are on these assignments!”
And I remain a bit offended.

Got my grades this morning!! Good news, pulled out with 2 B’s and the rest A’s and a 3.7, my highest GPA ever! Yay for a boost in the cumulative region!

After a wonderful class of learning more ridiculous vocabulary and writing a claim letter to a company about the safety of a stuffed animal in metal spike décor, I headed out to the mall.
I hate the mall at the holidays, but the Santa out there was so real. So lifelike. Rosy cheeks and a bowlful of jelly…a beard as white as snow!

And so I picked my new dream job. I wanna be that elf that takes pictures of Santa and the screaming kiddies! How fun would that be?

I came home and we all divided up into rooms to wrap each other presents, even though my sisters had hand picked everything they were getting. So this brings me to a thought. Instead of wasting that cool paper, why don’t we just NOT wrap the stuff and just stick it under the tree. And the clothes? Hang them ON the tree. Merry Holidays!

Glad to say I’ve talked to Mark, Katie, Jeff, Rami, and Nat since I’ve been home. I got lots of phone callas to make, though.

After dinner last night my mom talked us into watching an Ann Jillian movie on Lifetime, dang it! I was sucked in to the heart wrenching tale and let out cries of frustration at each commercial break!! Why why why!

I talked to Michael and told him I named one of the Santa cookies after him. It’s a sunburned color with freckles, just like he told me he gets in the sun. I wonder if he thought it was weird I did that?

Jeffrey came over too and we watched Patches get his head almost stuck in Jeff’s Nikes.
I showed him one of the coolest presents I’ve ever gotten, that he would appreciate, and that Katie with loathe: EVERY Beavis and Butthead episode in a 6 DVD set! BOO YAH! (Thank you Sean!!! You are unbelievably awesome!!!!)

Sorry so long and not particularly interesting. Maybe better later.

Oh yeah and the Internet? The software fried our computer so, BLEH!

December 22, 2003

I’m back, mostly ‘cause the Internet did not arrive in the mail yet, so this is postin’ from schoolio.

Can you believe Christmas is not too far away! And it is unfortunately 70 frickin’ degrees outside.

Tonight the sis and me made Santa cookies! A joyful confection of vanilla sugar cookies, covered in frosty white icing, a cap made of red, pink, or purple sparkly sprinkles, a marshmallow cap topper, semisweet chocolate chip morsels of eyes, m&m noses, and a fluffy shredded coconut beard.
Not that these cookies weren’t cute enough, I decided that they needed to be more politically correct!
Say hello to the “Santas of the World” cookie collection.
And they all have names. The Hispanic one is “Santa Cristo”, the Asian one is “Santa Chong”, and the African – American one is “Ol’ Dirrrty Nick”
I took pics, don’t you worry!

Deep Thoughts…by Cortney: “Have you ever noticed that your favorite part of an older movie that you can quote till the cows come home is the part that either no one remembers, or that no one thought was funny?”

Quote o’ the Day, compliments of my 15 year old sister and newest baking buddy, Sarah: “I love Almond Joys. I take out the almond, and eat the joy.”

And I thought hmm…wouldn’t she just be better off with a Mounds? What a cute little goof, that girl!

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 5: Over 6 foot!


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