Howdy and Happy December!!!
She-oot I haven’t written in a long time.

Due to the fact that I have but one final, and it is December the 12th, I am THISCLOSE to being done with school and am the frequent victim of the phrase “I hate you.” or the ever so popular “Don’t talk to me.”
My response: don’t be sippin on no hate-o-rade…it’s the game, not tha playa.

Taking a study break to re-hash the exciting events of my Turkey Break!!! And yes, I have been studying because I have SIX tests this week. Still hate me? Didn’t think so.

Fracture is healed and I’m outta the sling! Doc up at Beutel told me if I didn’t quit wearing it my arm would end up all curled in with my hand at my chest. Since I have no plans to be a one armed dancer, the sling now rests behind my bed, and made a pretty loud sound when I threw it back there.
Best sling memory: Teaching my step class in it, while envisioning myself as Mark puts it, a “Richard Simmons for Gimps”
(I fractured my arm practicing for Songfest by hyper extending my elbow when I whacked Katie in one of our dances.)

My family came in for Songfest and watched me perform on the bum arm! We did it with SAE this year, and boy was it different than our usual partnering with Ol’ Ags. Those 30 some odd guys liked to dance, and did it sober! Let’s just say the 10-15 pledges we got this year were quite the opposite. I kept the spirit. I danced it up and went out on stage for awards with Michael’s tambourine. Sportsmanship, what!
However, no award for overly excited crippled Songfest chair girls.

After having class till 12:30 on the DAY BEFORE Thanksgiving, I got to go home, thanks to Mark offering me a ride. We enjoyed the scenery and all but the best part was passing the Falcon’s Lair. Trip, complete!

Got to see my best friend Jeff on Wednesday night! Not only did we hit up the drive through blastin Ludacris, but we talked forever, about everything. We also found quite possibly the “Greatest Laffy Taffy Joke Ever”. Here it goes:
Q: What do you call a nun that wanders around?
A: A Roamin’ Catholic!

My mother cooked the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had! Not good when you’re injured and have to take a week off from the Rec! I came home with gobs of leftovers, and plenty of ingredients to form my own T-Giving on bread, and I have, ask Katie!

When I got back to CS I got news that my friend Kyle’s house back in Garland burned down. I ask you to pray for this wonderful family. Us Naaman alumni are getting together to help them…let me know if you want to get in on Operation Save the Schrocks.

Went to watch the Ags get pounded by UT on Friday. I’ve now accomplished my goal of sitting in all four sections of Kyle Field! This time I was In The Zone…so that would make me just like Britney, heh heh. Sorry, had to say it before YOU did! Michael(The SAE Songfest chairman) and I had a great time, went to lunch, then dinner, had coffee, and a tour of his pimp townhouse...actually, it was a really great time! Afterwards me and Katie went over to the LCA house to watch Old School with Mark, and I tried to impress them with my no skid socks.
Scenario: Cortney runs as fast as she can across the hardwood floor in her super no skid socks. She goes for the slide, and ends up laid out flat on her back at the other end of the room. True story.

Saturday me and Katie studied and rewarded ourselves with pizza at Fritella, and a trip to see Will Ferrell in ELF! LOL from the both of us, and a definite go-see if you’re a WF fan like us! Go see it so you can quote stuff with me!!! Esp. you, MC!!!
Then I went over to the EOE house to watch Just Married with Rami! And then I got some sleep, yea I did.
Wow…and today was Sunday, the opening day of what promises to be a week longer than this entry.
Good luck everyone!

Currently accepting nominations for WHO DOES THAT, Part Deux.

Thought I’d go all out on this one, for Ben.
Deuce! D euce! De uce! Deu ce! Deuc e! Deuce!
And this one’s for Katie. “BOO – YAH!”

Song of the Day: “Return of the Mack”
Movie of the Year: “ELF”
Docsta Flow’s Advice of the Day: People who won’t date you because you have standards are a waste of time and energy spent better ANYWHERE else! You’re wonderful the way you are!
“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…”


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