The week from you-know-where is finally over, and I mean over.
Now I shall call it…the WTTD. Aka “Week of Total Test Domination”
SIX tests in FOUR days equal NO sleep and LOTS of headache medicine.
The rewards are simple, but good.
My one class for tomorrow, an 8 am class too, got canceled. I may just be the happiest girl ever!

Today was an excellent day! I had 3 meals and four hours of actual sleep…well, I slept on the floor but I did it on my bum arm so that it wouldn’t matter anyway. The bum arm doesn’t feel….it merely functions.
After my two tests Katie and me went and got big ol gaudy cocktail rings for our right hands!!!
Then SAE Michael called and asked me to go to one of their parties with him next week. How astonished was I? I’ve never been asked to be a date at a fraternity party. Wow…

Just call me and Katie the “Queens of Bling” as we strolled into the movies tonight wearing comfy clothes and huge CZ’s. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
We went and saw ELF again, this time with Mark, Courtney and Rodney! It was wonderful for the second time. I think it’ll end up in my DVD collection by the end of 2004.
**Funny story: remember the jerk that I dated? Yeah, well him and his twin brother showed up double dating at the movie. Props for not being creative, since he took me to do that twice. Anyways, I totally did an awesome job of being nice to them and their new flavors of the moment. I feel for these girls, who sit on a “THRONE OF LIES!” hahahahah, uh good luck chicas.

I went and checked my mail here at the house. Turns out I got a little coupon packet from American Eagle. Too bad some shady chick in the house tore out half of them and put them BACK IN my box…

Inspiration provided by: a late morning visit to the 12th Man International, in the MSC.

Had another random thought today, those kind you have when you’re trying to study but deep down you really don’t want to so you end up looking everywhere but your notes for an hour and then realize that it’s time to take a test that you know nothing about.

Instead of raising tuition, why don’t we get rid of turnstiles?
1) They’re outdated. If we want to count how many people come in a place on one day, we use something called, uh, technology.
2) If someone wants to get in, I doubt a shiny little metal turny bar is going to stop them.
3) We have them in the weirdest places. The cafeteria, the Rec Center.
Think how much money could be saved if our university got rid if turnstiles. If anyone can think of an excellent purpose for these, I say we sell them to Six Flags. Or maybe a turnstile collector.

My thoughts on turnstiles were interrupted by the passage of a 60 something year old man, with graying, shaggy hair, wearing flip-flops, white short shorts, and a tie dye blue and green tee. How totally out of this world. And out of his time.

May I again reiterate the fact that if it comes down to it and I do decide to pass my genes on to build what you call a child, I refuse to teach them how to ride a bike. Bikes are of the devil. Sidewalks are a war zone, and pedestrians get the shaft. I’ve been there….and lived to tell the tale.

Quote of the Semester, story included:

Preface: Have you ever wanted to say something, but there were two ways to put it? So naturally, you ran the two ways together and end up sounding CRAZY! My roommate Katie is no exception and deserves not criticism, but wholesome applause for this, what is known as, my favorite verbal blunder of the year!

Scenario: Katie and friends were discussing the National Star Registry. Katie wonders if they give a lot of people the same star, and it’s all just a giant ploy for money.
She says, in reference to the NSR, “How do you know they won’t jack you off?”

Cue outrageous amounts of laughter. Seems she was trying to say “jacked” or “ripped off”, and boy did it come out ten times better THAT way, huh Katie!!!

I love, love, LOVE my roommate!

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 17: The perfect man has good hygiene, preferably in the areas of teeth cleansing and armpit odor and perspiration control.

“Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe slash stuffing help to make the season bright…”

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