HOWDY! It’s Tuesday morning and I’m postin 2 journals @ the moment.

Yesterday in tech writing he called the roll and we got to answer with out favorite fruit. Once again he told me “Cortney, I am really surprised that you are doing as well as you are on these assignments!”
And I remain a bit offended.

Got my grades this morning!! Good news, pulled out with 2 B’s and the rest A’s and a 3.7, my highest GPA ever! Yay for a boost in the cumulative region!

After a wonderful class of learning more ridiculous vocabulary and writing a claim letter to a company about the safety of a stuffed animal in metal spike décor, I headed out to the mall.
I hate the mall at the holidays, but the Santa out there was so real. So lifelike. Rosy cheeks and a bowlful of jelly…a beard as white as snow!

And so I picked my new dream job. I wanna be that elf that takes pictures of Santa and the screaming kiddies! How fun would that be?

I came home and we all divided up into rooms to wrap each other presents, even though my sisters had hand picked everything they were getting. So this brings me to a thought. Instead of wasting that cool paper, why don’t we just NOT wrap the stuff and just stick it under the tree. And the clothes? Hang them ON the tree. Merry Holidays!

Glad to say I’ve talked to Mark, Katie, Jeff, Rami, and Nat since I’ve been home. I got lots of phone callas to make, though.

After dinner last night my mom talked us into watching an Ann Jillian movie on Lifetime, dang it! I was sucked in to the heart wrenching tale and let out cries of frustration at each commercial break!! Why why why!

I talked to Michael and told him I named one of the Santa cookies after him. It’s a sunburned color with freckles, just like he told me he gets in the sun. I wonder if he thought it was weird I did that?

Jeffrey came over too and we watched Patches get his head almost stuck in Jeff’s Nikes.
I showed him one of the coolest presents I’ve ever gotten, that he would appreciate, and that Katie with loathe: EVERY Beavis and Butthead episode in a 6 DVD set! BOO YAH! (Thank you Sean!!! You are unbelievably awesome!!!!)

Sorry so long and not particularly interesting. Maybe better later.

Oh yeah and the Internet? The software fried our computer so, BLEH!

December 22, 2003

I’m back, mostly ‘cause the Internet did not arrive in the mail yet, so this is postin’ from schoolio.

Can you believe Christmas is not too far away! And it is unfortunately 70 frickin’ degrees outside.

Tonight the sis and me made Santa cookies! A joyful confection of vanilla sugar cookies, covered in frosty white icing, a cap made of red, pink, or purple sparkly sprinkles, a marshmallow cap topper, semisweet chocolate chip morsels of eyes, m&m noses, and a fluffy shredded coconut beard.
Not that these cookies weren’t cute enough, I decided that they needed to be more politically correct!
Say hello to the “Santas of the World” cookie collection.
And they all have names. The Hispanic one is “Santa Cristo”, the Asian one is “Santa Chong”, and the African – American one is “Ol’ Dirrrty Nick”
I took pics, don’t you worry!

Deep Thoughts…by Cortney: “Have you ever noticed that your favorite part of an older movie that you can quote till the cows come home is the part that either no one remembers, or that no one thought was funny?”

Quote o’ the Day, compliments of my 15 year old sister and newest baking buddy, Sarah: “I love Almond Joys. I take out the almond, and eat the joy.”

And I thought hmm…wouldn’t she just be better off with a Mounds? What a cute little goof, that girl!

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 5: Over 6 foot!



UPDATE! I got a 100 on the grammar test...BOO YAH!
Oh soo bored so very very bored.

I'm taking a break from class - we've been outlining every chapter in the book for the past two and a half hours. I got ahead at home so I could play on the Internet during class. We just took a test over grammar, yay.
I actually don't think I did so hot, but a C in the class won't kill me. All it will do is destroy my 3.8 gpa here at good ol RCC.

Since we are talking vocabulary as well as grammar, I thought I'd use one of my new words: "EPIPHANY"
I had an "EPIPHANY" this morning when I realized that most red-light runners, especially the big blue Ford I saw today, have really jacked up vehicles with dents and dings galore. I wonder why? der.

Oh well, life here is life. I don't like coming home without my College Station support group because it's back to the depressing life of my mother complaining about my dad, my dad always being "busy' with something 24/7, and the both of them trying to get me to take a side. I wish they were just divorced already.
And my poor sisters. Since I've been home my mom tries to find ways to get me to take them out of the house or off her hands.

I'm saying this right here right now:
I am NEVER getting divorced.
I am NEVER going to let my worry of money issues affect the way I treat my children.
Hold me to that.

Sorry about not being on the "up and up" but I think it's cause I've been here alone for a few days. Ready for the G-Town peeps to get back!

Yay for fun phone calls from Mike and Sean. Good stuff!

I love you all!!!!!


So yeah! I’ve been gone a long time and have a perfectly wonderful reason why! My abode in G-town has no Internet! But it will in 5-10 business days because I ordered my mom dial up. I know it works awful, but hey, we all know how no Internet sucks!

Anyways! I got done with finals last Friday and chilled! Friday night we went to a Christmas party for Squadron 3 and then I went to meet Richard for dinner and Ben-no for coffee. Last minute goodbyes!
Saturday I slept in a relaxed, hehe, and then went over to Ben R’s fo’ dinna. He made us some mighty fine burgers and even let us munch on pretzels and old tortilla chips! I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Michael and then came home to pack till I fell asleep.

Sunday I headed back home ‘cause I had to get ready to start school on Monday! I still haven’t unpacked, but I will…laundry’s coming along slowly too.

So let me tell y’all about this coo tech writing class I’m takin’ up at the community college. My prof gets off topic about every two seconds, which is why I think he insists on keeping us all 12 days for all four hours. After asking about 6 of us if we smoked weed, he pulled out his badge! That’s right, he’s a Dallas County cop!
Then, we picked partners and filled out interview sheets. The last question read, “Have you ever hidden in a spider hole?”
He then proceeded to draw a diagram of stick Saddam in his hole for all the class to see!

He also wore a fun t-shirt to school yesterday, that proudly reads “Texas A&M Tri Delt” across the front and back. Apparently all he teaches during wintermester are Aggies, so he likes us! There’s 10 people total in my class, and 6 of us are Ags, but I’m the only girl one, and a non-senior at that.

Talk about busy work galore! We spend the first two hours of class “outlining” the chapters in our textbook. To keep myself entertained I’ve been surfing the ‘net since I don’t have it at home. I even found a ghetto version of instant messenger that doesn’t require downloading any software.

Today I succeeded in getting the “Cop Prof” off topic. I kept looking at the burned out light above me while he talked about grammar. He asked me about it, and then went off into this story about how when one light goes out….they all go out…and then comes the scary man with the torch and the knife!

Who is this guy?!

Today I went to put in my availability at Express Men, because its not called Structure anymore…yay for money to pay sorority dues!
I also made my appearance at the middle school choir concert. I have been to that show since I was 12 years old because my two younger sibs and me were all in the same choir. It was…well, almost as good as the days that me, Jeff, Ben, Justin, Tyler, etc. ran the place.

Someone dear to my heart got engaged tonight, and I can’t wait for everyone to find out!!!

Trivia Reminder of the Day:
Cortney’s Four Favorite Words of 2003 are: Plethora; Buttercup; Picatta; and reDIRKulous.
Use ‘em in a sentence near you.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 15: Always smells good

Wears a short-sleeved sweater resembling a Mexican blanket with tapered stonewash jeans and loafers without socks.
And then flashes ME the “look”
(Maybe the chick sippin on the Hate-o-rade in my t.w. class)

This is hella long, so I’m gon say “CUT”
Let’s twist the shizzy up and get all freaky deaky!

I’ll be back, preferably in less than 5-10 business days!


Today was TSD: “ Total Study Domination”
I sat up at IHOP from 8pm to 1 am…. half the time was spent reading for my sociology of sport final, one fourth making people observations and journal notes, and one fourth downing 3 pots of all you can drink coffee, a ham and cheese omelet, and Harvest Grain & Nut hotcakes. One day I shall conquer the addiction to the scrumptious breakfast morsels at the International House…but until then, I shall be chubby.

I did find something very kickass, and very true in my chapter on collegiate sports.
“Many university teachers live entirely in the tiny, incestuous, self-enclosed world of academia and haven’t the faintest idea what goes on outside of it, even on their own campuses. Many college teachers have a very limited frame of reference. They can tell you on what day of the week the Treaty of Utrecht was signed, or the name of Jonathan Swift’s maid, but they have no idea who Oprah Winfrey or Danielle Steel or Bo Jackson is. Solution: Pity the poor isolated soul.” – S. Edelstein
That’s what I’m talking about.

I have a feeling that quote’s a bit old, because about all BO KNOWS about now is infomercials.
But its still kickass.

Today was ok, we had a thing @ the Rec from 5-8, and I had to do stuff all day, blah blah blah.
Last night, however was a blast!
As you all I know, I attended my first not sorority date party ever! Michael took me to dinner @ Carino’s, then we went and hung out with his pledge bros at his house, and then we headed over to the frat house. They had built this huge pit in the party barn, and it was filled with mattresses and Styrofoam packing peanuts!! There was a live band, a bonfire in the back, and about 6 or 7 of my sistas were there. Michael and I had a blast. What a cool idea!
The only thing better would be a swimming pool full of strawberry banana JELL-O, take note. That is a goal of mine that someday I will achieve.

WHO DOES THAT? Part Quince
Wears the t-shirt BEFORE the crush party?

Random Realization of the Day: I wear headphones so not to wake my roommate up when I am jamming away on the computer. Then I realize as I shuffle through my desk drawers that I am being extremely loud because I can’t hear myself shuffling BECAUSE I have the headphones on in the FIRST place. Headphones are made to protect others from hearing your personal comfort level of noise…. and they fail miserably.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, #3: Strong and genuinely loving family

Cortneyisms of the Day (wow, 2!):
It’s not the reflection of the mirror, but the reflection of the heart.
A true friend is someone that you’d give even your social security number to, no questions asked.

“We built this city…we built this city on rock and roll!”


Is it Chanukah yet? Apparently it is at one of the sorority houses, maybe they’re all Jewish.

Speaking of Chanukah, that may be one of my most unfavorite words. How do you spell it? Chanukah or Hanukkah? I used to think they were different words because they’re spelled different but apparently they’re said the same. This is the same problem I have with two other words. Is it theater, or theatre? Is it color, or colour, or coleur? Why can’t we all just spell everything normal?

Because then my name would be spelled with a “U” and I’d no longer have the cool spelling of “C-O-R-T-N-E-Y!!!”
Like Emeril I say BAM!

OOH-WEE, day of fun times!
I had a class and I got my grades, so far I’m making A’s in 7 hours worth of classes, out of 15, so I should do okay this semester!
I came home to work on my paper that I recently finished and Mark and Katie decided to surprise the heck out of me for Christmas!!!
I was talking to Mark on the AOL, and he told me he had a secret. Katie came home and goes “Look under the Christmas Tree downstairs!” So I skipped down to our big ol Pi Phi tree in the dining room to find two big boxes, wrapped in Batman (that was Mark’s) and Finding Nemo paper (Katie’s).
I have the patience of a five year old so I opened them right away. Can I just say that these two kids know me better than anyone? They bought me this hip hop Barbie doll that I did promotions for this summer. Her name is P.Bo, and wow, it’s a ghetto doll! I also got the cool graffiti jean jacket set and Mark got me the “STREET ROD”. It’s a hot pink Barbie car that looks straight out the Fast and the Furious, and even has a navigation system!!

It was one of those moments where you are so happy and excited that you just squeak over and over!

Tonight I handed down my officer position to Laura, and let me say, I trained her well. She recited a lovely little poem. My biggest goal for RME was to make an impact on something, somewhere in our chapter. I think I changed that officer position forever, and I couldn’t feel prouder.

However, people think that since I am no longer RME that I will not continue to be the “Parodaire Extraordinaire.” This is a rumor. I’ve only just begun. I’ve even gotten approached to appear at parties and what not. Give me the topic, I got ya covered. And I don’t charge. How do you put a price on creative domination? You don’t, folks.

You may donate to the “Cortney Wants a Pair of Manolo Blahniks” Fund, if you feel the urge, the urge to splurge.

WHO DOES THAT? Part Quattro’
Opens a packet of pink stuff, AKA Sweet N Low, uses half, and puts it back into the bowl.
When you go over to get your own packet, you pick it up, only to find sugar substitute flowing out.
Come on, now…

Rhyzzle o’ the Dizzle is BACK!:
This Christmas when I head back home,
There is but one thing I need,
I already have the family,
And a great big cat, indeed.
My momma, she could buy me gifts,
But what I’d rather have instead,
Is a plethora of cranberry sauce, turkey, and stuffing,
To make the ultimate Thanksgiving-On-Bread.

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 12: Clean-shaven!

Cortneyism of the Day: 100 percent talent is 90 percent passion.

Random Paradox of the Day: How come the boys that you have a crush on only see you as a “friend” and the boys that you see as “friends” have a crush on you? Do the stars ever align and things actually work out?

“So tell your friend Veronica, its time to celebrate Hanukkah…”


So commences the greatest Firedance experience yet in my three years of attendance! The 12 of us had a blast, especially me, Katie, Mark, and Ben! We had dinner at this yummy little Italian place, but unfortunately the waitress was extremely slow and we were late to get on the buses. I fell pretty bad about that!
So, we regained our composure and got it all together. The hotel was set up for the bar and food, but the dancing was in a big heated tent outside. The music was so-so….heard lots of OutKast and Luda, but then country and slow dance numbers.
We decided to bring back the old school, AKA junior high and do the arms’ length slow dancing for a little while.
A lot of people thought I was gon’ to bust out my dress. I could tell by the nasty looks I was getting. But I’ll let y’all in on a little secret. The kiddos were TAPED to my body with medical tape. They weren’t goin anywhere! Sorry for making you girls feel uncomfortable….but I was having a great time, HOLLA!

I do believe one of the most painful feelings ever is removing layers of tape from those parts of your body….OUCHee!

When the DJ plays stuff I’m not feelin I tend to stand in place and go off into a daze. My eyes glaze over and I get this look of dissatisfaction. But then the hip hop comes back on…and the world is right once again. Not that I don’t like the country, but two stepping is, well, two stepping.

Docsta Flow’s Useless Fact of the Day: Wanna wear a fitted formal dress? Try not being born with ribs, that tends to be the problem. And if you have a “Super-Rib” like my friend Mark, you should not wear dresses at all.


Numero Uno: Blares Wilson Phillips tunes loud enough to wake up a whole house of 48 girls on a Saturday?

Numero Dos: I went and took a Schwinn bicycle coaching camp up at the Rec this morning because all of us aerobics instructors got paid for it. I had a late night on account of le Firedance, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. My throat was scratchy, and I was coughing a little bit to clear it up. The Schwinn teacher lady decided to learn all of our names and dubbed me as “Cortney, The Sick Girl” for the next FOUR HOURS. Sometimes she wouldn’t even add the Cortney in there, and would just say “Oh yeah Sick Girl, come over here” and things of that nature. Did I give HER permission to refer to me in this manner? No. Did I respond to her? No. Did I want to get the heck outta there to get away from said crazy bike teacher because she thought I was an invalid? Ah, yes.
And again I say…

And Cortney’s votes are in!
The Three Most Annoying People Ever:
1. Leelee Sobieski, who has “cancer of the knee” in the movie Here on Earth
2. Mandy Moore, just listen to her talk in interviews and on tv…ARGH!
3. Melissa Joan Hart, whose living is based on HER production company that makes a show SHE stars in, the lovely little gem known as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 2: Wears clothing with a modest fit.

“The road goes on forever, and the party never ends…”-Shout out to NFHS Class of 2001, haha!

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!


I am getting ready for the hottest social event of the year, AKA “Firedance!”
My sorority wears all red dresses, and we get to bring boys in suits. Boys look so good in suits, and girls look awesome when they’re dressed up. And there’s Christmas in the air because tonight College Station decided that “hey…its winter” and so the low is duh duh duh….. THIRTY TWO! Dang!

Anyways, yesterday WAS a great day. I slept in, got up, went up to the Rec.
This time the weight room was different…..on Fridays I’m normally up there at the same time every week.
I see the same people, and they’re like my friends that I’ve never met. But this time I went later!

There’s the blonde girl who always look likes she shacked somewhere and has a ring of black smudged liner around her eyes.
There’s the foreign dude who always stays on the cardio machine for longer than the allotted 30 minutes but always manages to get away with it.
There’s the girl who wears a sports bra with board shorts and hiking boots who is pretty hardcore but still has a happy belly that she doesn’t mind showing off.
And there’s the guy who is oh so hot and he obviously knows it.

If only I could put a name to the face of my friends in the weight room! Oh how I missed them on Friday.

I went and ran errands for tonight, and then headed over to the girls’ apartment for the ever popular “girls night”. This is mine and Katie’s second home, since this sorority house has claimed a year and a half of our lives. All I can say is….come May, we are OUTTA this house….forever! Well, until meeting times and stuff.

We had Mexican night this time!!! Chicken fajitas, rice, beans, you name it! We even had a “Christmas on the Border” CD and Courtney wore a sombrero! After we ate we played Dominoes and spoke of girlie things, you know. Then me and K went to Northgate to watch her roommate from Europe dunk the ol’ Aggie Ring. 35 seconds and that pitcher of beer was down her throat….am I gonna be able to do that in September? Uhh, I shudder to think. My liver might go on strike.

Went to see “Honey” last night too. We even brought a mug of Christmas cheer with us in Katie’s Burberry bag. All I can say is that it tasted like Irish crème and it tingled. Once it hits your lips, it is so good!

The movie was kinda cute, but I have an aversion towards actresses who admittedly have never danced a day in their life and get cast for a role where they not only dance, but they’re like the best dancer slash choreographer in New York City. (Cough…Jessica Alba)

What about me? I could try the acting thing….right?

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 50: Drives a manly vehicle he loves, that suits him well!

More fun to be had tonight at Firedance, and stories to tell!!!!


The week from you-know-where is finally over, and I mean over.
Now I shall call it…the WTTD. Aka “Week of Total Test Domination”
SIX tests in FOUR days equal NO sleep and LOTS of headache medicine.
The rewards are simple, but good.
My one class for tomorrow, an 8 am class too, got canceled. I may just be the happiest girl ever!

Today was an excellent day! I had 3 meals and four hours of actual sleep…well, I slept on the floor but I did it on my bum arm so that it wouldn’t matter anyway. The bum arm doesn’t feel….it merely functions.
After my two tests Katie and me went and got big ol gaudy cocktail rings for our right hands!!!
Then SAE Michael called and asked me to go to one of their parties with him next week. How astonished was I? I’ve never been asked to be a date at a fraternity party. Wow…

Just call me and Katie the “Queens of Bling” as we strolled into the movies tonight wearing comfy clothes and huge CZ’s. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
We went and saw ELF again, this time with Mark, Courtney and Rodney! It was wonderful for the second time. I think it’ll end up in my DVD collection by the end of 2004.
**Funny story: remember the jerk that I dated? Yeah, well him and his twin brother showed up double dating at the movie. Props for not being creative, since he took me to do that twice. Anyways, I totally did an awesome job of being nice to them and their new flavors of the moment. I feel for these girls, who sit on a “THRONE OF LIES!” hahahahah, uh good luck chicas.

I went and checked my mail here at the house. Turns out I got a little coupon packet from American Eagle. Too bad some shady chick in the house tore out half of them and put them BACK IN my box…

Inspiration provided by: a late morning visit to the 12th Man International, in the MSC.

Had another random thought today, those kind you have when you’re trying to study but deep down you really don’t want to so you end up looking everywhere but your notes for an hour and then realize that it’s time to take a test that you know nothing about.

Instead of raising tuition, why don’t we get rid of turnstiles?
1) They’re outdated. If we want to count how many people come in a place on one day, we use something called, uh, technology.
2) If someone wants to get in, I doubt a shiny little metal turny bar is going to stop them.
3) We have them in the weirdest places. The cafeteria, the Rec Center.
Think how much money could be saved if our university got rid if turnstiles. If anyone can think of an excellent purpose for these, I say we sell them to Six Flags. Or maybe a turnstile collector.

My thoughts on turnstiles were interrupted by the passage of a 60 something year old man, with graying, shaggy hair, wearing flip-flops, white short shorts, and a tie dye blue and green tee. How totally out of this world. And out of his time.

May I again reiterate the fact that if it comes down to it and I do decide to pass my genes on to build what you call a child, I refuse to teach them how to ride a bike. Bikes are of the devil. Sidewalks are a war zone, and pedestrians get the shaft. I’ve been there….and lived to tell the tale.

Quote of the Semester, story included:

Preface: Have you ever wanted to say something, but there were two ways to put it? So naturally, you ran the two ways together and end up sounding CRAZY! My roommate Katie is no exception and deserves not criticism, but wholesome applause for this, what is known as, my favorite verbal blunder of the year!

Scenario: Katie and friends were discussing the National Star Registry. Katie wonders if they give a lot of people the same star, and it’s all just a giant ploy for money.
She says, in reference to the NSR, “How do you know they won’t jack you off?”

Cue outrageous amounts of laughter. Seems she was trying to say “jacked” or “ripped off”, and boy did it come out ten times better THAT way, huh Katie!!!

I love, love, LOVE my roommate!

Cortney’s Perfect Man, # 17: The perfect man has good hygiene, preferably in the areas of teeth cleansing and armpit odor and perspiration control.

“Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe slash stuffing help to make the season bright…”


Howdy and Happy December!!!
She-oot I haven’t written in a long time.

Due to the fact that I have but one final, and it is December the 12th, I am THISCLOSE to being done with school and am the frequent victim of the phrase “I hate you.” or the ever so popular “Don’t talk to me.”
My response: don’t be sippin on no hate-o-rade…it’s the game, not tha playa.

Taking a study break to re-hash the exciting events of my Turkey Break!!! And yes, I have been studying because I have SIX tests this week. Still hate me? Didn’t think so.

Fracture is healed and I’m outta the sling! Doc up at Beutel told me if I didn’t quit wearing it my arm would end up all curled in with my hand at my chest. Since I have no plans to be a one armed dancer, the sling now rests behind my bed, and made a pretty loud sound when I threw it back there.
Best sling memory: Teaching my step class in it, while envisioning myself as Mark puts it, a “Richard Simmons for Gimps”
(I fractured my arm practicing for Songfest by hyper extending my elbow when I whacked Katie in one of our dances.)

My family came in for Songfest and watched me perform on the bum arm! We did it with SAE this year, and boy was it different than our usual partnering with Ol’ Ags. Those 30 some odd guys liked to dance, and did it sober! Let’s just say the 10-15 pledges we got this year were quite the opposite. I kept the spirit. I danced it up and went out on stage for awards with Michael’s tambourine. Sportsmanship, what!
However, no award for overly excited crippled Songfest chair girls.

After having class till 12:30 on the DAY BEFORE Thanksgiving, I got to go home, thanks to Mark offering me a ride. We enjoyed the scenery and all but the best part was passing the Falcon’s Lair. Trip, complete!

Got to see my best friend Jeff on Wednesday night! Not only did we hit up the drive through blastin Ludacris, but we talked forever, about everything. We also found quite possibly the “Greatest Laffy Taffy Joke Ever”. Here it goes:
Q: What do you call a nun that wanders around?
A: A Roamin’ Catholic!

My mother cooked the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had! Not good when you’re injured and have to take a week off from the Rec! I came home with gobs of leftovers, and plenty of ingredients to form my own T-Giving on bread, and I have, ask Katie!

When I got back to CS I got news that my friend Kyle’s house back in Garland burned down. I ask you to pray for this wonderful family. Us Naaman alumni are getting together to help them…let me know if you want to get in on Operation Save the Schrocks.

Went to watch the Ags get pounded by UT on Friday. I’ve now accomplished my goal of sitting in all four sections of Kyle Field! This time I was In The Zone…so that would make me just like Britney, heh heh. Sorry, had to say it before YOU did! Michael(The SAE Songfest chairman) and I had a great time, went to lunch, then dinner, had coffee, and a tour of his pimp townhouse...actually, it was a really great time! Afterwards me and Katie went over to the LCA house to watch Old School with Mark, and I tried to impress them with my no skid socks.
Scenario: Cortney runs as fast as she can across the hardwood floor in her super no skid socks. She goes for the slide, and ends up laid out flat on her back at the other end of the room. True story.

Saturday me and Katie studied and rewarded ourselves with pizza at Fritella, and a trip to see Will Ferrell in ELF! LOL from the both of us, and a definite go-see if you’re a WF fan like us! Go see it so you can quote stuff with me!!! Esp. you, MC!!!
Then I went over to the EOE house to watch Just Married with Rami! And then I got some sleep, yea I did.
Wow…and today was Sunday, the opening day of what promises to be a week longer than this entry.
Good luck everyone!

Currently accepting nominations for WHO DOES THAT, Part Deux.

Thought I’d go all out on this one, for Ben.
Deuce! D euce! De uce! Deu ce! Deuc e! Deuce!
And this one’s for Katie. “BOO – YAH!”

Song of the Day: “Return of the Mack”
Movie of the Year: “ELF”
Docsta Flow’s Advice of the Day: People who won’t date you because you have standards are a waste of time and energy spent better ANYWHERE else! You’re wonderful the way you are!
“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…”