YEAH for Tuesdays....kidding, Tuesdays aren't that fun, but today was! I had dance and then no class for the rest of the day, so I stayed and ate lunch with all my friends, and ran into a whole lot more! Nicole and Claire were both in the MSC. I ate lunch with Amanda, Katie, and Francois, and then Kevin and Mark came to join us, and I ended up finishing off the day going with Mark to see Lamba Chi's campgrounds over at Kyle Field. They have tents, pillows and blankets, a couch, a table, and an X Box. Are you kidding me? That sounds like fun! Let's hope they get some good seats.

I just looked down at my planner and remembered what my new ambition is. After trying to draw Mark a fedora, which is a hat that I want really bad, it ended up looking like poo. So I decided I want to be like that melting clock artist. Mark calls him Salvador Dali or something. Kidding, I know who the dude is. Anyway, I'm going to draw stuff on fire, instead of melting. So in my planner, I've got a fedora on fire next to a winged smily face, who is also on fire.

Maybe I should sell it on E Bay.

Last night we did the pub crawlin thang for Francois' b day! Which consisted of us standing there and watching him take shots.....so we took pictures of ourselves, like girls do! It was a good time with my friends. Life is good when you have fun just hanging out no matter where you are!

Cortneyism of the Day:
"How come when millions of people out there care about us, we spend time worrying about the ones who don't."

I can't believe I have 3 weeks left of school. Did y'all know that I'M done December 12th? Sheesh.
Ah well, time to be off and up out.


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