Today, I'm going to ROCK THE RANT.

Advice to myself: Never again date a guy whose name has the same number of syllables as "jackass". There's always a reason why this is so.

Why am I so trusting of people? Is it wrong to assume that people are generally good and honest citizens of this wonderful country? Is it crazy that I live by the golden rule, and thought that everyone else did too?

I've got to learn to listen to my heart, and my friends, and take this in as a good learning experience!

Enough with the frogs, bring on a prince! Preferably a non-smoking, uncowardly, sober more often than not one, please! :)

May I add that the vegetables and more costume website last night DID cheer me up. I'm thinking about having some friends dress up as the robot and baked clam for my next party!

"To all your friends, you're delirious...so consumed, in all your doom...tryin hard to fill the emptiness, the pieces gone, left the puzzle undone...."-CA

Have a great day....and take my advice!

-c. Flow-

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