“No I in the Team” – I wanna say that’s in a Nelly song. It has to be.

This week has been a “Cortney should be sleeping but can’t seem to do it” week. I’m just really hyped up on the adrenaline I think. Songfest is this weekend, and being a Songfest chair has been, well, let’s just say its NOT a cake and ice cream party. I’m perplexed. I love performing and dancing and being onstage cause I never get to do it anymore…and the other part of me is ready to get the stress done.

Life is going smoothly for the moment, and I’m actually in a great mood.

I realized today how incredibly lucky I am!!!!
Tuesday/Thursday lunches are the highlight of what have the potential to be incredibly annoying days.

Katie – I cannot believe a nonchalant “yeah lets room together” turned into an “UH”-mazing friend. This girl is my rock, my sister, my confidant, my “mom”, but most of all my best friend.
Kristy – Has a heart of gold when it comes to caring for other people, especially me. She’s doing Songfest because she knows how much it means to me for her to be there…and she knows I love her being there!
Raba – She never lies to me, ever. And she always gives me confidence to be myself…because she makes me feel that I have so much to offer this world, even when I’m at my lowest point.
And then there’s Marky Mark who never fails to laugh at AND with me! And he completely gets my sense of humor, whereas most people think I’m on something. Everybody dance!

Maybe I don’t wanna trade lives with Britney after all.

I have TWO Britney albums now, one of which I got at 12:01 last night at the Super Wal-Mart in Bryan, one of which was a gift from one of our new girls, as encouragement for Songfest. HOW COOL.
Might I add there were TWICE as many guys waiting to get one as there were girls.
Rating: 7 right now, lots of sexual songs.

And I just realized how sappy this Blog is. This is not me! Okay, maybe I just hit a soft spot today. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow, but I’ll still love my friends. J

Ending every remark in an instant messenger chat with a period.
Example: “I am so excited.” “That is great.” “You are my hero.”

Dedicating every away message to the love of your life. Well, the love for the time being.
Example: “I’m in class, but I’d rather be with you!” “Why go to sleep when being awake is a dream!” “If Heaven was on earth it would be your dorm room.”

“It starts with an S
And ends with a Fest,
Don’t know what it is?
I’ll help you guess!
Dancing and singing girls and boys,
On a stage makin some noise,
My entire hope for this next week,
Is for our noise to become qual-it-tee!”

“if you really wanna battle saddle up and get your rhythm…”

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