It's only been a little over a week, so I'm not that late!
I made it thru my Challenge of the Week: IT was not to get on my Instant Messenger....I'm glad that's over with!

What a weekend!

My very FIRST themed dinner party with my best friends Amanda, Katie, Kristy, and Court! There was lasagna, veggies, bread, and a "Cortini". The drink smelled good, but we all know c.Flow couldn't handle it! We even had italian music! My roommate went and bought plastic vegetables and streamers at the dollar store to decorate. Is there anyone cooler than Katie? Hmmm.....nope! :)
After that, we went to Northgate to watch Katie's friend Erin dunk her ring. Soon, that outing turned sour....wanna know why? let's just say I saw something I wasn't prepared to, but should have expected....ask me! Anyways, we dropped that joint and headed out to the Tap to meet up with one of MY fav people, Marky Mark, and his funky bunch of Lambda Chi's. Rating: Music good, big girls on tables, not so good!

Went down to H Town to see Emily's boyfriend Greg's band play. (Link on right)
They were excellent, and it was a good time. Richard went with me! It's so nice to have a friend that is so open minded about music, he never says no! I got to see Emily's family again after a long time, so it was exciting. After Close Call played, we headed out ,and I fell back asleep on the way home, like I did on the way there as well. Did I mention this was the second day I was doped up on benadryl? That stuff will do a number on ya....

The Greek Week parade sucked. It rained during the awards cermony, and the catered BBQ turned into Sloshy Joes. EWWW! So I headed home to Dallas. My 14 year old sister Emily was having her first boy girl party and my mother desparately needed help chaperoning.

If I ever have kids.....they are never turning 14.

The party commences with the blaring of a Good Charlotte album. That can be fixed, we just closed the doors to keep the sound out. Then, my sister's disco ball breaks and this kid Corbin decides it'd be funny to smash the thing out out in the street. Then, they decide to play spin the bottle, and for the hour we hear them chanting "LIPS, LIPS, LIPS!" and my other sister Sarah, who is older than Emily, gets pissed off because her 14 year old sister gets to kiss someone, and she never has. I assured her that spin the bottle isn't real kissing. Especially not with a Fowler girl!

We thought the pain was over once the kids were gone. But Corbin left suprises. Around the entire frickin house!

The kid who decimated the disco ball stuck pieces of candy into every nook and cranny of our downstairs floor imaginable. This morning, I found a Snickers in the washer and dryer. My mom found a Twix in the ice dispenser. There were gumballs in the disposal. A Pay Day in the microwave.
What does this mean for Corbin?
If he comes near our house again, my mom will prolly shove candy up his nose.
Did I mention the chocolate in the toilet and the candy bar on the ledge OUTSIDE my sister's window?

If you're still reading......there's a new toy called PIPI MAX. IT's an electronic dog that hikes its right hind leg up and urinates. Snaps for the realism there!

And this one's for Mark.....EXTREME SNOWBOARD GAME! We need to buy that one, Wizzle.
Along with the Flava dolls!

Ok, I gots to be off and up out! Talk to y'alls around!

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