I never knew people could have so much fun camping out at Kyle Field. It's almost better than living in a sorority house. They play ping pong, they watch "Smallville", they study accouting, and they eat cake! And all in the comforts of the Zone. Why didn't I think of that?

Don't you just hate when you swear you saw something, but when you go back to look at it, its not there? :)

Today is Thursday, meaning it somewhat resembles Tuesday. I have morning class and then a big break, so I'm gonna try and get all registered up for Winter Term! And then I'll be TWO hours off getting my ring in April, dern it!

Britney's new album comes out Tuesday! 5 more days till I'm in the zone!

Props to the weekend, because it makes everything better. Except for Sunday evenings after 4!
Being mad is so much better than feeling sorry for yourself.


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