Howdy and Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I would like to start off with:
Potential Pet Peeves:
1. Away messages with sexual connotations. Example: “I’m in the shower. Try hard not to think about it.” “In bed, studying of course! What else would I be doing, WINK!”
2. Those people in my dance class that are not, and have never been dancers, so in class they pretty much stand there, trying to figure out what’s going on. But somehow they always manage to “sprain” their knee or “roll” their ankle in dance class. My question is how…..you don’t even dance, kiddo.
3. Sickeningly rich kids who take on a new sport and buy all the best equipment. They don’t know how to use it, and end up giving up on it anyway. Onto a new sport!

I had my first immersion into the Dewey Decimal System at Evans Library today. After stupidly asking where I could apply for a library card, the cute guy at the circulation desk reminds me that my AGGIE CARD is the know all, end all, of everything, including checking out library books.
I preceded to carry around my lime green map from floor to floor, in search of my books for my research paper, which is due next week. After crawling around on my hands and knees, and then squeezing me and Big Yello (that’s my backpack’s name) in those little bitty aisles between bookshelves, I came out. Not only did I emerge with four books, but also a new sense of self. I survived and thrived at the STACKS!

Do y’all think that Dewey Decimal ever got married? What an intelligent man!

I registered this morning, and well, got nothing I needed. I thought as we got older, it was supposed to get easier? Nah. I imagine a picture in my head of a little college degree laughing me in the face.

We had a whoa Naaman reunion at lunch today. Me, Rami, Prater, and Richard were there, along with our two guests from Lake Highlands, Katie and Mark. I felt bad for the two of them cause we were going off about old times. It’s just that us NFHS peeps never EVER get together, and when we do, we talk a lot.

After I got home I was in kinda a bluh mood, but luckily Brett asked me if I wanted to run and go get a CD with him. Can I just say I love little random things like that, because it’s fun and unexpected. Maybe that should be my new mantra.

“my name is cortney. two words. fun. unexpected.”

Now I’m chillin and getting my life together because next week will be one of those weeks, and my mom and two sisters are coming in tomorrow night!!!
And SONGFEST is SATURDAY!!! My hard work will finally be presented to thousands of people! This is my most hated and loved time of the year. It’s stress, but it’s my moment to be myself.

When I’m on stage performing, the world is right. If anyone has ever wondered who I really am, it’s the person you see on stage. Dancing is my passion; the very heart and soul of Cortney…

On a lighter note, I tore a Blue Baker coupon out of the paper today. Looks like I’m going to have to hit up some more T-giving on Bread!!!

“Take a look around and tell me what you see…you’ll find me, underneath…”


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