A chance to rest is a chance to write!

We had initiation last night and this morning, so I took a very long, and very much needed nap today! AFTER I hit up Blue Baker with Ben for lunch! I had the November Special today, which I like to call

2 slices of cranberry-walnut bread hugging a pile of fresh turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. PERFECTION.

I thought about you Thursday night Jeffrey! I was at da Salty Dog gettin my dance on when the DJ started spinning Skee-Lo's "I Wish". I WAS the only girl, actually person, who knew the lyrics to the first half of the song, but aint no shame in my game, I kept to singing as if you were there with me!

Thursday was a good night for me. I got to dance and get my mind off things that drag me down.

Friday was Red Ass Aggie Day. Me, Katie, Raba, and Stacy headed out to Easterwood to see the Aggie Football Team off to Mizzou, where they lost BTW. Anyway, I definitely got to see Jaxson Appel talk in person, and the four of us have decided that the epitome of hotness wears jersey numba 19!
As the football team headed out to their plane, so cool guys thought we should do yells. I entertained this idea, even though a guy in business casual and some other random dude were our "yell leaders".
But then things got worse. They forced us to sing "Hullabaloo" as the team was loading the plane. This was kinda dumb, but I'm sure they could see us swaying so, ok. But then we had to sing the "Spirit of Aggieland". Are you kidding me? Once this charade ended, we were up and out of there. TMR- too much redass.

We had a "guy's night" by heading out to Wings N More and chilling in the bar while we supped. I even got a free toothpick in the shape of a buffalo. The 5-minute car ride home was so fun that Raba had to stop it before she drove out of control from laughin so hard.
All I can say is "Airforce One, coming in for landing!"

We started initiation goodies around 10 pm and got done around 11:30 today. I am proud to say that I scared the hell out of one of the pledges with my stand-up cardboard Britney.

Bright Spot of the Day: Seeing an older, yet happy Asian fella walking across University Drive, proudly sporting his maroon Texas A&M University t-shirt tucked into his khaki shorts. How could you NOT smile?

"What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD! Alrite,alrite,alrite,alrite,alrite...."

"I got no need for wastin' time,
On guys who got no sense or spine,
Gotta keep those standards up where they once was,
To keep my heart safe from all these DUDS!"


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